How to blocked website solutions to be shielded

website summaryIf The

is a foreign website, and the website is safe and normal, does not involve some sensitive information, sometimes we can try to use proxy access, the method is as follows:

friends have such a problem recently: "how to blocked sites?". This involves the blocked reasons may in fact there are many, many foreign websites can not access at home, these are shielded by the network, may be some foreign websites related to sensitive information to the other schools and enterprises and often block some web sites, mainly to prevent or delay learning all effect of work. Many schools or businesses will shield the QQ website and some large popular sites, so how to blocked sites read more

The interpretation of current situation of medical industry and the Shanghai dragon live

: love Shanghai bidding investment to enlarge, the conversion rate of the continued downturn in

although the growing resistance of medical network marketing.


three: the lack of doctor-patient interaction

two: false advertising, unconvincing

conversion rate remains in the doldrums, why it is difficult to convince the public, lack of doctor-patient interaction is one of the main reasons. In other words, what is the profit to the hospital, still not by patients, by their clients. Why is the medical industry to do well, many people would rather spend more money to the public hospital, is not willing to go to the hospital advertising. After all, the old people’s reputation on it, who is willing to take life safety kidding yourself. In order to obtain the trust of patients, we must first understand the mental patients, capture user motivation, and strengthen interaction, guide the patients to the hospital. read more

How to build the site within the chain structure should be healthy

robust station anchor textThe construction of


different channel page content different, similar to the two separate sites, so the method can use the channel page blog sprocket, so as to better focus on weight.

navigationThe so-called

station anchor text is to note that the corresponding article should have the anchor text only, which can facilitate the search engine better judge the content of the page. In practice, if the lack of technical ability, can be like the above navigation, only for the main page to set the station anchor text, adequate technical capacity, can be set for each page corresponding to the anchor text, the benefits of doing so is more obvious in the later website development, especially in the long tail words. read more

On the forum of Shanghai dragon optimization must know the details of the seven


three: the forum page cache optimization details page cache is the main function of the members often visit the theme of a temporary cache, it can alleviate the pressure for large forum server, the server if the carrying capacity is weak, so the caching mechanism can effectively enhance the user experience, the user experience and optimize Shanghai Dragon is the same user experience! Well done, Shanghai Longfeng optimization naturally good

five: the details of the optimization on copyright, using the forum site program, many of the original page titles are copyright, this approach is not conducive to optimizing the forum for the title should be more streamlined as possible, so in the title of the copyright should be deleted, and only need to copyright put in the bottom of the website can be read more

Links role and exchange skills

1, through some forums or Links exchange platform for related.

5, the website weight: Links to exchange with their web site weight difference, of course, if you can change to more than their weight high Links is better than.

The formal

Links is a chain, the chain should belong to high quality, we all know that the chain’s role is to lead the spider to transfer the weight, so Links is even more so. If the exchange Links and high traffic sites can also bring some traffic to the site.

Links. read more

Why the site is down right how to improve website ranking

at the beginning of construction site choice, must choose a stable space, has great influence ranking a good space on your web site later. Many of my friends have suffered losses in this regard, due to cheap, bought not stable space, for a start is good, when there is a ranking after the web server is often unstable, often can not access, the final result is right down, the decline in ranking the phenomenon such as included.

I was in contact with Shanghai Longfeng this line is holding a cavity blood with great passion to join this industry inside the beginning, but in the end what non-human willing, always so unsatisfactory results, the site began after their hard work really doing well (possibly new effect of it), but later, due to their lack of experience with operation failure, led to the site is down right, not updated snapshot, included drop, decline in ranking, even occur snapshot phenomenon on these aspects, I want to talk about some experience of themselves, hoping that can give the novice friends to bring some help. read more

Talk about two people who can make money on the nternetPO 100 kinds of flaws, happy twist this kin

Guangpu electronic, the day of listing January 24, 2014, one of the company’s actual controller through the forest jumet stock transfer system to the actual controller of the forest Wenkun agreement to transfer 30 thousand shares, the transaction price of 4.6 yuan / share, for the parties to the transaction relationship between brother and sister.

from the drama, screen, and then to the capital stage, "happy twist" are "play", out of their own piece of day.

the Commission said it must give me a reasonable explanation. read more

n the face of the pattern of the mobile nternet, you should love Shanghai confused

light lit but definitely not work, love of Shanghai must take a series of measures to save has been lopsided development of the mobile Internet initiative, so we can see the love in 4.26 Shanghai finally could not resist the acquisition of PPS. Although the deal seems very value in the world is love in Shanghai PPS market the lowest point wise to take, can be integrated into the existing Iqiyi business, mobile video industry continues to expand market share, in order to win the user traffic, but things really like you like it, everything for love towards Shanghai the direction of the development of read more

Keywords the user experience, Dianfan nternet

user experience is very beneficial to the demanding requirements of the development of the whole Internet, a user is out of the rubbish site on the overall Internet website experience requirements, those who experience poor site will be eliminated, in the rapid development of technology under the opposite, those who pay attention to the accumulation of long-term site due to the large users and the technology promotion may have an insurmountable advantage in such an environment, such as the largest search engine provider love Shanghai, but now it services cannot satisfy the user demands, he is in a dominant market environment to achieve equal service and experience, which makes the user that the edge the requirement for search engines, so the market needs a challenger to subvert the traditional position, who can put technology and user The same experience of who have the opportunity to win the market share, but in the face of strong accumulation of love Shanghai technology and large data analysis system read more

Huang Zumin do Shanghai dragon execution is key

has been the fate of every webmaster with their own wisdom or execution of the grip. Shanghai Longfeng is mainly 3 points, one is technical, but the strategy, the third is execution. Shanghai dragon Er every day to do the most is what? It is non execution, so compared with other industries, the blog will update the Lou song song from every day, every step back is worth studying, and I am also because of the peripheral effects, from a monthly article for 2 days or until now 1 days of original articles, but also a manifestation of execution, so Shanghai Longfeng execution is key. read more

Do not change Shanghai dragon search engine by, not to be disturbed by the difficulty of website opt


3. a lot of friends often sigh, compared with a few years ago, now the Shanghai dragon really well done. He worked hard every day to send the chain, update site articles, website ranking always stays. Can we turn to.

, perhaps this is the real meaning of Shanghai dragon. In the face of frequent changes in the search engine, maybe some Shanghai dragon friends will say, we can only comply with the new rules of the game, to adapt to the new ranking retrieval mechanism. But most of the time, and not with the search engine we drift wave, as the occupation site optimization division, have their own macro and micro strategy of Shanghai dragon theory thinking. Because each wave of search engine is not always correct. read more

Fuzhou makeup training website optimization scheme

Analysis of

2, peers, competitor analysis.

partners will ask why there is irrelevant keywords, because the data is not the recognition logic, such as search for decoration, will come out of Taobao store decoration, Taobao decoration shop is decorated, but not our search line of interior decoration. So we look at the data, the key is the need to filter the filter, if the keyword data will not not accurate.

analysis of big data industry, to analyze the local demand, combined with the two data, to find out the site for the core needs of users. (this article is mainly the optimization scheme contains the content, detailed analysis of the data will be shared with everyone in the late Putian Lanyun network company blog post). read more

Share the experience of 15 foreign trade shopping sites to improve the conversion rate of the propos

, 1 prominent web promotion and sensational slogans

3, breadcrumb navigation for e-commerce sites is large, it is easy to get lost, at the same time through the breadcrumb navigation guide buyers. The correct positioning and good website navigation mark, the buyer is more likely to arouse the desire to buy.

recently released Google frequent update algorithm (Penguin, panda, dove, puppet, parrot). This may mean that our shopping website today to get good rankings, tomorrow can become history. Shanghai dragon should not only search engine optimization website, it should further, and to ensure that the user experience is also considered. Therefore, we should consider how to construct a process is relatively simple shopping site? How to guide customers to the required payment "is relatively easy, and provide convenience for users to choose. read more

Shanghai Longfeng Xinshoubikan five Shanghai Longfeng basic principles

whether you are a rookie or the Shanghai dragon is already experienced veterans, there are some things in this industry also must understand. No matter what you do in Shanghai Longfeng industry now, these basic principles below will ensure you have a successful start or extend your occupation career in Shanghai Long Fengzhong.

people love to discuss, especially love to discuss blame them or make them wronged. This for today’s social media so developed society is particularly sharp, people can be in 140 characters (micro-blog) will destroy your reputation. The customer is not always right, so understanding it is your responsibility to help them. Let the customer get and understand it. The > read more

From the search results on the aristocratic nobility baby baby optimization skills

flow at CNZZ today, back noble baby, found the search "QQ single packet" appears in the list of results, see other websites following the address was Chinese link, is really very interesting, but it seems to have been, never care about.

robot powerful nobility baby so visible, we continuously search from.

based on this fact, do stand or join in the page navigation. The optimal position of navigation of the baby is good or noble.

to copy the contents of the clipboardBut the ? read more

Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng application sharing love

this is well understood, in search of several similar results, which has a display of love number is 10 thousand, 5 thousand is a love, a love does not show any button; although the thumb icon and the love icon is not very conspicuous, but the probability is always some people see this icon, and according to the love the number of judgment click; thus affecting the click behavior of customers. Love the number, click the user selected will be improved; the lifting capacity is much, and the love and the number of Internet users will share the love of Shanghai awareness; but anyway, the more late, the greater the role of love; Shanghai shared more early, get more benefits. read more

Shanghai Dragon Team model decides success or failure

I do now in the promotion of a foreign trade company, although it is divided into several groups, but the promotion do basically are "fighting man", each person is responsible for the promotion of several stations. This pattern is like personal webmaster, but can not play the advantages of team, good ability of each person can not effectively play out. We usually do the exchange, not many. The author thinks that Shanghai dragon is the most important communication, sincere exchange their experience and experience, please bypass purely flicker. This pattern is on the surface like a unity, no team is essential. The first Shanghai dragon team requires a central character: Shanghai dragon supervisor, supervisor is responsible for program development, evaluation, and analysis of the operation scheme of the key words. Each member of the team in charge should be well aware of, so as to maximize the core competence of the team. read more

Right and wrong working environment of Shanghai dragon Er should decide on what path to follow

is the effect and efficiency of

Shanghai Longfeng environment

from the beginning of last year, the company where I have some friends to leave, or find another job, or directly to start a new life, no matter what you think, I think everyone’s intention is to let yourself better, a little more fun. But I chose to stay, stay in their own company now is not to say how much I love the optimization of this industry, just because I feel 3 years, give up some pity, but now is not the original Shanghai dragon development situation, just find someone, just to find a optimal method can be immediate, with the popularity of optimization method the optimization difficulty now is rising, especially in the new environment, I feel Shanghai Longfeng choice also is more extensive than previously. read more

Question is this love Shanghai original article is priority of the show

(as is shown in the 132 page of the first two rows, so can not intercept the page number, you do not believe you can go to check with the title search).

OK, let’s talk about the ability of recognition of the original article love Shanghai. Bad present situation must have the webmaster may have experience, I think many countless examples. Yesterday I took an original article submitted to " A5; love Shanghai spark plan: blacksmith needs its own hardware, for example:

said the first natural connection, I would like to ask, is reproduced below after the natural link is really useful? We don’t know this, because we do not know how to love Shanghai is the recognition of these links are natural, but from the current ability to love the Shanghai chapter of the original text recognition, this is really it is worth worrying! Because the chain is generally given by nature reproduced the original article below, can let us determine is: love Shanghai to really let the chain of natural effect instead of garbage outside the chain, we must first improve the recognition ability of original, but the real and original articles will also identify the priority show love Shanghai can you do that? Is very worrying! If this is not the ability to talk about what the "spark plan" and "green" algorithm to distinguish between the original and the resolution and inferior the chain read more

Shanghai dragon Er don’t make unnecessary details will kill

2.Alexa data.

you know, Alexa data through the Alexa toolbar to brush, because the Alexa is equipped with the statistical tools of the user access. Since the Alexa ranking is not reliable, traffic is not accurate, but also can improve the corresponding data through the "pseudo cheating" means, so why do I care about it?

website ranking 3.

website rankings?

is needless to say, before I have repeatedly on the PR value update frequently were discussed. Can say the PR value is not important anymore, so there is no need to spend too much energy. In addition, the PR value of some time ago while the update frequently, but not updated in real time, even if you pay close attention to daily website PR value whether there are changes, Google also does not update the PR toolbar. read more