Bezos’s dark side the king of the electricity supplier in the end how ruthless, Amazon formerly know

Abstract: beware of the madman is a word to remind each other Amazon employees. Bezos was famous for his laughter, and even if there was nothing to be happy about, Bezos would burst into laughter. This behavior will often make the employees jump out, if the employee’s work did not reach the standard of Bezos, Bezos would laugh, that smile to people more terrible than scold.

recently, a New York Times called "change the world" by Amazon employees out of the article, caused wide public concern. Amazon said the performance appraisal is extremely harsh, and even developed an instant feedback platform such wonderful tool to encourage employees to expose each other. This article is mainly aimed at the blue collar workers work hard working environment, in fact, the white-collar workers in the Amazon have not had a good day. A woman suffering from breast cancer, but was told that you have the risk of dismissal". The reason is that her personal life may be inconvenient, which will largely affect her work objectives. Other employees are probably so, if you are sick, Amazon will not give them time to let the body heal. read more

Alibaba occupied the world’s two largest manufacturing center contrarian expansion trend

Alibaba company CEO Wei Zhe June 22nd declared: "India has a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises, and domestic market steady, rapid growth in exports, for we are a unique and important market. The number of our members in India grew by 138% last year, making India the largest supplier market in China after china. We will work to further develop the India market."

Alibaba 100th

India Manam Exports Sanjeev members – Mr. Gogna, held in the day before a celebration, a Alibaba founder and Chairman Ma and Alibaba chief executive issued commemorative plate. read more

Fang Lin successful listing of information, dividend mall opened B2C new experience!

according to the Ministry of Commerce statistics show that China has now become the world’s largest online retail market. 2013 online shopping users reached 302 million people, the transaction size reached $1 trillion and 850 billion, accounting for 7.8% of total retail sales of social consumption. Especially with the explosive growth of mobile Internet, mobile online shopping has been rapid development. Many of the traditional mobile online shopping business has smell this big cake delicious, have been involved in online shopping for mobile, mobile entrance. read more

Baidu Wanda electricity supplier can become more different

Wanda electricity supplier and Baidu, Tencent news

rumored, settled on Friday in the dust, many questions have found the answer. When the full information surfaced, still make people feel a little surprised. And surprised, is lamenting: the situation is stronger than people, after all, the future is so uncertain, but the giants with strong resources, hezonglianheng, song Mei bamboo, frequently lazi.

at the signing ceremony of the speech, Wang Jianlin and Robin Li, Ma Huateng hope this cooperation, don’t be viewed as "business sellers". From their speech, we can also see: this will be a new attempt for the future of the new layout O2O. read more

Where is the road of e-commerce in traditional enterprises

how to successfully open the road of e-commerce in traditional enterprises? I have been working on the research and education in this field. But many of my students, also made a small contribution to this topic; most of them are the traditional manufacturing enterprise boss, are engaged in clothing, footwear, cosmetics, health care products, small appliances, furniture production and sales.

they all had common confusion: don’t worry about a few years ago, order business is booming, almost closed eyes can make money; but in the past two years suddenly found that artificial prices, raw material prices, the amount of RMB appreciation, shrinking foreign trade, business was bad, the future how to develop? Where is the way? Prospect how? In the past two years, almost every day I received a friend’s advice read more

Meizu and Suning reached a cooperation plan to build 300 stores completed sales of 2 billion

Meizu and Suning reached a strategic cooperation to build 300 stores and sales target of

2 billion

[TechWeb] reported on May 30th news, Meizu technology combined with Su ningyun group recently held a strategic conference, announced that the two sides become the core strategy of partners, and to develop a year Suning investment to build 300 Meizu store, completed sales of 2 billion Meizu products strategic cooperation agreement.

it is understood that Suning and Meizu clear strategic cooperation plan, a year to complete the construction of 300 Meizu experience store construction, as well as the sale of 2 billion yuan Meizu products. 2014 onwards, Meizu will accelerate the pace of product development, diversification of product positioning and price. The cooperation, Meizu hope Suning massive membership database, optimize product development and market strategy. read more

Analysis of the future strategy of Jingdong book brand shaping +O2O innovation

DoNews November 6th news (reporter Zhou Qinyan) in November 2011, to start the 3C business Jingdong online book business, trying to expand the category in addition to 3C more. After 4 years of development, the current size of Jingdong books has been more than Amazon China, close to Dangdang, becoming the country’s top second online book retailers.

in the initial stage, Jingdong book has been relying on low-cost strategy, the electricity supplier launched a number of books war, quickly occupy a place in the field of books electricity supplier. With the expansion of the scale, Jingdong books on the future development of more thinking. read more

Buy the industry to set up a refund ticket price category

issued the State Administration for Industry and Commerce on the "on the strengthening of the network group purchase operations management advice" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions") sparked heated debate in the industry group purchase. Yesterday, the opinions mentioned in the buy back service issue has become the focus of debate. Insiders believe that ticket goods should be set refund time limit.

yesterday, F group CEO lin ning suggested that ticket class goods should be set refund time limit. Similar to movie tickets, tickets and other special products, the site is a fixed seat sales, time effect. If expired retreat, and whether we should train tickets, airline tickets, a specification for timeliness refund documents? "But also has power in the business believes that the group purchase website can start to adjust ticket class group purchase mode. Movie tickets and other categories of goods can break through the inherent mode, such as limitations of timeliness." The source mentioned that this year’s e-commerce industry is the focus of competition in the service competition, buy as a life of electricity providers, should pay more attention to the flexibility of the form of goods. read more

The store Qinshou how to make money online business

shop experience

do online business to be more loneliness than normal business, only long-term business is likely to become the success of the buyers, or to learn the successful experience from the success and how to do online business


into their most familiar industry

earned the first money to start from the most familiar with their own industry, not in a strange field from scratch. There is no strong financial support for the sale of the small can not afford to stand up to the outsider, this is a can not afford to pay tuition. The famous Benz company is by the two companies merged, the two bosses are Benz and Daimler, two of them were produced the world’s first batch of car, then the car display skills to the full in this field, the achievements of today’s brilliant benz. The world’s richest man Bill · Gates is an outstanding example of success in their familiar industry. The Microsoft Corp in the garage is a giant in the world’s information industry, and Bill · so far, only owns the company, he has never done anything unrelated to the computer business. read more

Domain deletion list November 25, 2007


proxy domain name registration renewal of 60 years /, 150m million net 620 special offer 120 space agency.
  CN domain name 1 yuan registration, the opportunity not to be missed, more content: />< br /> CN to delete the domestic domain list more today…… Delete more international domain names today…… read more

How to make money while playing micro share

I have a lot of dreams, want to become a freelance writer, want to become the color image stylist, want to become a gourmet, want to be a traveler, to open a small coffee shop, want to have their own small business. I believe that every one of you is full of dreams. Just because of the process of growing up, we will bury them deep in the heart. My ambition is small and big. Because only in the field of interest will expand. I also know that dreams no more action to support is a dream. In order to realize the dream of traveling, and a second time I work in the campus, third I made overseas purchasing, senior winter settled in New Zealand friends told me excitedly that there is an interesting micro business can play while making money. I didn’t fall asleep that night. I only tried 3 times in college. So in the middle of the night to check a lot of information, including domestic and foreign, company background and positive negative news. Because the idea of making money while you play really fantastic, when I was in Google map did find this company in the United States of Texas, Dallas. I breathed a sigh of relief, but still didn’t sleep well all night. For the next couple of days, I’ve been popping up in my head. So I took my friends to visit. With his family decided to set up a travel package flew to Texas. For the first time, I can see that there is no such thing as a shopping trip, a welcoming dinner and a birthday party. Each team is from all over the world, different colors, there are South Korea, Burma, France, the United States and other places. I also participated in the tour, I think we should let every member have fun without even a little complaining voice is very difficult, but the company did. Everyone will care about each other, there is always a kind of happy atmosphere. Delays in my plane is still immersed in the depressed, the company is close to send a small gift. I suddenly realized that no matter what industry, to care about each customer’s feelings and feelings must not be wrong. read more

The horse used car consumption Murray car into Linghai only financial partners

recently, a leading domestic auto finance service platform for financial Jingdong Murray car finance, investment strategy, deepen in the second-hand car consumer market layout.


: Murray car brand upgrade

comprehensive financial official

is a member of Murray car finance enterprise Internet consumer finance platform Murray’s financial, focusing on automotive consumer financial services. Relevant data show that the current Chinese car ownership is about 172 million, more than 24 million new cars per year. In developed countries, second-hand car and the car circulation ratio is more than 1.5:1, according to this estimate, the future Chinese second-hand car trading volume is expected to more than 36 million vehicles, according to the estimate of bicycle average 55 thousand yuan, turnover of up to nearly 2 trillion yuan. read more

Su Ninghai purchased App officially launched most domestic commercial storage


technology news Beijing time on October 14th evening news, Su ningyun group COO Hou Enlong said that Su Ninghai purchased independent App "small sea lion" has been officially launched, unlike other sea Amoy platform, Su Ninghai purchased more than 70% goods by channel model with the bonded area, without the need to send abroad.

overseas purchasing relevant responsible person said, Suning logistics has been in Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Ningbo set up a bonded warehouse. Suning will according to the data analysis and response of supply chain distribution will be stored in the bonded warehouse goods in advance, consumers purchase orders directly from the bonded warehouse delivery, in order to ensure the speed of the sea. read more

Hey SF off for O2O practitioners to pay 1 billion tuition for four lessons

some years ago, ma am logistics providers of pain, the backhand and rookie network, said network skynet. Another big brother Wang Wei, although expensive for the logistics industry is also affected by the king, the characteristics of the industry of labor-intensive and capital intensive tired, then reverse the electricity supplier, before the preferred SF, SF hey off after. The two chiefs of the same thing, at least it illustrates a point: no line capacity of the electricity supplier and logistics ability will eventually fall into no online platform bottleneck. Online and offline integration trend is inevitable, which is the basic context of the origin of O2O. read more

8.15 electric war with four words review points out the truth

At one time 8.15

electric business, you may feel this seems to be a did not play out of the drama, whether the Jingdong or Suning, seems not to take out, and 8.15 after fifth days, the two sides similar like the intensity at the same time we can not help but suspect that the misfiring of the price war. Since it is a "war", will have a point, but until now there is no a enterprise stand up and explain himself in the price war on the edge, which makes many onlookers also greatly puzzled, following the author of 8.15 electric business review, with their own understanding of the re interpretation of what the price war. read more

State Administration for ndustry and Commerce online shopping commodity sampling failure detection

Xinhua news agency, Beijing, October (reporter Gao Jing) – State Administration for Industry and commerce, 8, announced the results of the special inspection of the quality of commodity trading network transactions. The sampling provides a total sample of 497 batches of effective detection, found 172 batches of substandard goods, substandard goods overall detection rate was 34.6%.


Administration for Industry and commerce at Taobao, Tmall, Yi Xun network, Jingdong, mall, shop No. 1, Gome online,, Amazon and other China, the domestic market main business platform traded commodity quality sampling. Sampling of goods involving electric fan, induction cooker, electric kettle, mobile phone, power adapter, plug and socket, converter, recorder, children’s toys, household paper products, adult clothing, underwear, shoes, bags, sanitary napkins, child safety seats and other daily consumer goods, sampling a total of 503 batches of goods. read more

Jingdong electricity distribution range expanded to 54 districts and counties

news October 28th, billion state power network that day before Jingdong expand all electrical distribution range, the newly opened Anhui Province, Guangxi, Henan, Hunan, Hubei, Jilin, Liaoning, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Sichuan, Xinjiang and other regions of 54 counties of large household appliances distribution service.

it is understood that, as of now, Jingdong has self owned 29 provincial capital cities, 260 prefecture level cities, the county level of the city, about 1850 districts and counties to provide all of the electricity distribution services in the city of. read more

How to build enterprise station in three aspects of e-commerce era

data show that in 2009 China SME e-commerce transaction size has reached 1 trillion and 860 billion yuan, an increase of 18.5%, and is expected to 2010 SME e-commerce transactions will hit a record high, reaching 2 trillion and 380 billion yuan. In a comprehensive and rapid development of the E era, meet the needs of the Internet market, such as B2C sites springing up. Compared with the traditional entity enterprise marketing, the network is a new field. Some quiet lonely corporate website, did not really play a role. So the enterprise in the planning and operation of the process need to use what weapons? read more

Drug regulatory network in March this year, more than Ali to stop the health or benefit

recently, China’s electronic drug regulatory platform released a report on China’s pharmaceutical electronic regulatory network (referred to as the drug network) is no longer updated notice". Marks the implementation of nearly ten years of drug traceability system will be formally led by the government, the construction of the transformation of the independent production enterprises or the construction of the third party information technology companies.

industry insiders believe that the net stop update, is a good news for Ali health, because many pharmaceutical companies do not have the ability to build its own electronic monitoring platform, and ultimately can only be settled in the third party platform, the construction of the third party platform Ali health "safe code" have been settled enterprises reached more than 3 thousand. read more

Domain deletion list June 14, 2007

The station is scheduled to register the domain name generation of domestic and international contact / consulting qq  35996213 email/msn 0516–83777726 phone; more today to delete the CN domain name list…… Delete more international domain names today…… read more