The website optimization of how to detect and deal with dead links

, how to detect dead link

The main function of The so-called

dead links, generally speaking: refers to the site can not open the link, or the wrong link. If a large number of dead links exist in the site, it will directly affect the site in the search engine in the eyes of the image". Which will ultimately affect the site’s weight and ranking. Especially when we create a new website, should pay more attention to examination and treatment of dead links. Otherwise, for the development of the website will later lay hidden. How do we deal with dead link detection,


two, how to deal with the dead link


absolute dead link.Each

method: the most thorough way is to find the dead links in the web page, manually delete dead links in Web pages. For a new station, through the artificial way to find these with a dead link page is relatively easy. If is old station, artificial search is very difficult. So, here to advise you, in the new line at the beginning, we should pay special attention to the inspection and removal of dead links. Otherwise, will cause trouble.

if the dead links exist in the site, how do we deal with these dead link

In this paper, ?

noble baby webmaster tools is very powerful. It can use the dead link detection is very accurate in the website. (a baby Administrator Tool registration address: https://accounts. noble baby贵族宝贝/NewAccount). After using the noble baby Administrator Tool for a period of time, the nobility baby cannot crawl to the link list. These links, most are dead link.

method two: if we could not detect a dead link ", we can also use robots to shield these dead links. Specific methods of operation: editing a text document, named: robots.txt. Write mask command dead link statement:

method two: use the noble baby webmaster tools

address corresponding to a dead link command statement. The command is the meaning of: the prohibition of search engine grab dead link access. After editing the document, robots.txt will be uploaded to the site root directory can be realized on the shielding of the dead link.

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we have no dead links? How many dead links? If detected by manual inspection way, it is very difficult to achieve. The author provides two kinds of methods, these methods can detect the site easily dead link.

method: the use of tiger sitemap generator

this tool is used to generate the site map. At the same time, it can also automatically detect dead links in the site, very convenient to use, recommend everyone to download and use, the use of specific methods will not start.

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