Civil service

first_imgSatiricus and the fellas were having a grand old time at the back of the Back Street Bar – and the forest of beer bottles on their table attested to the fact their spirits were well fortified by the copious amount of spirituous brew they’d imbibed. They’d covered most of the goings on transfixing the populace and had arrived at the longevity of the grand old man in the civil service.“How can you have a man serving as head of the Civil Service Union for over 30 years?” said Satiricus in wonder. “That’s some dedication, isn’t it?”Both Hari and Bungi looked at Satiricus carefully. Finally, Bungi offered, “A which worl’ yuh a live in, Sato?”“Dedication?” Hari snorted so strongly, some of the beer he’d just gulped almost came through his nose. “That man Yardie has been milking the system for most of those 30 years!”“That’s the problem with you fellas,” said Satiricus, “you never see the glass half full!”“De rail problem, Sato,” observed Bungi, “Yaadie mek sure HE glass always full full!!”“Yes, Sato…how come people who pay Yardie salary have to retire when they reach 55?” complained Hari. “But he still there in his seventies?”“Experience, bai…experience,” Satiricus smirked. “The man get re-elected every time, you know!”“E prappa gat nuff experience,” agreed Bungi, as Satiricus nodded. “Experience fuh rig de election!”“Sato, lemme ask you something,” Hari said after signalling for another round. “You and your KFC party want term limits for Jagdesh and the presidency. Why not for Yardie?”“Well, you see,” Satiricus started out as his friends peered at him suspiciously, “Nobody but Yardie can lead the civil service.”“Really?” exclaimed Bungi incredulously. “Wha’ mek he suh special?”“You ever hear Yardie talk?” Satiricus polished off his beer as he answered with a beery slur. “Civil, boy! Civil! The man talk so civil, he was made for the civil service!”last_img

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