Groves man arrested after driving into home

first_imgA 53-year-old Groves woman is recovering from injuries she received when a neighbor drove his vehicle into her home Sunday night. The woman, whose name is not being released, was asleep when the vehicle barreled into her bedroom about 11:25 p.m., Sept. 12, in the 2600 block of Fourth Avenue. Groves Police Det. Kirk Rice said the victim received several lacerations requiring numerous stitches as well as several broken bones in her face. She was transported to Christus Hospital-St. Mary for treatment and was released Monday afternoon. The driver of the vehicle which struck the home fled the scene but was located several hours later. “An officer went by the suspect’s home and located the vehicle in the driveway and saw a male subject inside the vehicle,” Rice said. “As the officer passed by the male ducked down causing the officer to become suspicious, investigated the vehicle and determined the man inside the vehicle was the suspect.” The driver, Jose Ernesto Crus Urias, 42, was arrested and charged with fleeing the scene of an accident resulting in injury, a state jail felony. He was transported to the Jefferson County Correctional Facility. Rice said the suspect lives on the same street as the victim.last_img read more

Octopus Obsession, Feeling Moxy and More Things We Learned from The Band’s Visit Star Katrina Lenk on Show People

first_img View Comments 2. SHE’S ALWAYS GAME TO FLY ONSTAGE“I am all in for flying. I loved the hugeness of Spider-Man and how carefully thought all of the flying rigs were on the set and everything. I felt very safe there. I’d be so game for flying in The Band’s Visit mid-‘Omar Sharif.’” Show Closed This production ended its run on April 7, 2019 The Band’s Visit Related Shows Interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.Did you know Show People is available as a podcast? Listen to your favorite stars talk Broadway and beyond on your way to work, the gym, the theater and more on iTunes and Spotify. Other must-read highlights:ON THE BAND’S VISIT’S ACCLAIM“We were definitely all surprised when the audiences responded in the way that they did. Everyone loves the show that they’re in, and you want it to be good, so it’s a really wonderful thing to have the audience feel the way we do about the show.”ON CREATING BACKSTORIES FOR ALL OF HER CHARACTERS“It’s always really fun, and it can provide answers where there aren’t any, say, in the script. Making up your own reasons for things is always really fun. With Dina, her backstory will sometimes change, depending where I’m at. I like to keep making things up and creating things.”ON THE BAND’S VISIT FAMILY“From day one, everyone was just generous, welcoming and very funny. It was like a family from the very beginning, which was great. It’s not always that way. It’s not always instant family. I do think if you work on something with a bunch of people, you will be connected with them in some way. There’s always some kind of love among a cast, regardless.”ON FOLLOWING HER DREAMS TO LOS ANGELES“The timing was not the best when I moved to L.A. There was a writer’s strike. I moved there with all these big dreams and then was like, ‘Oh no! Everything’s wrong.’ If you don’t know anyone in L.A., it’s so hard to get people to meet you and represent you. There’s also so many people there that are trying to make it.”ON TOUGH TIMES IN NEW YORK“My first Broadway contract was for The Miracle Worker. I was the standby for Alison Pill and Jennifer Morrison. I never went on. That closed, and I hadn’t saved enough money to stay in New York. It went by so fast. I went back to L.A. like, ‘I am never going back to New York. Never!’”ON HER STAGE PERSONA MOXY PHINX“She’s kind of crazy. She came out of the frustration I was feeling in L.A. I think a lot of actors feel this like, ‘I can’t book work. No one wants to see me. Have I no worth?’ But you still have all of this stuff in your brain that you want to get out and create. She came from that feeling of, ‘I’m just going to do something because I’m losing my mind.’ This woman doesn’t care what anyone thinks. She’s kind of just hung around and gotten more ridiculous. Everything about her is sort of misfitty.”ON AWARDS SEASON“What I really love about the theater community is how supportive everyone is of each other. Thinking of the awards as more of a celebration as opposed to a competition really helps. I’m so thrilled for all of the shows that are coming out. So many of my friends are in these shows, and I want them to do well. Thinking about it like that takes the pressure off. We’re not actually competing. We’re all doing something that we love so much.”ON HER SUCCESS IN THE BAND’S VISIT“If I was younger, it might have freaked me out a lot more. There’s perspective that I have now that I wouldn’t have had in my twenties…hopefully!”ON HER OFFSTAGE DREAM“I’m obsessed with The Blue Planet right now. It’s on BBC America. They bring cameras so deep into the ocean, like the very bottom of the deepest parts of the ocean. It’s an alien planet down there, and I cannot stop thinking about it. I’m currently obsessed with meeting an octopus. It’s my goal right now.”Watch the full episode of Show People with Paul Wontorek below!center_img 3. SHE GETS STAGE DOOR JITTERS“I get really shy at the stage door. It’s something I’m not quite used to. To me, the stage door seems more for like, Bruce Springsteen. Of course people are going to wait for Bruce Springsteen! Come on! For me, it’s a little bit of like, ‘What? It’s just me.’” Star Files 1. SHE HAD A DELIGHTFULLY BATTY DANCE TEACHER GROWING UP“Betty Hill was amazing. She was my first dance teacher. I started dancing when I was three. I mean, how much dancing can you really do when you’re three? But I did it, and Betty Hill was amazing. She had this giant red beehive, like Lucille Ball red. She was very much into the performing, and she’d say, ‘Smile, smile, smile,’ all the time.” Katrina Lenk is no stranger to ensnaring audiences, be it as the seductive viola player in Once or as spider goddess Arachne in Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark. Now her performance in Itamar Moses and David Yazbek’s The Band’s Visit has had audiences and critics buzzing since it premiered off-Broadway at the Atlantic Theater Company in 2016. With awards season ramping up, The Band’s Visit (and Lenk herself) is being hailed as a favorite on the Great White Way. Here’s what we learned from Lenk about her hilarious dance teacher growing up, why she gets shy at the stage door, her octopus obsession, why awards season doesn’t scare her and more on this week’s Show People with Paul Wontorek. Katrina Lenklast_img read more

Community Bank NA celebrates Dragon Boat Festival with virtual eye dotting ceremony

first_imgCommunity Bank NA,Photo (left to right): Lifetime Member PJ Ciardelli, Regional Manager Anita Bourgeois, Branch Manager Jon Roddy, Chairperson for Dragonheart Vermont’s Board of Directors Patricia King.Vermont Business Magazine For the second year in a row, Community Bank N.A. will serve as the presenting sponsor of the 2020 Lake Champlain Dragon Boat Festival, a charity event to raise money to support local cancer survivors this August. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this year’s paddle boat race will be going virtual, however that did not stop Community Bank from participating in an eye dotting ceremony in honor of the upcoming race.Although sponsors and community members could not physically be together to awaken their dragon heads, participants showed their commitment to the tradition of bringing their spirit’s back to life, emerging from winter with a virtual eye dotting ceremony Community Bank was proud to join.“We’re thrilled to sponsor this year’s Lake Champlain Dragon Boat Festival and support Dragonheart Vermont’s mission of raising funds for local cancer survivors,” Community Bank Regional Manager Anita Bourgeois said.“In celebration of the annual race, we were excited to join the community in virtually awakening the dragons and look forward to this year’s virtual paddle boat race.”“We are grateful for Community Bank’s continued partnership and participation honoring this rich tradition,” Festival Director Neal Hayes said. “Our organization strengthens and empowers breast cancer survivors and supporters through the challenging sport of dragon boating and we appreciate Community Bank’s support year after year.”One hundred percent of the donations made to the Lake Champlain Dragon Boat Festival stay in the community and will benefit local cancer survivors through two organizations: Dragonheart Vermont and Integrative Therapies. For more information on Dragonheart Vermont, or to donate, please visit is external).About Community Bank System, Inc.Community Bank System, Inc. operates more than 250 customer facilities (including branches and ATM locations) across Upstate New York, Northeastern Pennsylvania, Vermont and Western Massachusetts through its banking subsidiary, Community Bank N.A. and has been serving its communities for more than 150 years. With approximately $11.4 billion in assets, the DeWitt, New York-headquartered company is among the country’s 125 largest financial institutions. Community Bank N.A.  has consistently been ranked among the top 12 best banks(link is external) in America by Forbes Magazine since the list was first published in 2009, and was most recently ranked tenth in 2020. In addition to a full range of retail and business banking services, the Company offers comprehensive financial planning, insurance and wealth management services through its subsidiaries/business units that include: OneGroup NY Inc(link is external)., which provides risk management and commercial insurance, employee benefits and personal lines insurance; Community Bank Wealth Management(link is external), which provides investment advisory, personal trust and financial planning services, as well as personal, business and nonprofit portfolio design; and Benefit Plans Administrative Services Inc.,(link is external) which provides actuarial, retirement and VEBA/HRA plan administration, and collective investment fund, employee benefit trust and transfer agency services on a national scale.Source: Burlington, VT. — Community Bank System, Inc is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and the company’s stock trades under the symbol “CBU.” For more information about Community Bank, visit is external) or is external).last_img read more

Aqua Sphere UK expands marketing and reports 35% sales uplift

first_imgReporting an impressive 35% year on year increase in sales thus far in 2012, Aqua Sphere UK believes its ‘systematic growth pays testimony to the high regard awarded to its products within the swimming and triathlon markets.’Aqua Sphere is committed to retaining its strong growth curve and is expanding its marketing power with the appointment of Marketing Executive, Fiona Walker. A keen diver and fully qualified PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor, Fiona has over 14 years’ marketing experience with particular expertise in creative campaigns and brand building.She joins the team to push through a range of marketing initiatives for Aqua Sphere’s swim and tri products and to help drive new marketing programmes for group brands Apeks and Aqua Lung across the diving and snorkelling markets.A self-confessed outdoor activity addict, Fiona has dived professionally since 2002 and is a part time member of the dive team at the Blue Planet Aquarium in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire. She shares parent company Aqua Lung’s philosophy of helping to protect sharks through education and recently returned from a trip to South Africa to dive with sharks at Aliwal Shoal. Related Fiona also looks forward to participating in the Great Swim Series, which Aqua Sphere partners, and is a keen trail runner with Radcliffe AC.She said, “Aqua Sphere is the hottest go-to brand for aquatic eyewear and the team have lots of exciting plans to build awareness for its wide range of triathlon wetsuits, swimwear, accessories and aqua fitness equipment. I look forward to 2013 with huge professional and personal excitement.”Delivering key values of performance and long lasting comfort, Aqua Sphere claims to be the number one goggle brand for a growing number of retailers; and its continual innovation across eyewear, swimwear, accessories and triathlon wetsuits is assuring the brand’s healthy upward read more

Election Results

first_imgElection Results November 8, 2006 Regular News Election Resultscenter_img All three Supreme Court justices and all 17 district courts of appeal judges were retained by voters. Voters elected two dozen circuit judges and 14 county court judges across the state. Here are the unofficial results that may not include absentee, provisional ballots, or all precincts reporting: Merit Retention: Voters said “yes” to retain all three justices and all district appellate judges up for merit retention. Florida Supreme Court: Chief Justice Fred Lewis was retained with 66 percent of the vote. Justice Barbara Pariente received a 67.6 percent yes vote. Justice Peggy Quince was retained with 68.2 percent. First District Court of Appeal: Edwin Browning, Jr., was retained with 64.5 percent of the vote. Brad Thomas received 65 percent yes votes. Peter Webster was retained with 64.6 percent. Second District Court of Appeal: Darryl Casanueva was retained with 69 percent of the vote. Charles Davis, Jr., received 71.9 percent. Edward LaRose received 70.9 percent. E.J. Salcines received 69 percent. Thomas Stringer, Sr., received 71 percent. Third District Court of Appeal: Angel Cortinas received 71 percent yes votes. Leslie Rothenberg had the highest voter approval with 72.7 percent. Richard Suarez was retained with 71.5 percent. Fourth District Court of Appeal: Bobby Gunther was retained with 72.1 percent. Fred Hazouri received 69.2 percent yes votes. Larry Klein received 71.4 percent yes votes. Barry Stone was retained with 72.2 percent. Carole Taylor had the highest voter approval with 72.7 percent. Fifth District Court of Appeal: Emerson Thompson, Jr., was retained with 67.8 percent of the votes. Results for Circuit Court Judge Elections: Circuit 1, Group 15: Terry Ketchel beat Dixie Powell with 55.7 percent to 44.3 percent of the vote. Circuit 4, Group 34: John Merrett won with 57.9 percent to David Thompson’s 42.1 percent. Circuit 5, Group 29: Edward Scott had 51 percent of the vote to Sandy Hawkin’s 49 percent. Circuit 5, Group 31: Daniel Merritt, Jr., was victorious with 57.2 percent to Jeff Kirk’s 42.8 percent of the votes. Circuit 6, Group 9: Christine Helinger won with 59.9 percent to Glenn Martin’s 40.1 percent. Circuit 6, Group 32: Pat Siracusa beat LeAnne Lake with 52.9 to 47.1 percent of the votes. Circuit 7, Group 27: Clyde Wolfe was declared the winner with 61.6 percent of the vote, to Luis Bustamante’s 38.4 percent. Circuit 8, Group 4: Stan Griffis edged past Stephen Pennypacker with 50.4 percent to 49.6 percent of the votes. Circuit 9, Group 5: Jennifer Davis’s 53.9 percent beat Mary Etzler’s 46.1 percent of the votes. Circuit 10, Group 27: Ernest Jones inched past David Carmichael with 50.3 to 49.7 percent of the votes. Circuit 11, Group 78: Valerie Manno Schurr won with 65.7 percent over Jose Sanchez-Gronlier’s 34.3 percent of the vote. Circuit 11, Group 80: Marisa Mendez garnered 51.4 percent of the votes over Catherine Parks’ 48.6 percent. Circuit 12, Group 21: Rochelle Curley won with 55.1 percent of the votes to Preston DeVilbiss, Jr.’s 44.9 percent. Circuit 13, Group 32: Bernard Silver bested Elizabeth Hapner with 52.5 percent to 47.5 percent of the votes. Circuit 13, Group 43: Kimberly Fernandez took the lead with 52.5 percent of the votes to Paul Jeske’s 47.5 percent. Circuit 13, Group 44: Emily Peacock took 51.6 percent of the votes to Samantha Ward’s 48.4 percent. Circuit 13, Group 45: Ashley Moody won with 60.4 percent of the votes over Gary Dolgin’s 39.6 percent. Circuit 15, Group 13: David French bested Jerald Beer with 51.4 to 48.6 percent of the votes. Circuit 17, Group 57: Michele Towbin Singer won with 60.8 percent to John Rayson’s 39.2 percent of the votes. Circuit 17, Group 58: Marina Wood won with 59.9 percent to Mardi Cohen’s 40.1 percent of the votes. Circuit 18, Group 20: Charlie Crawford reaped 53.1 percent of the votes to Patrice Pilate’s 46.9 percent. Circuit 19, Group 19: Bob Pegg won with 54 percent to Laurie Ehler’s 46 percent of the votes. Circuit 20, Group 29: Lynne Dailey won with 58.2 percent to Miguel Fernandez III’s 41.8 percent of the votes. Circuit 20, Group 30: Liz Adams won with 56.4 percent to Franklin Mann, Jr.’s 43.6 percent of the votes. County Judges: • Brevard County : Group 10, Judy Atkin, with 52.52 percent of the vote, defeated Bill Powell, Jr. • Broward County: Group 31, Arlene Simon Campione defeated Ellen A. Feld with 55.16 percent of the vote. In Group 32, Terri-Ann Miller bested Brenda Di Ioia with 54.14 percent of the vote. • Duval County: Group 17, Dawn Hudson, with 57.49 percent of the vote, defeated Virgina Norton. • Lee County: Group 8, Tara Pascotto Paluck defeated Diane M. Dramko with 53.81 percent of the vote. • Leon County – Group 3, Ronald “Ron” W. Flury defeated John D.C. Newton, winning 57.25 percent of the vote. • Miami-Dade County – Group 43, Jose L. Fernandez, with 55.99 percent of the vote, defeated Michael Aaron Bienstock • Nassau County – Group 1, Granville C. “Doc” Burgess defeated Clyde Davis with 55.77 percent of the vote. • Orange County – Group 6, Martha C. Adams defeated Bill Hancock with 58.46 percent of the vote. • Osceola County: Group 4, Hal Epperson, with 45.16 percent of the vote, defeated Al Torres. • Palm Beach County – Group 19, Frank S. Castor defeated Steve Brannock with 53.93 percent of the vote, with 760 0f 767 precincts reporting. • Pasco County: Group 6, Anne Wansboro defeated Bruce E. Przepis with 54.49 percent of the vote. In Group 7, Candy VanDercar, with 50.03 percent of the vote bested Frank I. Grey. • Volusia County – Group 5, Dawn Fields, with 59.29 percent of the vote, defeated Frank Roche.last_img read more

Captainless Gophers seek leader

first_imgLucia said All-American defenseman – and Hobey Baker finalist – Keith Ballard would have been the obvious choice for captain this season had he not decided sign with the NHL’s Phoenix Coyotes.“(Jordan) Leopold, (John) Pohl and Potulny – those guys were such natural leaders,”Lucia said. “And Keith was like them in that way. Now I don’t think we have that one guy who’s an obvious leader.”Chucko echoed a thought that pervades throughout the team – one player isn’t enough.“It’s important that we find a leader, but it’s also important that it’s more than one guy,” Chucko said. “Or it can’t be the same two or three guys every night. As a team, we all need to step up and do our part.”But, Tallackson said, it would mean a lot to him if his teammates picked him.“It would be a great honor to follow Grant, and everyone else who has worn the ‘C,’ ” Tallackson said. “Either way, I know the team’s going to pick who they think is going to best represent them, on the ice and off it.”Briggs defender of weekMinnesota sophomore goaltender Kellen Briggs was named WCHA defensive player of the week after making a career-high 32 saves – 18 of them in the third period – Saturday versus Denver.With the performance, he avenged a couple of rough outings last year, when he was in goal for 6-2 and 6-3 losses against the eventual national champion Pioneers. Captainless Gophers seek leader Mike MullenOctober 12, 2004Jump to CommentsShare on FacebookShare on TwitterShare via EmailPrintNext week, Minnesota’s men’s hockey team will name its team captain for the season. And that player will have a tough act to follow.Last year, senior Grant Potulny served his second year as the team’s captain – an honor not bestowed since Bob Carley led Minnesota during the 1944-45 and 1945-46 seasons. Before taking the helm, Potulny was an assistant captain his sophomore year.“We were blessed to have Grant Potulny for the last three years,” senior Barry Tallackson said. “I didn’t know him that well when he was a sophomore, but as the years went by – what a difference he made. (Potulny) was a voice that everyone listened to.”The Gophers now find themselves without a voice. The team has waited to choose its captains to accommodate its unusually large group of new players.Voting, which gives equal weight to each player and coach, usually takes place in the spring. But this year’s crop of 10 freshmen forced coach Don Lucia to hold off until three games into the regular season. Lucia said he wanted to give the freshmen a chance to get to know the team before voting.“I think we kind of know who the leaders are,” freshman Kris Chucko said. “We just want to see who steps up and takes that role.”The task of captain is being shared so far, with four different players getting the nod in the team’s first four games. Tallackson donned the “C” in the 7-2 exhibition win against Calgary and scored the team’s first goal.In Minnesota’s regular-season-opening 5-2 win over Denver on Saturday, senior defenseman Judd Stevens was the captain.This weekend, the Gophers make the trip to Anchorage, Alaska, for the 2004 Frontier Classic, in which Lucia plans for two more upperclassmen to play captain. He said he hadn’t decided on which players as of Monday before practice but cited center Jake Fleming as a possibility.Fleming, Stevens and Tallackson all come into this season with 120 or more games played for the Gophers.last_img read more

How Social Media Is Hurting Your Memory

first_imgEach day, hundreds of millions of people document and share their experiences on social media, from packed parties to the most intimate family moments. Social platforms let us stay in touch with friends and forge new relationships like never before, but those increases in communication and social connection may come at a cost. In a new paper published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, researchers showed that those who documented and shared their experiences on social media formed less precise memories of those events.In a series of three studies led by Diana Tamir of Princeton University, researchers explored how taking photos and videos for social media affects people’s enjoyment, engagement and memory of those experiences. Participants watched engaging TED talks or went on self-guided tours of a church on Stanford University’s campus. They were asked to record their experiences in several different ways: to take photographs or notes of the event, to record the event but not save it, to share the event on social media or to reflect internally. They were then asked how much they enjoyed the experience, how much they maintained focus or if their mind wandered, and then took a quiz to test their memory.Tamir and her team found that sharing experiences on social media did not seem to affect how much people felt that they had enjoyed the experience or were engaged. However, those who wrote down, recorded or shared their experiences performed about 10% worse on memory tests across all experiments. Read the whole story: TIME More of our Members in the Media >last_img read more

Brac Airport is going into recapitalization and extended runways

first_imgThe first planes should land on the extended runway by the end of this summer Brac Airport, in which hoteliers from Brač will invest through the airport recapitalization process, announced for Poslovni dnevnik Jako Andabak, President of the Management Board of Bluesun Hotels and the Supervisory Board of Hoteli Zlatni Rat, one of the largest individual co-owners of the airport.”Our goal is to extend the runway so that larger aircraft such as Airbus 319 and 320 can land on Brač, and with that goal we are going to recapitalize”, Confirmed Jako Andabak. A session of the Supervisory Board of Hotel Zlatni rat has been announced in ten days, at which the Management Board will approve the increase of the share capital of Brac Airport, by converting the receivables of Hotel Zlatni rat dd into a deposit and entering things (land) in accordance with the runway extension project. The runway should be extended by 1900 meters, in which it is necessary to invest around one million euros.In addition to Andabak, other hoteliers should be included in the recapitalization, including Svpetrus Hotels, which are also listed as the company’s founders. As there are no significant property barriers, the runway can be extended this year, so that the first planes can land on Brač at the end of summer or in autumn. This will bring the Airport business sustainability, which is not feasible with the current state of traffic (last year about 14 thousand passengers), and Brac better connection with Zagreb and European destinations, either through charters or low-budget carriers.Source: Business diarylast_img read more

News Scan for Aug 13, 2015

first_imgOne more MERS case reported from Riyadh hot spotSaudi Arabia’s Ministry of Health (MOH) today reported one new MERS-CoV case, in yet another person from Riyadh who might be part of an ongoing hospital-linked outbreak.The patient is an 81-year-old Saudi woman who is hospitalized in crucial condition, according to an MOH statement today. Health officials are still reviewing exposure she may have had to a suspected or confirmed case in the community or the healthcare setting.Her illness edges the country’s total from MERS-CoV (Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus) to 1,087, including 474 fatal cases. Twenty-two people are still in treatment and three are in home isolation. So far 588 patients have recovered from the disease.Aug 13 Saudi MOH updateCholera totals rise in Haiti, Dominican RepublicThe number of cholera cases in Haiti and the Dominican Republic this year are still running higher than at this time last year, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) said in an update yesterday. Disease activity is quiet elsewhere in the Americas region, with only one case linked to Cuban travel that was reported in January by Canada and no cases reported so far by Mexico.Haiti has reported 20,043 cases from January through Jul 25, including 15,921 hospitalizations and 171 deaths, according to PAHO. Disease levels are higher so far than the same time last year, and for some weeks, the number of cases is higher than 2012, the year that followed the country’s massive outbreak in the wake of its 2010 earthquake disaster.So far this year the Dominican Republic has reported 344 suspected cases, along with 11 deaths. PAHO said the rate is double than recorded for the same period in 2014 and that transmission is related to cholera trends reported from Haiti.Aug 12 PAHO update 44 more Salmonella cases in Washington, slaughterhouse recalls porkNote: This item was updated after its initial posting to add information on the meat recall.A slaughterhouse linked with an outbreak of Salmonella in Washington that, according to Washington’s State Department of Health (WSDH) now numbers 134 illnesses in 10 counties, has issued a recall of more than 116,000 pounds of “Whole Hogs for Barbeque,” according to an announcement today from the US Department of Health’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS).The company, Kapowsin Meats in Graham, Wash., was implicated last week when the outbreak strain was found in samples collected at the plant.Many of the people who became ill with Salmonella consumed meat from whole roasted pigs at events and restaurants.Guidance for safe cooking of whole roasted pigs and cleaning surfaces that have been exposed to raw pork have been issued by the WSDH. FSIS and Kapowsin Meats have concern that some contaminated product could remain in consumers’ freezers.The WSDH outbreak update, released yesterday, increases the case number by 44 since its last update Jul 31. More than half (63%) of the total cases occurred in King County, where Seattle is located.Aug 12 WSDH news release Aug 13 FSIS recall notice UN reports measles outbreak in DRCAn outbreak of measles in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has infected 20,000 people and killed 315, according to a United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) report noted yesterday by Reuters.The outbreak is occurring in Katanga province, located in the southeastern part of DRC, which is also home to Africa’s largest copper and cobalt mines. Measles cases are likely being underreported owing to lack of access to the many remote areas in the province.OCHA will need $2.4 million to organize vaccination programs and provide treatment for infected people, says the report. Measles, characterized by an itchy rash, can lead to serious complications like pneumonia and encephalitis.The current outbreak is the DRC’s worst since 2010-11, when 77,000 people became ill with the virus and 1,085 died. OCHA says worldwide progress toward measles eradication is slowing because of weakening vaccination coverage.Aug 12 Reuters reportlast_img read more

Case news: Greenweb v Wandsworth (31.07.08) and Fosse Motor Engineers v Condé Nast (20.8.08)

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