Del Bosque: “The players only think of themselves”

first_img CEST With one more match still to come in Brazil before Spain head home, Del Bosque was very cagey when it came to talking about individuals’ futures. Although he did say that he still has the “same enthusiasm, desire and drive” to continue in his position as manager of la Roja. Vicente Del Bosque has loosely criticised his players ahead of Spain’s final World Cup match against Australia. He wouldn’t be drawn strongly either way on Iker Casillas, Xavi or Xabi Alonso. Sport EN “I am very grateful for my players, I think about all of them, however they only think about themselves. Only themselves.” “Taking the training bib from Cesc was a minor issue,” the 63-year-old said. “One of the teams was numerically inferior to the other in the match, so I decided to change it around. I aked Xabi Alonso for support – it was not big deal. After Saturday’s open training session, a video hit the Internet of la Roja’s boss getting angry with Cesc Fabregas. center_img When he was asked about this incident on Sunday by television channel Cuatro, Del Bosque played down what had happened but still managed to give a blunt response. It has been suggested he favours the Barcelona players, something which, as a former Real Madrid coach, he strongly contests. Upd. at 18:21 “The rest I can accept.” “Football is my big passion and my profession.” “When I see on Madrid website, or a website related to Madrid, that I am a puppet in the hands of the Barca players, that hurts me,” he continued. 22/06/2014 Del Bosque added that some of the criticism has hurt him becasue is has come from so close to home.last_img

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