Website optimization completely broke my heart


know that security breaches are bound to invade other people’s Web sites? I really have no words to you, Mai Tuan stationmaster. Although my business is a bit unpleasant, I’ve always talked about it. Even now, I wish you wouldn’t have the heart of a gentleman. Face up to your problems before you can completely remove the threat.

if every person who gives you the right advice is suspected of blackmail, I really shouldn’t say that. Before I accept your commission, to help you deal with the new station included problems, you trust. After ranking optimization, although very unsatisfactory, but each other have unspeakable difficulties. You are a new person, do not understand the network, you can understand.

but you want me to give you the details of the day’s work, which means all my technical data is difficult for me to do. We did what we were hoping for, and you entrusted us, and the website worked. Even though you don’t want to pay, I still do it by talking. Until today has been more than 10 days, I still insist, but hope to have paid, there is harvest. I knew it would not come to an end if I continued arguing. Nevertheless, I still told you about the last security problem. But what about you?

web server security vulnerabilities so much, but you do not pay attention to, but think I am extortion? From the beginning of my understanding, to feel bitter, and to the present contempt, can be said to be really completely speechless. You do not say Beijing net police, even if the Guangdong net police looking for me, how can you? What can they do for me? My information has been given to you and you can ask them to come to me. I don’t want these people anymore. I can offer all the help I need.

do you think blackmail, but from the beginning to the end, I take what blackmail you? Beg for mercy? A smooth explanation? Give you a list of questions You don’t care about the effect of the task, but only one of my hard pressed process, whether it is for what? A client. What does he need technical information for? What’s the use of him? A technician provides technology and explains the technology

, who does the Internet business, tells the customer about the security problem, but the customer can say that the technicians are blackmailing What am I blackmailing you for? You can say I am suspected of blackmail, can I not say you are suspected of slander? Do you only know the law in all China? This is what my friend asked me to ask you. If you insist that I am blackmail, then I hope you will bring me to court. This is my request to you, and I want the justice to judge everything. But, one thing, if justice doesn’t think I’m blackmail, I want you to explain why you’re trying to slander me How do you do that after the transaction? After I’ve been busy for hours, I’ll get my preparations ready.

, come and say to me, "the price is too high to change."!" I don’t agree, but you yourself say no again! What do you think we are? Six days later, we did, and your ranking began to work. You said your team was doing something, not our business? Taobao reject >

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