Analysis of Shanghai Dragon search engine optimization do not fall into the trap of Shanghai dragon


meters end to control how much is the best? 2%-8%? But some of the site’s keyword density can be ranked in the 1% made loud. Or some station and every corner of the key around the site, can also be ranked the forefront of do. Therefore, people not to doubt, the rule of the search engine, in the end is how to treat the keyword density? Er Shanghai dragon is often thought 2%-8% must obey? Here that binary keyword density naturally do optimization, should not be too much or too little. After observing the whole page is justifiable, if not for the user experience inconvenience, it is best to optimize. But for the binary keyword density, propose general webmaster or not it will be more than 8%.

for the website the number of keywords, in Shanghai Longfeng optimization always position are not very clear, but after analyzed, the general Shanghai dragon general view of Er: the number should not be more than five website keyword. The reason is very simple: every site has its own weight, if the key is more, weight is more dispersed, the weight of each keyword obtained is more low, resulting in the low ranking. But why some websites have dozens of key words, can do the best keywords? Surely many webmaster would ask. The answer is actually very simple, because the weight of the website is high enough, so even if a lot of keyword, each keyword weights are assigned to the. After all sites do more, always want to expand their services, this point no ground for blame.

website optimization, TITLE title is a priority among priorities, can be said that if properly optimized title, directly affect the site ranking and traffic. A reasonable title must be not only the nature of the site can be summarized, direction, content, but also to do: concise and comprehensive, in accordance with the basic rules of search engine optimization. How to optimize the TITLE first to know: the appearance of special symbols, avoid the 1 title, 2, avoid using "most, a kind of" useless words, 3, try to control in 25 Chinese characters within the title. As to why such requirements? Special symbols, does not conform to the rule of the search engine, the "," a class of words of the former.

three: TITLE

a number of control

two: keyword density distribution


study of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, is the widespread phenomenon in the webmaster circle is inevitable. Because the site does not do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, it would mean losing most of the traffic source, the search engine controls the vast majority of Internet users. However, the rule of the search engine is not transparent, more is needed to discover their own webmaster. Therefore, in this process there have been many "optimization blind", led to the optimization of "misunderstanding" appear. So how to avoid these search engines buried under the opaque "trap", get rid of such a misunderstanding? This article holds the personal views do a bit of analysis:

title writing

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