Yograj blames physio, godman for Yuvi’s state

first_imgCricketer Yuvraj Singh’s father Yograj Singh has accused a Delhi based physiotherapist (Jatin Chaudhry) and a godman in Punjab of misleading his son about his illness.Yograj said he sniffed a conspiracy to harm his son, but fortune favoured Yuvraj and he was safe.Speaking to media in Chandigarh, he said that people surrounding Yuvraj were not his well-wishers and they prevented him from going to the US for treatment about six months ago.”The so-called baba (godman) and all those surrounding him did not let him go for treatment six months ago. My son told me he was going to the USA saying he would be alright. Then why were his tickets cancelled?” Yograj wondered.Yograj’s outburst came a few days after he stated that he advised Yuvraj to get a thorough medical check-up done, but he had ignored him. Yograj stated that he had to plead before his son to go to the US for treatment. He added that he did not want to blame anyone.Yuvraj Singh’s father Yograj (left); Delhi based physiotherapist Jatin Chaudhry.Yograj who lives separately from wife Shabnam in Chandigarh, said that his son was a victim of conspiracy. “There should be a probe to discover how did his medical reports go missing from the car? Why should anybody steal the reports? Why should a physiotherapist treat somebody like Yuvraj as far as cancer is concerned?” he said.Yograj said that the godman gave Yuvraj a false assurance that everything was alright after the reports were stolen from the car. “And Yuvraj defied everybody, including his father. He defied medical science since baba told him he was alright. Then he went to England and got injured.”advertisementYuvraj’s father alleged that people surrounding him kept on telling that he was under some spell, but everything was alright now.”My son should go to the Golden Temple to thank the almighty and get rid of the people who were set to ruin him,” he said.”My son should now understand that when you fly high, you don’t know what is happening around. I believe that Yuvraj Singh will be strong enough to understand now,” he added. The physiotherapist and godman were not available for comments.last_img

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