‘Gun smuggling’ restaurateur sells shares

first_imgIrshaad Laher leaves the Bellville Magistrate’s Court. Irshaad Laher, the Rondebosch restaurateur who was arrested on gun smuggling charges a fortnight ago, has relinquished his shares in a number of Spur and Nando’s outlets he co-owned in the city.This follows a backlash from the public who threatened to boycott the restaurants as a result of his arrest.Last week Mr Laher was quoted by Voice of the Cape as saying that he had distanced himself from these businesses “because so many people’s lives have been hurt because of this”. The two Spur branches are in Observatory and Ottery, while the Nando’s outlets are located in Athlone and Gardens.The boycott call, driven by the group #GangsterismMustFall, was subsequently withdrawn late last week.Group spokesperson Roscoe Jacobs said once Mr Laher had given up his shares, it was no longer necessary to call for a ban on these businesses.“However, we also wanted to send a message to businesses that they need to be more vigilant. We need to establish if the business is being run legitimately, or whether in cases such as these it is being used as a front,” Mr Jacobs said.“We would also like businesses like Spur and Nando’s to show they are serious about combating crime and gangsterism by investing in organisations that are campaigning against them.”Mr Laher has been described as a “good franchisee” by the Spur Group.Mr Laher, 41, appeared in the Bellville Magistrate’s Court on Monday June 27, where he was granted bail of R100 000. He is also charged with corruption, theft of firearms and ammunition, possession of prohibited firearms, selling and money laundering.In terms of his bail conditions, Mr Laher has to surrender his passport to the investigating officer, and report to the police or court when he wants to leave the province. The case was postponed until July 22.Mr Laher, a married father of two, is alleged to be linked to former Vereeniging police colonel Christiaan Prinsloo, who was imprisoned for an effective 18 years last week for selling firearms to gangsters. The accused had been a police reservist in Vereeniging, Gauteng, before moving to Cape Town, and it is alleged the two men had operated their gun smuggling operation since 2007. Prinsloo indicated in his plea agreement that he had provided guns to a Cape Town man, who acted as a “middle man” between himself and gangsters. These weapons were intended to be destroyed, but the two men were alleged to have netted an estimated R2 million from the racket. More than 2 000 weapons are said to have been provided by Prinsloo to Mr Laher.Police spokesperson Constable Noloyiso Rwexana confirmed the charges. Spur Group chief operating officer, Mark Farrelly told the Athlone News that the company’s concern when it ascertained its franchisee for the Spurs in Observatory and Ottery had been arrested could be understood.“Not least because of the nature of the charges and our surprise, as Irshaad Laher is a good franchisee and obviously because of the damage to our group’s reputation,” Mr Farrelly said.Asked last week whether the Spur Group would consider revoking its agreement with the accused, he said that would naturally depend on the judgment. “Equally, we have to factor into our deliberations that Irshaad Laher is not the sole partner in these two Spurs. “In a nutshell, we will not consider cancelling his agreement while this matter is sub judice.”Nando’s chief marketing officer, Doug Place, said last week the franchise was aware of the allegations against Mr Laher.“It goes without saying that Nando’s categorically condemns violence and criminal behaviour and will not tolerate this in any of its employees and associates,” he said.In an affadavit dated June 23, the day of Mr Laher’s arrest, he revealed that he had been raised by his mother after his father passed away when he was 10 years old.After matriculating in Benoni, he worked as a journeyman at a jewellery business before turning his attention to motor vehicle sales in Vereeniging. Mr Laher relocated to Cape Town in 2001, where he worked as an operational business manager for a cabling company. After four years, he bought his own business, Tula Exhausts, in the Cape Town CBD, which he later sold.“It was through hard work and dedication that I have become a successful businessman and I now part-own four very successful businesses and these businesses employ countless people,” he said.Together with his wife, Mr Laher runs Kusasa Commodities, a close corporation which owns the Twin Peak Spur. According to the affadavit, he runs this business but does not draw a salary. “I do, however, share the annual profits that are declared according to my ownership in Kusasa.”He also has a 50% share in Rosta Traders CC, with the remaining 50% owned by trusts. Rosta owns the Eagle Eye Spur in Observatory, which he himself runs. “I earned a salary of approximately R50 000 a month.”Further, the affadavit reveals that Mr Laher and his wife together with business partners own the Aspidus closed corporation, which owns the Nando’s outlet in Athlone where he is the business manager. This position earns Mr Laher R45 000 a month.Mr Laher also owns a 50% share of five properties in Lansdowne which are leased out to tenants.He recently bought a R3 million property in Gardens in his own name.In August 2010, Mr Laher was shot during an armed robbery at home. According to the affadavit, the bullet to his lower right leg left him wheelchair-bound for eight months.Mr Laher said he was a member of the SA Hunters Association, and had obtained his provincial colours in competitive shoots. “As a result, I hold competency certificates in a variety of firearm calibres, and various gun licences.”He added that due to his business interests he often had to draw large amounts of cash to operate his businesses and required his firearm for self-defence purposes.In respect of the circumstances of his arrest and allegations against him, Mr Laher said he intended pleading not guilty to the charges.“I submit that I am wholly innocent of any criminal accusations, although at this stage I am unaware of the factual matrix that the state bases this charge upon. It appears a convicted self-confessed criminal has pointed a finger at me.”Mr Laher said he had been aware of the allegations for more than a year but remained in the country. “I have (also) left on holiday and elected to return.”last_img read more

EU funding supports ETCS on LGV Sud Est

first_imgFRANCE: The European Union is to provide €117m from the Connecting Europe Facility to support the installation of ETCS Level 2 on LGV Sud-Est between Paris and Lyon, under a financing agreement signed on April 25 at the TEN-T Days conference in Ljubljana, attended by European Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc and Transport Minister Elisabeth Borne.According to SNCF, LGV Sud-Est is now the busiest high speed line in Europe, used by an average of 240 trains a day. In 2017 it carried 44·4 million passengers, representing one-third of all TGV ridership. Replacing the analogue TVM300 signalling system, which uses coded track circuits, by ETCS Level 2 and GSM-R is expected to increase the capacity of the route from 13 to 16 trains/h at peak times.The work forms part of SNCF Réseau’s programme to update the 37-year-old line, which has a total cost of €607m at 2016 prices. Of this, the installation of ERTMS accounts for €130m, while €340m will fund the replacement of interlockings and traffic control systems, and €60m will be allocated to strengthening the traction power supplies to accommodate more trains.Many of the original interlockings dating from 1981-83 will be replaced, and a single traffic management and control centre will replacing the current facilities covering the Greater Paris, LGV PSE and Lyon areas. The infrastructure manager anticipates that this consolidation will improve performance and productivity while increasing responsiveness to any incidents.The ETCS installation will adopt the latest Baseline 3 specifications and GPRS data exchange, allowing headways and speeds to be managed in real time, with continuous updating of movement authorities based on train characteristics including weight and braking rates.Work is due to get underway in 2019, with the tendering of the ETCS supply contract and the start of the power supply upgrading. Interlocking replacement begins in 2021, with all installation to be completed by the end of 2024 to permit commissioning during 2025.‘The signing of this agreement symbolises SNCF Réseau’s shift towards a high-performance, high speed network, which will allow us to accommodate more trains and therefore more passengers with greater consistency and performance’, said SNCF Réseau President Patrick Jeantet.As well as supporting interoperability, the EU contribution is intended to recognise the environmental benefits of modal shift, as making rail services more attractive is expected to take traffic from road and air with a concomitant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.last_img read more

Buhari vows to take decisive action against bandits in NW Nigeria

first_imgNigerian President Muhammadu Buhari addresses the nation on the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in Abuja, Nigeria March 29, 2020. Nigeria Presidency/Handout via REUTERS ATTENTION EDITORS- THIS IMAGE HAS BEEN SUPPLIED BY A THIRD PARTY Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari. REUTERS/Siphiwe Sibeko/File PhotoNigerian President Muhammadu Buhari on Sunday vowed to intensify the government’s response to the problem of banditry which has plagued several parts of the West African nation.Nigeria’s northwest region, in particular, has been troubled by years of violence resulting in the killings of thousands of people, displacement of tens of thousands of others, and destruction of property.The insecurity stems from clashes between rival communities over land, attacks by heavily-armed criminal gangs, and revenge killings by vigilante groups.In late May, Buhari ordered the military to increase its operations in that part of the country where banditry, kidnapping, and other criminal activities have recently become rampant.In a tweet, Buhari singled out five states in the country’s north, northwestern and central regions where urgent action will be taken.“Let me assure of more decisive military operations targeted at bandits in Zamfara, Sokoto, Katsina, Kaduna, and Niger States, in the days ahead,” Buhari tweeted.“The loss of lives from their dastardly attacks is sad and regrettable, and intensifies our resolve to ensure these bandits are not spared.”Last week, Nigeria’s air force said that more than 300 armed bandits were killed and their camps destroyed in a military operation in Katsina.Sadiq Abubakar, who warned bandits to surrender their arms and face justice, urged soldiers not to spare any of the criminals in an effort to allow farmers to return to their livelihoods.The Nigerian government has launched several military operations to try to end the violence in the northwest. The latest one, Operation Accord, is one of multiple military operations by the Nigerian Armed Forces and other security agencies in the northwest and north-central regions aimed at tackling banditry and other criminal activities.State authorities have also tried to initiate peace talks to address the situation without success.Related TALK AFRICA: NIGERIA UNDER BUHARI Nigeria’s Buhari dismisses budget directorcenter_img Mohammadu Buhari ahead in Nigeria’s tight electionlast_img read more

NEC’s iPASOLINK Series to Enhance Backhaul Radio Performance

first_imgNEC Corporation of America (NEC) has added a new product to the iPASOLINK Series of Microwave Radios. The iPASOLINK VR1250 is specifically designed to meet the ever increasing demand for greater amounts of data, video, and voice traffic across wireless transport networks, with enhanced convergence capabilities incorporating 12 RF Channels, multiple 10 GbE Ethernet Interfaces, as well as multiple CWDM interfaces in a single chassis.This Series of Microwave Radios has a global reputation for quality, superior performance and long term reliability. This latest addition provides support for over 10 Gbps transport across Optical and/or Microwave channels in a compact 3RU chassis. Redundant, robust and efficient carrier-class switches deliver over 100 Gbps of switching capacity, while drawing minimal power. With few exceptions, backward compatibility with existing NEC transmitter/receivers allows cost effective migration from NLite Series and iPASOLINK 250/650.With support for transmit power up to +40 dBm, adaptive modulation rates from QPSK up to 4096 QAM and channel bandwidths up to 80 MHz, it has the most cost effective bits per buck transmit rates in the industry. Nodal capacity increases to 12 channels, with available Layer 1 bonding of up to 8 RF channels in a single LAG. Their patented cross-polarity interference cancellation techniques guarantee maximum throughput, with highly reliable system performance, utilizing fewer RF channels.The increased power output provides the capability to design longer path lengths with smaller antennas, while maintaining critical system availability, ensuring low CAPEX. The iPASOLINK design reflects their commitment to the Smart Enterprise initiative as well as the outstanding reliability their products are known for. Smart Enterprise provides an IT communications infrastructure that allows companies to have a more predictive business that they can operate at a lower cost and empowers them to be more competitive.They expect the VR1250 to disrupt the market with its greater feature sets supporting critical communications across converged networks while driving down clients’ OPEX and CAPEX. Customers are gravitating to NEC due to their staying power, continued technology investment and financial stability, as these factors increasingly become more important to our customers.The iPASOLINK VR1250 is being showcased at the APCO 2016 Conference and Expo, taking place from August 14-17, 2016, at the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL. NEC representatives will be on site and available in booth #427.last_img read more

Rio History: A Phennig for your thoughts

first_imgSorting through the coins that slid across the counter at my Padre Island Trading Company, (see editor’s note) was always one of the highlights of my day. One night, while counting the change in our tip jar, I  was pleasantly surprised to find an 1888 German Pfennig. Withvisions of my impending wealth, I texted a photo of the coin to local coin expert Rod Bates.(Rio Bravo Gallery in Port Isabel.) He advised me that nice as the coin looked it is a common date and worth about half a dollar.As a writer, I found myself intrigued with just how such a coin would find its way into the drawer of our cash register. Of course, I have several theories as to just how it all came about.Being just north of the Border with Mexico and located in the heart of an International vacation destination, we see tourists from around the world. Perhaps a citizen of Germany, we can call her Maxine, had found the coin in circulation, placed it in her purse and promptly forgot about it. Later, she and her husband, let’s say his name is Otto, take a vacation on South Padre Island, Texas. While here, the two hear about the bookstore coffee-pub and the two Golden Retrievers who greeted customers at the door. When Maxine comes to the counter to pay for her purchases, she digs in her purse for the exact change. Inadvertently, she makes up the difference with the 110 year old pfennig from her home country! Or, as bookstore manager,  Kay Lay, points out, the coin could have been found in an old box that I had bought years ago at an estate sale. It somehow ended up in the coin drawer by mistake. Either way, that pfennig certainly financed a fair share of MY thoughts!Editor’s Note: Padre Island Trading Company has been “open by appointment” since 2009. Currently, we are both remodeling and inventorying a large collection of rare and out-of-print Texas history and assorted bird and other reference books from my personal library but expect to reopen in late October. Watch for updates. By Steve HathcockFront of an 1888 Phennig. Photo courtesy of Steve Hathcock.Back of an 1888 Phennig. Photo courtesy of Steve Hathcock. Sharecenter_img RelatedRio History: Bottle CleaningRio History: Bottle Cleaning By Steve Hathcock Matt found a bunch of old bottles while renovating an old building in his town’s historic district. “Some of them are real dirty,” he wrote, “have you ever written about how to clean them? Also, does it hurt the value of the bottle…August 30, 2019In “News”IT’S HISTORY: Museum captures colorful beginningBy DEBRA WINGER Special to the PRESS “History is my passion! When I was seven years old, my dad had been remodeling our house when he discovered a secret room under the staircase. The room had 100’s of old newspapers, dating back before the civil war along with empty whiskey…January 3, 2013In “Features”Rio History: Wind, Rain and a Baking SunBy STEVE HATHCOCK Special to the PRESS When is the best time to go treasure hunting or beachcombing? If I had an Indian head penny for every time I have been asked that question… I prefer a windy day, low tide and right after a good November squall. The rain uncovers…December 21, 2018In “News”last_img read more

Virus Corona Merajalela, Apakah Pelancong Bisa Klaim Asuransi Ketika Terjangkit Saat Berlibur?

first_imgMeski begitu ketika tiba, perlindungan perjalanan mungkin tidak berlaku di Hubei tetapi harus di Cina Daratan lainnya, apalagi jika kedatangan ada kaitannya dengan keperluan yang penting disana. Tak hanya itu, bagaimana dengan Milan di Italia?Meski Walikota Milan menutup sementara semua sekolah dan universitas sebagai tindakan pencegahan, tetapi saran perjalanan resmi pemerintah Inggris untuk Italia tidak memperingatkan untuk tidak mengunjungi Milan.Di Italia sendiri bahkan beberapa acara besar seperti karnaval Vensia dan pameran buku Bologna dibatalkan karena virus corona yang kadung tersebar.  Namun jika Anda mendarat di Bandara Malpensa Milan, bersiaplah untuk menjalani pemindaian termal untuk memastikan Anda tidak mengalami demam.Tetapi, untuk saat ini setidaknya, maskapai masih akan menjual Anda tiket untuk pergi ke sana, karena penerbangan dari Inggris beroperasi secara normal. Namun, sejumlah maskapai mengatakan mereka akan merekomendasikan ulang penumpang yang ingin mengubah penerbangan ke kota lain di Italia secara gratis.Untuk perjalanan ini, jika FCO belum mengeluarkan peringatan, maka Anda tidak dapat mengharapkan kompensasi dan lebih baik memutuskan untuk membatalkan perjalanan. Su Crown, juru bicara untuk Asosiasi Penanggung Inggris mengatakan, secara umum, penutup pembatalan atau gangguan perjalanan akan aktif ketika FCO menyarankan agar semua perjalanan atau semua kecuali perjalanan penting ke suatu daerah.Dia mengatakan, sebab asuransi perjalanan tidak dirancang untuk mencakup kecenderungan untuk bepergian dimana saran FCO tidak berubah untuk memberi saran terhadap perjalanan. AXA Inggris, merupakan salah satu asuransi perjalanan terkemuka yang setuju dengan hal itu.“Sikap kami konsisten dengan saran perjalanan dari Kantor Luar Negeri dan Persemakmuran. Ketika FCO menyarankan agar tidak bepergian ke suatu negara atau wilayah, orang-orang yang dipesan untuk melakukan perjalanan di sana harus menghubungi maskapai penerbangan mereka atau penyedia perjalanan untuk membatalkan atau menunda dan mengatur pengembalian uang,” kata Nel Mooy, kepala proposisi perjalanan AXA.Dia mengatakan, para pelancong ini harus menghubungi perusahaan asuransi mereka untuk mendaftarkan klaim. Jika Anda dalam penerbangan ke Italia utara dalam waktu dekat, sepertinya akan beroperasi secara normal.Baca juga: Asuransi Perjalanan, Antara “Wajib” (Untuk Urus Visa) dan Beragam ManfaatnyaDepartemen Luar Negeri Irlandia mengambil garis yang sedikit berbeda dari pemerintah Inggris. Dimana dikatakan, warga disarankan untuk tidak melakukan perjalanan ke daerah yang terkena dampak. Namun, hal itu menempatkan tanggung jawab pada para pelancong untuk mencari tahu apakah daerah yang mereka kunjungi terpengaruh, menyarankan mereka untuk “berkonsultasi dengan penyedia transportasi dan akomodasi Anda”.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Like this:Like Loading… RelatedAkibat Virus Corona, Tiada Lagi Handuk, Makanan Panas, Selimut, Bantal, dan Majalah dalam Penerbangan11/02/2020In “Destinasi Udara”Penumpang Terpapar Virus dalam Penerbangan, Vietjet Tawarkan Asuransi ‘”Sky Covid Care”27/03/2020In “Domestik”Asuransi Perjalanan, Antara “Wajib” (Untuk Urus Visa) dan Beragam Manfaatnya29/09/2017In “Bandara” Apakah asuransi kesehatan bisa diklaim ketika bepergian keluar negeri? Biasanya ketika seseorang yang memiliki asuransi dan terserang penyakit serta harus dalam perawatan medis, klaim bisa terjadi. Namun bagaimana bila perjalanan ke daerah terjangkit virus corona seperti di Cina, apakah asuransi bisa diklaim?Baca juga: Virus Corona Bikin Singapore Airlines Turun Kelas Jadi Maskapai LCC?KabarPenumpang.com merangkum bbc.com (25/2/2020), Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) di Inggris menyarankan semua kecuali perjalanan penting ke Cina Daratan dan semua perjalanan ke Provinsi Hubei. Jadi, jika Anda melakukan perjalanan dan tiba di sana, berisiko polis asuransi dibatalkan meski bisa berdebat bahwa perjalanan itu penting.last_img read more

Browns Announce Color Scheme for Jerseys and Pants for Opener Against Steelers

first_img Matt Loede There’s always a buzz about gameday uniforms for the Cleveland Browns, and earlier on Friday the team released their first color combo as to what they will be wearing Sunday against the rival Steelers in the 2017 NFL opener. Related TopicsBrownsNFLSteelers The interesting thing about going white for the opener is that it means the Steeelrs will be wearing their normal home black and gold jerseys, as opposed to their white away jerseys.The Browns also stated in a tweet that they will be wearing a lot of white jerseys and white pants in 2017. Matt Loede has been a part of the Cleveland Sports Media for over 21 years, with experience covering Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association, the National Football League and even high school and college events. He has been a part of the Cleveland Indians coverage since the opening of Jacobs/Progressive Field in 1994, and spent two and a half years covering the team for 92.3 The Fan, and covers them daily for Associated Press Radio. You can follow Matt on Twitter HERE.last_img read more

Stars take 2-0 lead over Avalanche after second-period goal rush

first_imgAlexander Radulov scored on a deflection off his upper chest as part of a four-goal second period and the Dallas Stars beat the Colorado Avalanche 5-2 on Monday night to take a 2-0 lead in the second-round series.Trailing 2-0 in the second period, Joe Pavelski and Radek Faksa revitalized the Stars by scoring in a 43-second span during a 5-on-3 advantage.Dallas was just getting started. Radulov knocked in the go-ahead goal when a shot bounced off a stick, into his chest and over Colorado goaltender Pavel Francouz. Esa Lindell then added another with 46 seconds remaining in the second when he knocked in a rebound to make it 4-2.Now that one the Avalanche wouldn’t mind a little more explanation. The officials took a look to make sure the puck wasn’t frozen by Francouz before Lindell poked it in — or if it even went in at all. The call on the ice was confirmed.“I don’t know how he sees the puck is across the line,” Avalanche captain Gabriel Landeskog said. “I don’t know how he points at the net. I think he realized pretty quickly he messed up. Once he starts watching the video replay, I think he realizes he just went off Esa Lindell’s reaction and pointed to the net…. Excited to see what the explanation will be.”This is how it went from Lindell’s vantage point: “Shot it there and went for the rebound,” he explained.Bottom line, the Avalanche couldn’t recover from the second-period meltdown.“Our resolve wasn’t where it needed to be after a bad break, a bad penalty,” Avalanche coach Jared Bednar said. “The game’s not over. We have to be better.”The Avalanche pulled Francouz with around two minutes left in the game, but couldn’t score. Jamie Oleksiak added an empty-netter with 10 seconds left as the Stars won their fifth straight game.“We believe in ourselves, that’s the main thing for our club,” Radulov said. “We’re going to play to the end.”Anton Khudobin stopped 38 shots in another solid performance. He came up big in the first by only allowing a goal from Nathan MacKinnon, despite Colorado out-shooting Dallas, 20-6.MacKinnon also had an assist on Mikko Rantanen’s second-period goal. MacKinnon has a point in all 10 postseason games for Colorado, tying Joe Sakic (1996) and Marian Stastny (1982) for the franchise’s longest points streak to begin a postseason.Francouz made 22 saves in taking over for an injured Philipp Grubauer, who along with defenseman Erik Johnson remains out indefinitely.The 30-year-old Francouz looked sharp until the second period.That’s when the Stars were ignited by a two-man advantage. Pavelski scored on a nifty cross-ice pass from Radulov. Then, Faksa knocked in another to tie the game.“It was huge,” Pavelski said. “Gave us some confidence for sure.”Soon after, Colorado went on a 5-on-3 advantage, but the team couldn’t capitalize. It was another big momentum swing.Dallas went ahead on a wild play down low. Jamie Benn sent in a shot near the goal that glanced off the stick of Colorado defenseman Samuel Girard, bounced off Radulov and into the net. Radulov also had two goals during the Stars’ 5-3 win in Game 1.MacKinnon scored a power play goal in the first period and Rantanen added another power-play goal in the second. MacKinnon has seven goals and 11 assists to lead the NHL playoffs in points.Following the series opener, Bednar called out the forwards not on the top line — MacKinnon, Rantanen and Landeskog — for their intensity level. He wanted more or promised changes.Changes could be in order for Game 3 on Wednesday just to get the team back on track.“There’s no quit in this group,” Landeskog said.Colorado will be without Grubauer indefinitely after he was hurt three minutes into the second period of Game 1 and needed assistance to get off the ice. Johnson later left following a collision with Dallas forward Blake Comeau.Kevin Connauton replaced Johnson on the blue line. Connauton’s only playoff experience was in 2014 while with Dallas.Islanders 4, Flyers 0In Toronto, Semyon Varlamov stopped 29 shots, Andy Greene scored his first playoff goal in a decade and New York opened its second-round series by blanking Philadelphia.The Islanders clicked early in their first playoff meeting with the rival Flyers since 1987, withstood a second-period flurry and closed it out with three goals in the third.Greene scored in the first period and Varlamov was sharp all night in his second shutout of the 2020 playoffs and fourth of his postseason career.Jean-Gabriel Pageau, Anders Lee and Devon Toews scored in the third period.Carter Hart stopped 26 shots for the top-seeded Flyers. IN FIVE EASY PIECES WITH TAKE 5 RELATED PHOTOS GET THE BEST OF THE JAPAN TIMES KEYWORDScenter_img Edmonton, Alberta – From a goal off the chest to another that may have just crossed the line — depending who’s asked — the Dallas Stars were getting the big bounces and breaks.That’s what it takes this time of year. Stars players celebrate their win over the Avalanche on Monday in Edmonton, Alberta. | THE CANADIAN PRESS / VIA AP Colorado Avalanche, Dallas Stars, Stanley Cup playoffs last_img read more

Italian-Nigerian King Udoh First Footballer To Contract Coronavirus

first_imgNigerian-born Italian footballer, King Paul Akpan Udoh has contracted  coronavirus according to several media reports from Italy.Udoh , 22, had fever and other symptoms while with his teammates in a hotel in Alessandria prior to a match against Juventus’ U-23 . He was admitted to the Le Scotte hospital in Siena, according to a publication of www.corrieredellosport.it.Latest reports have it that the health of the  22-year-old is stable while his teammates remain quarantined.In Italy, over 650 people have tested positive for the new coronavirus, alongside 17 deaths according to the  AFP agency.Consequently, next weekend’s  Serie A games will be played behind closed doors to avoid further spread of the virus.Juventus – Inter Milan, Udinese-Fiorentina, Milan-Genoa, Parma-SPAL and Sassuolo-Brescia will be held without the presence of spectators in the stands.RelatedCristiano Ronaldo Affected By Coronavirus, 3 Italian Footballers Test PositiveFebruary 29, 2020In “Featured”Juventus Defender Daniele Rugani Tests Positive For Coronavirus THREE DAYS After Being With Cristiano RonaldoMarch 11, 2020In “Featured”Coronavirus: Nigeria vs Sierra Leone AFCON Qualifier Could Be Postponed Over OutbreakFebruary 29, 2020In “Africa”last_img read more

High school cross country: Parkway boys runner-up, girls third in Class 5A state…

first_imgParkway finished runner-up in the boys division and third in the girls in the Class 5A cross country state championship meet Tuesday afternoon at Northwestern State. The Panthers scored 78 points. St. Paul’s of Covington won with 62. Parkway and St. Paul’s were the only teams under 100 points. Airline finished seventh with 194.The Lady Panthers scored 131 points. St. Joseph’s of Baton Rouge edged Mandeville 40-44 for the title.Cameron Rogers led the Parkway boys with an eighth-place finish, covering the 3-mile course in 16 minutes, 8.8 seconds. Andrew Robinson was 11th in 16:16.8 and Cole Billiot 15th in 16:26.2.Other Panthers in the scoring were Tyler Kruithof (23rd, 16:35.8) and David Morgan (24th, 16:36.5).St. Paul’s Eric Coston won in 15:19.5. Two other St. Paul’s runners finished in the top 10.Parkway’s finish was its best in Class 5A. The Panthers won the Class 4A state title in 2010 and 2004.Seth Papineau led Airline with a 26th-place finish in 16:38.9. Taejon Morris was 28th in 16:40.2 and freshman Will Dart 29th in 16:40.7. Twenty-three teams and 171 runners competed.Junior Adrianna Wilder led the Parkway girls with a ninth-place finish in 19:42. Lindsey Hutcheson was 13th in 20:12.7.Other Lady Panthers in the scoring were Carly Hanson (28th, 21:12.5), Jazz Rasouliyan (40th, 21:45.9) and Keely Reed (51st, 22:00.5). Haughton’s Emily Sharp was 24th in 21:12.5. Bethanie Dunn led Airline, finishing 41st in 21:50.5.Mandeville freshman Charley Chehardy won in 18:46.1. Mandeville and St. Joseph’s both placed three runners in the top 10.Twenty-two teams and 165 runners competed.Benton finished ninth out of 24 teams in the Class 4A boys race. Sophomore Chandler Burns led the Tigers with a 24th-place finish in 17:34.1. John David Carrier was 31st in 17:56.5 and Dylan Scott 37th in 18:08.5.Bossier’s Kaalas Roots was 36th in 18:08.4.Key Alfred of Carencro won in 16:06.7. Belle Chasse won the team title, edging St. Michael of Baton Rouge by two points, 90-92. One hundred ninety-one runners finished the race. — Russell Hedges, rhedges@bossierpress.comTop Expat InsuranceExpat Living in Hong Kong without Health Insurance?Top Expat Insurance|SponsoredSponsoredUndoTheTopFiveVPNThe Secret Netflix Doesn’t Want You To Know To Unblock RestrictionsTheTopFiveVPN|SponsoredSponsoredUndoCelebsland.com9 Celebrity Before-And-After Plastic Surgery DisastersCelebsland.com|SponsoredSponsoredUndoPerfect-Dating.comAre You Ready to Meet Cool Guys in Tung Chung?Perfect-Dating.com|SponsoredSponsoredUndoTheTopFiveVPNThe Trick Netflix Doesn’t Want You To Know To Unlock RestrictionsTheTopFiveVPN|SponsoredSponsoredUndoAspireAbove.comRemember Abby from NCIS? Take A Deep Breath Before You See How She Looks NowAspireAbove.com|SponsoredSponsoredUndolast_img read more