Eric Decker Steps Up To Help Service Dogs For Veterans With Disabilities

first_imgIn honor of National Pet Parent’s Day on April 27, Deckers Dogs is teaming up with Veterinary Pet Insurance to raise money to help fund the rescue, care and training of service dogs for our military veterans returning home with disabilities.NY Jets’ Eric Decker and Deckers Dogs Team with Veterinary Pet Insurance to Celebrate Pet Parent’s Day.From April 22 through Memorial Day (May 26), VPI will donate $5 (up to $10,000) to Deckers Dogs for every free pet insurance quote generated on York Jets wide receiver Eric Decker and his wife, singer Jessie James Decker, established Deckers Dogs in September of 2013 to provide support to Freedom Service Dogs’ Operation Freedom. Operation Freedom was developed to help returning war veterans and military personnel transition from active duty and combat to civilian life. Active duty service members and veterans with disabilities are placed with highly specialized service dogs that help them find a new level of independence in their post-combat life.For a typical service dog, the journey from shelter to service costs approximately $25,000. With the help of the public’s support, Deckers Dogs has already funded the care and custom training for three service dogs in just six months.“Pet Parent’s Day recognizes the human-animal bond and the commitment pet owners give to their furry family members,” said Eric Decker. “We’re proud to partner with VPI to help build new bonds between those rescued service dogs and our wounded warriors as we free a hero to save a hero.” Source:PR Newswirelast_img read more

In Other News Senators Demand Army Plan to Address High Lead Levels

first_imgFour senators on Friday asked Army Secretary Mark Esper to outline steps the service is taking to keep military families safe, in the wake of a Reuters investigation that linked numerous cases of elevated blood-lead levels in young children to the presence of lead-based paint in family housing at five Army installations. “We ask that you provide our offices with a detailed briefing as soon as possible outlining the immediate and long-term mitigation strategy to keep military families safe, provide medical treatment for those potentially or previously affected, make long-lasting repairs, and finally, provide legislative proposals or guidance on legislation needed to hold maintenance contractors accountable,” wrote Sens. Tim Kaine (D-Va.), David Perdue (R-Ga.), Mark Warner (D-Va.) and Johnny Isakson (R-Ga.). … Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command’s (SPAWAR) Old Town Complex headquarters on Naval Base Point Loma in San Diego suffers from environmental hazards, including pest infestation, along with other facility issues, such as leaking roofs and inefficient heating and cooling systems, according to a report by the Naval Inspector General. SPAWAR spent $26 million on facility problems from 2013 to 2016, but it did not to correct the deficiencies, reported Navy Times. The building’s open-air, saw-tooth design contributed to the problems. “The large, open buildings provide shelter to numerous pests,” the report states. “Bird droppings and feathers accumulate throughout.” … Wichita State University, Kan., received a $2.5 million grant from the Office of Economic Adjustment to support initiatives that strengthen and diversify the regional advanced manufacturing supply chain, increase the quality and scope of defense technologies, and increase the competitiveness and sustainability of defense-impacted businesses, according to a press release. The award will provide funding for programs at the National Institute for Aviation Research, including work on automated fiber placement in composites manufacturing, cold spray technologies for the restoration of aircraft parts, the 3D printing of new tooling systems and feasibility studies related to hypersonic aircraft.Navy photo by Steven Davis Dan Cohen AUTHORlast_img read more

Fortnite streamer Ninja leads wave of Twitchinspired toys

first_imgFirst published Feb. 15 at 8:17 a.m. PT.Update at 5:40 p.m. PT: Edited product details to reflect company changes made to toy line. Ninja Fortnite YouTube Twitch Comments 2 Share your voice It’s not the first time social media stars got their own toy line. In 2015, popular Minecraft players were transformed into blocky plastic action figures with a series called Tube Heroes, made by Jazwares. And last year, 7-year-old toy-unboxing YouTube star Ryan of Ryan ToysReview found success launching his own line of mystery toys, slime, stuffed animals and more, called Ryan’s World.”More and more marketing dollars are being put into YouTube personalities than even television,” said Juli Lennett, a toy industry analyst with NPD. “You have to go where the kids are … It’s very no-brainer marketing.”So what can you buy to show your Ninja fandom?Watch him jiggle with $10 bobble figures. Clip on a pocked-sized plush for $8. Or cuddle with his blue hair on a 12-inch fabric doll, sold for about $20. ninja-twitch-toys-ny-toy-fair-2019-0016Many ways to express your Ninja fandom. Joshua Goldman/CNET Fans can also dress up like Ninja with his colorful hair and headband, also going for $20. Or grab a pack of stickers for $5.If you can’t decide how to express your love of the pro gamer, there’s always the Mystery Box: a $40 multilayered surprise to unwrap in five stages that includes a plush, a bobble figure, a collectible figurine, vinyl stickers and head gear.The toy line is scheduled to arrive in stores this fall. 14 Photos The 27-year-old is one of the fastest-growing influencers on social media as a star in the professional gaming world. With 13 million Twitch followers and 21 million YouTube subscribers, fans watch him compete in tournaments and stream battle-royal games like Apex Legends. But this new, plastic form of play will be on display for the first time at the annual New York Toy Fair, kicking off this weekend.Wicked Cool Toys, the company behind the 2017 remake of Teddy Ruxpin, has cooked up nearly a dozen different types of playthings and collectibles featuring a cartoonish persona of Ninja, embracing his goofy, energetic personality. And he’s not the only Twitch gamer being turned into an plastic plaything. One particular set of five-inch vinyl figures — marketed under a toy line called Lamo — includes Ninja alongside other Twitch personalities DrDisRespect, TimTheTatman, Lirik, and Summit1G. Ninja will be a 5-inch vinyl collectible under the toy line Lamo.Ninja will be a 5-inch vinyl collectible under the toy line Lamo. Point your phone at the toy and watch it come to life with augmented reality. Lamo These Lamo figurines don’t just decorate a shelf — they also come to life in an augmented reality mobile game. Point your phone at the figure and watch animations appear. Each gamer recorded soundbites that play during animated moments. And there’s a Lamo game coming soon in which you can face off against your friends with these characters. It’s called The Game Between Games, designed to be played in five-minute bursts between your Fortnite matches.”You’ve got millions and tens of millions of subscribers who will immediately be engaged with the experience before the product is even on the shelf,” said Jeremy Padawer, co-president of Wicked Cool Toys. “We weren’t taking a human being and creating an action figure. We were taking a brand with tremendous breadth and making it a line.” Toy Fair 2019: Nerf Fortnite, Barbie turns 60 and more Ninja and more Twitch streamers get their own toys 88 Photos Toys and Tabletop Games Culture Bridget Carey/CNET In the video game world, there’s no one bigger than Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. He shot to fame with record-breaking audiences watching him stream Fortnite on Twitch, including a run with Drake. In September, he became the first pro esports player to land on the cover of ESPN’s magazine.And later this year you’ll find him on store shelves taking the form of collectible figurines and plush dolls. Now playing: Watch this: Tags 1:20 Twitch-streamer Ninja toys are here to be your gaming companionslast_img read more

Boom VS Bryant Meanwhile Homicides Port Covington

first_imgSean YoesIn case you missed it (which seems rather implausible at this point), community activist PFK Boom recently “confronted” Pastor Jamal Bryant of the People’s Empowerment Temple at the 148th “West Wednesday,” the series of police brutality protests organized by the family of Tyrone West, the man killed July 18, 2013 while in police custody. Video of Boom’s verbal evisceration of Bryant (with a pithy freestyle assist from rapper and activist Shy Lady Heroin) went viral almost instantly.Here’s the condensed version of the encounter; Boom: “We don’t want you nowhere in our city yo…the streets don’t want you here!” Bryant: “Okay.”Bryant provided a more expansive response a couple of days later during the Friday night radio show on WEAA, “Listen Up!” hosted by Faraji Muhammad.“I went down there as a pastor and let me say Faraji, I was the only pastor there. There was no cameras there, there were 40 people there. And I went down there, again I was not on program, I was not on schedule I was just there to support,” Bryant said in reference to his presence at Gilmore Homes during the West protest on May 25. “When I was leaving, an hour and 15 minutes later, I was accosted by the young lady (Heroin)…and she said, `Are you leaving?’ I said, yeah, I got to go…she says, `Okay, can you wait one minute?’ I said, sure,” Bryant explained. “Then, she brings over the gentleman and without warning, he goes into a full barrage. It was amazing Faraji, I videotaped him speaking and in his speech he says, `You all talk about us coming to the church, but the church never comes to us.’ And I’m there, the church becomes visible and tries to be a part,” Bryant added.“The rest of it plays itself out as everybody has seen now all over the media. And I think it’s just very unfortunate that people who are really working towards the same end would find themselves accosted. Baltimore police were there and he (Boom) doesn’t have that same venom towards them, but against me.”Since last week’s incident between Boom and Bryant, the pastor’s supporters and grassroots activists aligned, or who identify with Boom, have been going back and forth via social media.Meanwhile…Five people were shot at a Memorial Day cookout in North Baltimore, the homicide rate is at 108 as of May 28, and the massive billion-dollar Port Covington development deal steams full speed ahead, essentially unchecked.“We’ve got bigger fish to fry,” a long-time community activist told me on background in response to the Boom, Bryant controversy. “Everybody knows he (Bryant) loves the spotlight, that’s nothing new…but, we act like we got (activist community) ADHD, too much fu@*ery going on,” the source said.Agreed.To deny the many good works Jamal Bryant and his church have contributed to many of the most disenfranchised communities in the city would be unwise. But, I saw more than a few people via social media (where everybody seems to be a tough guy or a psychiatrist) attempt to dismiss Boom as, “mentally ill,” because of the ferocity of his verbal attack upon Bryant.Let’s be clear; if chronic stress, depression, PTSD, bipolar disease, schizophrenia and racism are mental illnesses (and they are!), then about 95 percent of Baltimore City is mentally ill.Ultimately, there is a tremendous amount of anger aimed at Baltimore’s political infrastructure, otherwise known more broadly as the establishment. And in the minds of many, even beyond the grass roots activists like Boom, Bryant is a card carrying member.I’ve said it before, but we dismiss the rage of those who have been systematically oppressed, ignored and set aside for generations at our own peril.Sean Yoes is a senior contributor for the AFRO and host and executive producer of First Edition, which airs Monday through Friday, 5-7 p.m. on WEAA 88.9.last_img

The arts eye view

first_imgAs June wraps up, here is something for the Delhi art lovers. Panorama-3, curated by Priyanka Banerjee, brings to you a group exhibition that identifies strong new talent and bringing great art to a wide audience. The platform provides artists from around the city to exhibit and showcase their work.Banerjee, an energetic art curator, recognises the efforts of emerging artists by promoting their creative talent. She identifies talented young artists and provides them a platform to showcase their creativity. To continue with the spirit of art-appreciation, she is all set to present her next exhibition that features more than thirty artists – the best and brightest in the city. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’With a renewed impetus to excellence, this exhibition aims at sustaining the artistic aspirations of the city by offering a holistic cultural experience. Banerjee believes that just the way a panorama represents an entire worldview of a place, this exhibition is a world view of the thoughts of its many diverse yet like-minded artists. These artworks emote through vivid strokes – some are muted and some vibrant; together they create a surreal experience for art aficionados. Interestingly, it is the theme of spirituality that sets this event apart from others. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixMridul Chakraborty, Uma Bardhan, Kashi Nath Bose, Ganesh Panda, Hamlet Shougrakpam, Nilay Sircar, Rajeev Semwal, Meghna Agarwal, Sahil Jain, Saru Sharma, Rohini Jain, Jaya Sharma, Harpal Singh, Lalit Mohan, Shalini Varshney, Amit Kumar, Abid Zaidi,  Sadaf Khan, Seema Kashyap, Shalini Goyal, Roshi Goyal, Aakanksha Bagga, Tarini Ahuja, Tatini Sengupta, Viniitii Vasundhara Aggarwal, Alpana Kataria, Jasmeet Khurana, Shipra Gupta, Darshan Sharma, Ekta Gandhi, Mahender Rai are some of the participants among others. Chakraborty has tried to depict speed in the lives of human beings. Jain’s paintings portray pigeons both symbolically and in abstract forms. Bardhan is fascinated by figurative paintings and observes his subjects for weeks, months and even years before bringing them alive on canvas. Meghna Agarwal uses a variety of mediums to express ideas like power and permanence through her works. Saru Sharma talks about the human desire to attain joy through her works and attempts to highlight the relation between our daily actions and attainment of pleasure through them.While each artist brings the best to the canvas, the real reason we want you to attend this exhibition is that it is one of its kind event that is funded by the artists entirely on their own. All this for the pure love of art.last_img read more