Website keyword stuffing from analysis of the causes of the search engine punishment


pictured above, this is the site of the home page, in a flagrant way of keyword stuffing. The web page also mess a confused, obviously not what good user experience.

is now looking for a keyword stuffing case also is very difficult, but today the chance on the Internet and found a dare to use keyword stuffing to do optimization of the enterprise site. More surprising is that this site has not been down the right was removed, but in the theme of the website related keywords search results have very good rankings, a road check down, though not what popular keywords, but can do love Shanghai home is also good. Is love for Shanghai and relax the keyword read more

The website optimization of how to detect and deal with dead links

, how to detect dead link

The main function of The so-called

dead links, generally speaking: refers to the site can not open the link, or the wrong link. If a large number of dead links exist in the site, it will directly affect the site in the search engine in the eyes of the image". Which will ultimately affect the site’s weight and ranking. Especially when we create a new website, should pay more attention to examination and treatment of dead links. Otherwise, for the development of the website will later lay hidden. How do we deal with dead link detection, read more

Google launched a hummingbird algorithm foreign trade website will usher in the spring or winter

second: foreign websites need to change the long tail word strategy

long tail word for the site of the importance of needless to say, related to the scope of the hummingbird algorithm is very wide, so we should change the appropriate strategies in the long term. The conventional long tail word still want to do, but now the sentence type long tail words can also go to try, once the page layout of the long tail word of this type, if this page can get good rankings, so naturally can bring to the site not less traffic. Such words and few Shanghai Longfeng personnel to do relatively, the degree of competition is relatively small, but the site of the primary key does not need to change, in my opinion, the user can be divided into two categories: one is the use of conventional love words, and the other is love using short sentence type vocabulary. So we can make the best of the two types of keywords, get more traffic to Shanghai dragon to the utmost extent, I believe the hummingbird algorithm is bound to affect the network. read more

Based on our analysis and put forward measures of site

website is not much


second, website optimization excessive, key piled too

have some high quality of the chain that is a mistake in his usual bar, and its website Links is not doing a good job, some high quality of the chain to make the little, almost no, all of their connections to get some Links.

here, we for the site to gradually analyze it, we hope to have the help.

home too much JS code, ifame code too much, do not turn 404, tag>

as a webmaster, personally think that the love of Shanghai more bad to serve, K station, pull hair, more and more right down to the sea, from the love to flow is more and more need skills, patience and time. Sometimes your site itself does not exist any cheating, but will not have good keywords ranking, or there may be K station, but in general, the reason of love of Shanghai K station a lot. read more

How to increase the site outside the chain, improve the site weight

three; information industry information website


method is a good choice for the new station is just on the line, because just the website is hard to income, and the amount of information on this website is very large, so as long as a few articles, love Shanghai will crawl to your site, the income of your website is a good way, but this site also has a drawback, that information will expire, but once expired, there will be open, error, the customer experience has a great influence, so if it is often with the new good, but if it is on the line longer site is best not to use this method, in short. The loss outweighs the gain. what method to have a the degree of the problem, what time to use read more

Links focus on love

!The one responsible for the webmaster for )

, in his heart is very eager to have a good collection of good rankings, only your ranking is up, you can work a qualitative leap, now in front of you is an objective fact that you want to get more substantial natural free the flow of your site better ranking in the search list. Everyone began to strive for it, resulting in a large number of junk connection, caused a lot of their reverse link, after a few days of spam links will not, we all know that the link is very important, but based on the search engine links must be stable and healthy links. One cannot establish a link, need long-term and stable work, need every little bit accumulation. You need to do to do this thing, you should keep in mind that the spam links not Yo benefits for their website, also brought a negative impact. The chain is a must pay attention to quantity but also pay attention to quality problems, the owners must pay attention to this problem, adhere to the scientific development concept, improve the quality of the chain. At the same time, a lot of time to build the chain instead of risking the search engine that Shanghai dragon has been K danger and cheating. So we must learn the basic knowledge of network seriously at the beginning of the linked object you want very clearly, don’t always the wrong person, only adhere to the consistency of form and content, your site will be ranked in front, you can have the strength of the website is searched, your traffic will greatly increase. read more

Analysis of the rebate website optimization scheme


soft Wen promotion

from the query results is not difficult to see the words "rebate" search in large quantity, and the long tail words are brand rebate network. The "rebate" this keyword has been difficult to make up for a personal website directly, it is almost impossible, as can be seen from the long tail word behind the name is rebate website. Then like a normal website like by keywords to get traffic becomes very unrealistic. I think the most fundamental is to get the rebate website traffic and user experience. What are the specific way to get traffic? The author recommended the following way: read more

Analysis of Shanghai Dragon search engine optimization do not fall into the trap of Shanghai dragon


meters end to control how much is the best? 2%-8%? But some of the site’s keyword density can be ranked in the 1% made loud. Or some station and every corner of the key around the site, can also be ranked the forefront of do. Therefore, people not to doubt, the rule of the search engine, in the end is how to treat the keyword density? Er Shanghai dragon is often thought 2%-8% must obey? Here that binary keyword density naturally do optimization, should not be too much or too little. After observing the whole page is justifiable, if not for the user experience inconvenience, it is best to optimize. But for the binary keyword density, propose general webmaster or not it will be more than 8%. read more

Case study new two months how website promotion to the home page

6, the website "logo" and "WeChat icon attributes the site name, picture" Member Recruitment "keyword layout

make optimization scheme and implementation of

Shanghai dragon in this line, for many of the newcomers newcomers tend to feel confused, because there is no Shanghai Longfeng foundation, so enterprises can only do a recruit in the past after the update and basic work, send the chain in the course of time, or feel boring boring and switch, or by doing nothing is blind. In fact, the Shanghai dragon learning, in addition to lay a good foundation, often read some successful cases of Shanghai dragon can often help to improve their own ability, today I bring you a case, hope can be helpful for those who are still lost in Shanghai dragon er. read more

Five build the chain construction to improve website weight

fourth: the forum outside the chain selection.

the development of the Internet, the web site on the Internet platform for everything, different types of web platforms are beginning on the line. Just as a new platform, the webmaster can consider to do outside the chain, but not to say that all the platforms are suitable for us to do the webmaster should find my website and content similar platform to stay outside the chain, this is not just a chain, but also can bring traffic to the site. Content correlation can also increase website weight, some high weight website you or the chain, included is a high weight correlation between the stability of the chain, but also can improve the user experience of the website. read more

Entry road station in Shanghai 2016 + dragon

So how can

in the new beginning, to the east look west, East West don’t stick, a hammer, see here are suggestions for change here, there are suggestions to change there, love the sea just remember your face you don’t change a skin, this is often more dangerous.

3. is a can not have thoughts, evil

whether you are more, there are still many dishes, in the new beginning is to how much the chain or how much content, must first complete the whole operation planning of every row in a short term when they are in the optimization and strategy in place. read more

Analysis of Shanghai dragon case the advantages and disadvantages of Chinese URL

heart recipe navigation links, the red box is UTF-8 after transcoding the links are corresponding recipes Daquan.Html,.Html > Home Dishes

is also very obvious shortcomings, we see disadvantages:


URL Chinese benchmark, the pinnacle of heart, diet, weight 8

could see the title bar of the browser is that the current page theme, but a lot of Google browser title bar is not displayed completely, especially when open the page too much, the title is more narrow, this time, you can see it, please forgive the yanzhuo, only to see a "soil" word. read more

Analysis of the privacy issues like Shanghai browser

Shanghai love

version of the Android browser love Shanghai personal identifiable data transmission, GPS coordinates, including the user’s search and access the URL, these elements are not encrypted. Not only that, in the IMEI transmission and wireless network users near the list can only use simple and easy to crack the encryption.

report for love Shanghai browser during the operation is how to manage and transmit user data to make a detailed analysis. The report pointed out that the Windows version of the browser and Android love Shanghai have some security risks, are likely to disclose personal user data, including user location, hardware identifier, near the wireless network, web browsing data and search words. These data transfers in the two version of the browser is not encrypted or is a simple encryption, that is to say, any attacker can obtain such data through the mobile phone path and some decryption means. In addition, the application of the two versions are not using digital signature to protect the software update, which means that a malicious attacker can make the browser and download. read more

8.14 update of sea station K personal love

interview analysis starts from a guest of this station is a station called API, last month included love Shanghai reached nearly one hundred thousand, but in August only the home page, but the page yesterday did not, from which a process. The station has a causal relationship with K Links, the reason is very simple, was included, a new snapshot, change Links easily, so for a while, only when a lot of home station to Links, I have no link my station also removes all of a sudden yesterday, in addition to seven or eight a, this is probably one of the reasons. Most believe that now have such a habit, as long as they included better, a new snapshot, fiercely to add Links, it does not know this made taboo search engine. We should have a regular increase of Links. How to Links, online there are many master share their experience, you can look at the. read more

Analysis of user needs to rapidly improve the site’s ranking

implicit demand analysis, we have to look at the existing ranking first, we analyze the existing keyword ranking, from the top of the website can analyze user love what type of Web site, then we analyze the love of Shanghai products. For example, know, library, library and so on Post Bar. Then we analyze the next step.

the user needs is the part of the site is very important, with demand analysis can solve the demand, but also increase user stickiness, and the reputation of a website. The user needs to us how to analysis? How to be able to tap the read more

2013 happy boys website optimization keywords Shanghai Longfeng experience sharing

in the domain name, I choose to register a new domain name, web site for the program, still chose when the familiar PHPWIND. The PW was found to have been upgraded to 9, I’m not so familiar. In the packed forum, found from time to time the emergence of PHP error has not been resolved. In order to maintain the stability of the site (which is particularly important in Phoenix in Shanghai), I determined to put the program into DZ. After the conversion, the error no longer exists. read more

Guiyang financial network marketing outsourcing company how to choose network company

: look at the company’s service network then. A good network of companies, should be able to give customers confidence guarantee, must guarantee in after the completion of the project provides the design source files, the domain name space, website source, optimization training, network promotion training and customer service service.

source: Guiyang financial company: 贵族宝贝gygongsizhuce贵族宝贝 please indicate, thank you.

Guiyang Luomeng know many enterprises are founded site plan in the first step of network marketing, network design and development company is looking for suitable to carry out a professional on the site, and then built the site by some common ways of online promotion, product information and services company released. However, how to choose the network company one of many enterprises are confused, here in Guiyang to share with the Red River financial one can afford the enterprise network marketing network company should possess the following conditions. read more

Don’t know where to SE O Why O

The concept of


sometimes idle boring will ask a question, if from now on, the Internet has gone… Want to all dare not to think, because at that time everyone in the world is grey, I believe this is most of the 80 and 90 after the voice, now the network has changed us too much and this is an indispensable part of our life.

Shanghai Longfeng a strange and familiar, it is very vulgar to explain that Shanghai Longfeng, where SE need O? Or why SE need O? Cite a simple example, if I open a company, can be the first not to elaborate the company specifically what to do, the company places are generally in the office inside, then everything is complete, the company has to do business? For the time being excluded contacts do not say, after all the general enterprise survival, network has run out of time, so don’t rule out contacts, then? By a group of business to business can say it? Is a thankless, after all, you do what others are doing, what do you do with the established enterprise competition? OK, this is not the best way to do that, TV advertising, bus advertising and all outdoor advertising, okay, If you have the money here, and may not need to continue, in the said newspaper is almost no one thing, how to do read more

Learn to be skilled in Shanghai Dragon

Keywords More and more people join the Shanghai dragon

, but the technology of Shanghai Longfeng less and less. Most of Shanghai Longfeng job is to send the chain, update some articles, analysis may add some data. Data analysis is a technical type of work, good data analysis is the priority among priorities of Shanghai Longfeng work. So the technology of Shanghai Longfeng need to have what conditions, how to learn technical type of Shanghai dragon. The following from the optimization experience of the lottery website and we analysis my Shanghai dragon road. read more