The prospects for fiction websites are slim

some time ago, in the network, a hubbub of things, that is, Tencent, Baidu, Sina and other Internet giants into the network literature. A lot of fiction collection station owners feel very worried, the prospects are slim.

for the Internet, why there are so many giants to enter the novel station? I think they see a profit model of them or see a future trend, then the individual stationmaster should continue to do the novel website? I think, with the increasingly fierce competition in the future, said in a small station. And you see, Baidu is also doing novel stand, is how cool literary network, has been on-line. read more

Website optimization completely broke my heart


know that security breaches are bound to invade other people’s Web sites? I really have no words to you, Mai Tuan stationmaster. Although my business is a bit unpleasant, I’ve always talked about it. Even now, I wish you wouldn’t have the heart of a gentleman. Face up to your problems before you can completely remove the threat.

if every person who gives you the right advice is suspected of blackmail, I really shouldn’t say that. Before I accept your commission, to help you deal with the new station included problems, you trust. After ranking optimization, although very unsatisfactory, but each other have unspeakable difficulties. You are a new person, do not understand the network, you can understand. read more

Web2.0 – a new network marketing network

iResearch according to the observation of the entire Internet China and Web2.0 in the development of nearly two years of tracking, the vast majority of people in the Web2.0 is no longer as two years ago, mainly devoted to the discussion on the concept of the concept of open, and other things, but gradually began to think of Web2.0 as a tool, around Web2.0’s network marketing cases emerge in an endless stream. Blogs, video sharing, and online communities, which come before other Web2.0 services, have provided us with a number of online marketing stories this year. 2007 can be called the first year of China’s Web2.0 network marketing. read more

Use the time you play to make a stop

I am a student webmaster, but also soon graduated, looking back over the past few years do not come easy ah, sour, sweet, bitter, hot not say, so mixed over, in the school life is so boring (just think), because boring so mixed only here, my students in general the computer is playing games, watching movies, reading novels what are, but I do not love those who, exactly think those are not what return, or want some reality, just want to earn a little money flower well, Baidu search on how to make money online, see, see good things feel a little heart, and is free of charge, by free who don’t want? And in a QQ group chat, just started when talking with a stranger he sent me an address, it can earn free dollars, is also not Know is true or false, is to try to psychological registration of. read more

Webmaster Road (1) site traffic bitter, bitter, hot

for new sites for the webmaster, the site of the flow is for them is a great incentive!


decoration materials (, on line 20 days until today, traffic never break through 50 IP, for a local industry website, the most important thing is not the traffic, the most important is the information website, so from the information quality has been very strict checks users find information, which are the most real, the most reliable information. Every morning the first thing is the habit of open webmaster toolbox, see some changes which included, knowing that Baidu update is a certain cycle, but every day looking forward to a miracle. The second thing is to open the analysis of website traffic statistics, see the current traffic, knowing that the website traffic is not much change, but still are used to observe, look at the day’s work has not been in vain, a day of work there is no gain. For the local industry platform, the flow of the site is no more than the search engine, and search engine traffic, in the domestic than Baidu. The first Baidu search site updates, the site name did not row in the Baidu home page, Baidu will flow as can be imagined, there are several? Don’t know what happened but good included Google, the ranking is also good, every search engine traffic is basically come from the Google, accounting for more than ninety percent of the total flow. read more

How should we plan a new station

recently wrote to write less, is a matter of time, another is to plan new sites, try to do different stations, accumulation of different experience, do the station is the basic and network related, rankings and included are also quite good; do want to see unfamiliar in the industry, see what to do, so I was planning a weight-loss station, actually do what does not matter, the key is how you go planning, how to operate, this is the focus of early and I didn’t think of what is done again, regardless of the outcome, at least I learned some experience Xu Guoxiang; below to share their experience in fad network planning, hoping to make new friends some help: read more

How does the B2C site attract users chat about yelling in the title of a product

originally wanted to be called "B2C’s scream", and later thought it was too much of a party, and it was different from what I wanted to write, so I’d better call it a good point. If you think it’s longer, just look at the last paragraph.

now more and more electricity supplier website will add a short introduction on the goods, these goods will be introduced under the supplementary information, such as promotions, or limited discount information, often with ridicule, exaggerated language words, let this place become very fun, some introduction can let the consumer. Than the product itself, at least for me to see a good short introduction will enable me to increase my impression of the product, the sales volume of first, first people, sold cheap…" Still can cause consumer desire to buy (unfortunately, some classic text did not save, otherwise paste it up to share). read more

Jump rate analysis of Web data analysis

website bounce rate, that is, the ratio of the number of users to browse a single page and leave the site, that is, the ratio of the user to leave the web from the entry page (the user’s target page). For example, a website jump out rate is 79%, so that we can understand the data about 100 users to a page of our website, there are 79 users on our website does not open outside his entrance page second page left.

out of the high rate of users are generally not registered users of the site, registered users per capita browse more pages, they generally will not just open the site, a glance away. Generally, users with high jumping out rates are similar to new users coming through the search engines. They didn’t know our website before. They came to us with problems. After reading a page, they left in a hurry. The vast majority of these users will not come second more times. read more

Analysis of purchasing process and mentality of online consumers

1. Induce demand

The factors that induce the demand of

are various: there are physiological stimuli from the human body, such as cold and hunger, and heart stimulation from external environment.

two. Collect information

consumers collect information mainly from personal channels, commercial channels and public channels. Because of the different levels of consumption, most of the Internet users have a keen sense of purchasing, and always lead the consumer trends.

online shopping can not see and touch is less likely to try the product, so with a certain risk in online shopping, online sales of products, the technology is relatively mature, the technical indicators are the national standard limit, this kind of product is easier to get consumer recognition, to achieve the purchase, and to those he did not grasp many consumers will, to the traditional channels to collect product information, select their favorite products, then buy online, because online price is usually better than the traditional channels of low price. read more

And personal Adsense share some lessons learned

‘s biggest mistake is losing focus on

we made a lot of acquisitions last year, and we’ve made a lot of investment, and even invested in an interior media company. Their model for magazines is to put a magazine rack in the hotel room and put in and out magazines. The pattern they want to copy Jiangnanchun, we think there were interactive place, so their investment. This investment, from a financial point of view, is still our money making project today, and we’re doing the right thing. But several founder reviews have made a big mistake from the point of view of the company. read more

How do do computer network company from a computer novice

· signature: in the Internet more and more developed, Internet era of exploding, a more entrepreneurial way, my Internet Storm entrepreneurship Road, to share with you today, I hope to help you start on the road, hoping to get your entrepreneurial way!

in order to avoid advertising suspects, the company name temporarily not mention, you see my energy on it,

· Shenzhen

I left, right

at the end of 2004, I carry a line back to leave Shenzhen! Come empty handed, drifted away; in Shenzhen, I am engaged in online advertising sales in a well-known Web site has been 3 years, from the year that even the mail do not know landing development to become the company’s rookie network advertising sales manager. Don’t say that every day of the call of the pain, not to mention the daily mail Suanma, not in the street when pulled to run every day, tired, I do not belong to this company, I no longer belong to Shenzhen read more

How to improve the user experience in the operation of tourism websites

today and everyone about me in the operation of the tour surrounding tourism network process, on how to improve the user experience a little bit of experience and experience, here to share with you, welcome to communicate with me.

travel website enhances user experience is to improve customer conversion rate, and let the user the fastest and most direct to find the information he wants. Below I from the website design and so on several aspects explains how enhances the website user experience degree. read more

Making profit on professional websites

with the recent expansion of graduates in recent years, the problem of new graduates is immediately highlighted. Many online job sites have emerged, including new jobs.

‘s new job placement network ( is a professional recruitment website for graduates. After nearly two years of development, in the campus recruitment website has ranked first.

with the expansion of the scale of the site, more and more investment, but the income of "graduating students" is still maintained at the original level. Although sporadic advertising positions, but can not maintain a longer delivery cycle. The reason, chief Chen Wei said: "although this two years of rapid development, but the site located in the job of college students, your audience is very accurate, but the flow of portal and far, but not the scale effect is the biggest problem we encountered in the advertising sales". Advertising sales costs Chen Wei also must consider the question, "at present we do not have a dedicated sales team, mostly customers directly to us.". I’m afraid it costs too much if you sell advertising." How to make a profit has become the problem that Chen Wei needs to solve at this stage. read more

Looking at the future of China’s online travel industry from where to go

/ Wang Guanxiong,

entered in August, and to the stock market, announced the season of earnings. 22, China’s largest tourism vertical search platform, where the net released the second quarter earnings in 2014, so far, the United States listed China online travel industry three giants have handed over the two quarter results.

The tourism industry plays an important role in the

share in China’s GDP, and online travel by contrast is unlimited potential, although in the "game player" has many, but because of the huge amount of body industry, so the industry each are to take sacrifice profits, even at a loss in the future "ideas, to expand the eye in market share. read more

High school comes out to turn to do website


graduated from high school in 2006, is a family arranged to work in Dongguan plastic hardware factory in Changan, just go up in plastic production department, it is just out of what is not used. Then about a year, then transferred to another department in the same factory to do the mold to apprentice. Learn about half a year, always feel not what say they’re not interested in this. Had to resign, then just celebrated the new year quickly went home new year, what have been waiting years to say. read more

Look from this nternet Storm, how does new stationmaster plan website type

this Internet storm comes not only suddenly, and unreasonable place is too much. But for small and medium owners, the impact is powerless, in addition to calling and shouting, more worried about whether their own road of entrepreneurship can all the way flat, but also the Internet entrepreneurial dream continues. As I am dealing with this crisis, I am also thinking about my own way of starting a business. Some of these mistakes have caused me to suffer losses that I could have avoided. Share with everyone today, I hope more of the Internet business has not lost enthusiasm of prospective webmaster who can understand, prepare in advance. read more

nternet flooding now small and medium-sized sites go from here

a few days before the idle to stroll around the bookstore, find a Book of "who knows," Ma book, curious to buy back.

himself is engaged in computer maintenance, although the network is not very understanding, but also know one or two, ma – the world’s largest enterprise e-commerce site, founder of Alibaba. The first Chinese entrepreneur on the cover of "Forbes".

this vow to the Internet into the network era, in Chinese, the whole world opened up a network era.

with the emergence of Taobao, so many people who want to shop and no capital to do business. In the Taobao store, some successful people fail, I remember a friend told me that he set up shop in Taobao, I’m curious to his Taobao store, "store" exquisite, quite open to look, but he was shut down for a while, what is the reason? No one to buy or his? The price is too high? Or improper management of read more

Looking forward to the future of stationmaster from YAHOO’s China revision

see a Yahoo China page revision of the news reports on Admin5 today, I went to the YAHOO home page to see, after all, as a webmaster, although I’m just a person, just the grass, but I always feel in the face of trend of large companies, facing the change of the Internet, we should also pay attention to the grassroots.

today at the YAHOO new home, and change the original big truth, YAHOO is a gradually declining Internet giant, and the Yahoo China revision for YAHOO itself is certainly important. For our individual webmaster, it is also a reference. read more