How does the B2C site attract users chat about yelling in the title of a product


originally wanted to be called "B2C’s scream", and later thought it was too much of a party, and it was different from what I wanted to write, so I’d better call it a good point. If you think it’s longer, just look at the last paragraph.

now more and more electricity supplier website will add a short introduction on the goods, these goods will be introduced under the supplementary information, such as promotions, or limited discount information, often with ridicule, exaggerated language words, let this place become very fun, some introduction can let the consumer. Than the product itself, at least for me to see a good short introduction will enable me to increase my impression of the product, the sales volume of first, first people, sold cheap…" Still can cause consumer desire to buy (unfortunately, some classic text did not save, otherwise paste it up to share).

this picture is a short introduction, and the red one is.


I guess the short text came up to give the product a new look, so that consumers can know more about it immediately. Can only show the limitations of the name of the goods, and then add more personalized things, call down, what concessions, promotions, highlights are added.

, yell,

in the costume drama, often see people in order to attract better vendors, in order to quickly let passers-by know their food, have a similar "XX dish, the morning just picked, very fresh, how much money a catty, delicious Oh ~", "at a loss, only the last point and send" cries. We should all be heard, but with the development of the city in the yell is less and less, in addition to being harmonious, many vendors have turned into another form.

often visit farms should be friends, will often see signs on the price of vegetables and some small, as shown in figure


no accident, this should be "silent call", and the previous call is actually similar, format = food + price + call

At the greengrocer:

fresh peas + 6 yuan / kg + wholesale price, cheap

no beans bean King + 6 yuan / Jin + special tender bag, glutinous, a burning cooked, especially delicious

Shandong yellow heart potato + 2 yuan / kg + authentic new potatoes, not washed

Taihu food + 1.5 yuan / Jin + a burn on cooked

look at the short introduction of electricity supplier:

Samsung (SAMSUNG>)

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