Analysis of purchasing process and mentality of online consumers

1. Induce demand

The factors that induce the demand of

are various: there are physiological stimuli from the human body, such as cold and hunger, and heart stimulation from external environment.

two. Collect information

consumers collect information mainly from personal channels, commercial channels and public channels. Because of the different levels of consumption, most of the Internet users have a keen sense of purchasing, and always lead the consumer trends.

online shopping can not see and touch is less likely to try the product, so with a certain risk in online shopping, online sales of products, the technology is relatively mature, the technical indicators are the national standard limit, this kind of product is easier to get consumer recognition, to achieve the purchase, and to those he did not grasp many consumers will, to the traditional channels to collect product information, select their favorite products, then buy online, because online price is usually better than the traditional channels of low price.

three. Information filtering

information filtering is an essential part of the purchase process. The comprehensive evaluation of consumers mainly considers the function, quality, reliability, style, price and after-sale service of the goods. General consumer goods and low value consumables are easier to choose, while consumer durables are more carefully chosen.

l see release channel

vendors who advertise on famous websites have stronger economic strength, higher credibility, and lower credibility.

l look at the frequency of home page changes

network marketing successful enterprises, the content of their home page is often replaced, from time to time to introduce new information and products. And do not pay attention to network marketing enterprises, the content of the home page is indifferent, the home page is always in front of the old show in front of Internet users, it is recommended not to choose. So a good independent sales platform is very important, you can find some of the good reputation of a professional production company (such as the new network, 10 thousand nets, Xinwanghulian, network, business, in the era of China China channel, etc.).

L, look at the advertising language,

advertising is very important to the consumer’s first impressions. Good advertising is another good publicity for the company.

l tentative purchase of

consumers in the preliminary decision, will select some low value products to buy, then the owners don’t be disappointed, as they provide a good Follow-Up Services, sustainable consumption will get bigger orders

four. Purchase decision

first of all, online buyers have a larger proportion of intellectual motivation, while the proportion of emotional motivation is smaller. This is because consumers’ online search for goods is a process of thinking. He has plenty of time to take care of the quality, quality, price and appearance of the goods, and make his own choices in a leisurely manner.


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