Buy the industry to set up a refund ticket price category

issued the State Administration for Industry and Commerce on the "on the strengthening of the network group purchase operations management advice" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions") sparked heated debate in the industry group purchase. Yesterday, the opinions mentioned in the buy back service issue has become the focus of debate. Insiders believe that ticket goods should be set refund time limit.

yesterday, F group CEO lin ning suggested that ticket class goods should be set refund time limit. Similar to movie tickets, tickets and other special products, the site is a fixed seat sales, time effect. If expired retreat, and whether we should train tickets, airline tickets, a specification for timeliness refund documents? "But also has power in the business believes that the group purchase website can start to adjust ticket class group purchase mode. Movie tickets and other categories of goods can break through the inherent mode, such as limitations of timeliness." The source mentioned that this year’s e-commerce industry is the focus of competition in the service competition, buy as a life of electricity providers, should pay more attention to the flexibility of the form of goods.

a business information company responsible person believes that the introduction of the opinions of the more hasty, research is superficial, the industry still needs to wait for the follow-up rules on the implementation of management advice. Ticket expired back there is indeed a special nature, the business sector should listen to the views of the industry."

said earlier, full network CEO Feng Xiaohai told reporters, the full network will try to normalize this group purchase movie tickets. The price may be slightly higher than the Group buy items, but will cancel the time limit, consumers do not need to assault consumption, can be seen with the purchase." In his view, the abolition of time constraints may become one of the trend of ticketing class buy.

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