How should we plan a new station

recently wrote to write less, is a matter of time, another is to plan new sites, try to do different stations, accumulation of different experience, do the station is the basic and network related, rankings and included are also quite good; do want to see unfamiliar in the industry, see what to do, so I was planning a weight-loss station, actually do what does not matter, the key is how you go planning, how to operate, this is the focus of early and I didn’t think of what is done again, regardless of the outcome, at least I learned some experience Xu Guoxiang; below to share their experience in fad network planning, hoping to make new friends some help:

1. Define the theme of your website

in the beginning I was going to do a fashion, but the feeling is too large, do not want to do a small start back, think of weight loss; but to lose weight is great, some websites divided more detailed, for different people to lose weight to do web site. Its theme is very important, direct relationship behind your website ranking and popularity; range, rankings do not come up, no key, is generally not the strength of the company, suggestions or focus on segments, especially for our personal webmaster, segmentation is the only way we can find places to live. Of course, we can not be too small, or there is no content to write and pay attention to this very few people.

two, determine navigation and classification


we determine the theme, to determine the navigation classification, our site really need those categories that I need to do the information and optimization of what this concern after you publish content and key optimization, do not know when, can use the search engine to find the relevant pages where the keywords of the home page then, their analysis and synthesis, formed its own characteristics, is the basic framework of a web site, determine when consider 2 main points: one is not a good filling content, is the corresponding optimization keywords need not. Most of the time we need to take into account our users focus on what information, we should put what information; this needs more familiar with the industry, understand the point of concern what customers, and what the higher conversion keywords, we determine all of these can be used as the basis of classification and navigation.

three, determine the use of programs and space

when your theme and navigation is determined to determine what program, choose their own, now open source cms more, but to their own, or have to find a special person to modify; I have chosen a WP, the other is mainly oneself will not, in fact general are selected as Dede, modify it more beautiful. Program is mainly used relatively good operation and optimization of better, as for the space, choose a more stable and speed is OK, ok.


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