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, in his heart is very eager to have a good collection of good rankings, only your ranking is up, you can work a qualitative leap, now in front of you is an objective fact that you want to get more substantial natural free the flow of your site better ranking in the search list. Everyone began to strive for it, resulting in a large number of junk connection, caused a lot of their reverse link, after a few days of spam links will not, we all know that the link is very important, but based on the search engine links must be stable and healthy links. One cannot establish a link, need long-term and stable work, need every little bit accumulation. You need to do to do this thing, you should keep in mind that the spam links not Yo benefits for their website, also brought a negative impact. The chain is a must pay attention to quantity but also pay attention to quality problems, the owners must pay attention to this problem, adhere to the scientific development concept, improve the quality of the chain. At the same time, a lot of time to build the chain instead of risking the search engine that Shanghai dragon has been K danger and cheating. So we must learn the basic knowledge of network seriously at the beginning of the linked object you want very clearly, don’t always the wrong person, only adhere to the consistency of form and content, your site will be ranked in front, you can have the strength of the website is searched, your traffic will greatly increase.

for the harm of website spam links, many people do not understand what is the amount of garbage? In fact links on the web site of the rankings without foreshadowing well, friends, when you join a new website, the link is also very good for a period of time, one day suddenly link lost, no links on your site, may cause irreparable loss, will inevitably lead to the search engine that your website is sure there was an accident. Therefore, we emphasize the link must be high.

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our task is to make the direction and high quality links do high quality Links. High quality concrete refers to the PR, but also included in the site, snapshot, there is no cheating etc.. In this problem you should not only see the two sides, but also from the perspective of the relationship between them in this matter, for the strong conditions for their website ranking is a good website links. (if the first webmaster want to own website good, after the recommended multi link good website links to know the effect of.

website ranking of a webmaster means what? As long as you are willing to work hard, learn more, because your site will flow and generate huge economic benefits, but if most of your website traffic brought by the search engines, then your website ranking must rely on before. For a preliminary establishment of new sites, ranking almost impossible before. The reason is that older than you are doing the same station and you have many, what your website in the top. We can only accomplish the task, optimize your keywords to get good rankings

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