Analysis of the rebate website optimization scheme


soft Wen promotion

from the query results is not difficult to see the words "rebate" search in large quantity, and the long tail words are brand rebate network. The "rebate" this keyword has been difficult to make up for a personal website directly, it is almost impossible, as can be seen from the long tail word behind the name is rebate website. Then like a normal website like by keywords to get traffic becomes very unrealistic. I think the most fundamental is to get the rebate website traffic and user experience. What are the specific way to get traffic? The author recommended the following way:

The first kind of

these are several promotion methods recommended by the author, is actually a commonplace talk of an old scholar content. As for the rest of the promotion, you can according to their actual situation to choose the most appropriate. If your promotion is very good, basically every day can be visited more stable, then you are half the battle. The most important thing is how to do the rebate website user experience, the author analyzed by example:

third: QQ

the author made a Taobao rebate network, in fact, I had heard before "rebate network". Because of the few in the online shopping, so do not need to feel what the rebate network. Today to see some rebate website, in addition to several major brand website, are more similar to the Taobao customer personal website. The web page is really like Taobao guest website, I use Adsense tools to check the "rebate" keywords and long tail word:

no matter you want to popularize is what website, using soft Wen promotion is a good way to promote. But in the promotion of your rebate website, the main purpose is to obtain the effect of soft flow, it must be of high quality soft Wen, can attract target customers click on your website. This article is difficult to write, if you don’t write, you can go online publishing tasks, take the capital to buy some more good soft wen.


A netizen

second: micro-blog promotion


using micro-blog promotion is a popular way of promotion, but I have no experience in this field, so it can give you good advice. But spend ten dollars to buy fans, so it looks quite good. Tencent and micro-blog may be all use most micro-blog, who let you every day with QQ.

QQ friends QQ group, these can let you instantly get good traffic, I thought of using QQ friends to promote their website or product, usually we have seen a lot of cosmetics is knocking at your home directly to the door, and then to promote their products, but the direct way is not easy to make people believe. Promote your website to your friends, the premise is you chat, the best is more familiar with the friends. Of course, you can’t be purely to promote your website. Can’t let a person too disgusted.

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