Gator Bowl ticket sales continue to disappoint

Ticket sales for the 2012 Gator Bowl have improved for Ohio State, but don’t expect the university to exhaust its supply or make much more progress between now and game day. OSU might not even exceed the number of tickets sold by Big Ten rival Michigan for the 2011 Gator Bowl.  Brett Scarbrough, OSU’s senior director of ticketing, confirmed to The Lantern Thursday that the university has sold 7,500 of the 12,750 tickets it was allotted for the Buckeyes’ Jan. 2 bowl game against the Florida Gators in Jacksonville, Fla. As of Dec. 14, 6,500 tickets had been sold. The university will absorb the cost of any of the 5,250 remaining tickets, should they remain unsold. Ticket prices range from $60-$125. Scarbrough said he’s optimistic that there will be a good atmosphere when the Buckeyes take the field at Everbank Field, home of the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars. He isn’t optimistic many more tickets will be sold, though. “Not really — based on what we’ve seen over the last couple of days, we’re not expecting any big jump (in ticket sales),” he said. “It’s a little disappointing.” Scarbrough said any number of factors could be to blame for the slow ticket sales. “It’s the first time we’re not in a Bowl Championship Series bowl (since the 2004 season),” he said. “The economy could be a part of it. The fact that classes (at OSU) start the next day.” Michigan played Mississippi State in the 2011 Gator Bowl before a sellout crowd of 77,497. The Wolverines lost to the Bulldogs, 54-14. David Ablauf, Michigan’s associate athletic director, said that while he did not have a precise figure for ticket sales for the 2011 bowl game, he believes Wolverines fans purchased more tickets than members of Buckeye Nation have to this point.  “We think the number was 8,000 tickets sold,” Ablauf said.  Scarbrough said OSU football would not lack support when the 2012 installment of the Gator Bowl finally arrives on Jan. 2. “We sold through a good, fair amount of tickets,” he said. “We’ll have a lot of Buckeyes there to support the team.” The Buckeyes and Gators will kickoff at 1 p.m. and the game will be broadcast on ESPN2. Tickets for the game can be purchased at read more

Bherigaon Govt Primary School A success story

first_imgPhoto : Prothom AloOne can say the students of Bherigaon Government Primary School are real-life heroes. Despite numerous problems, such as shortage of teachers, having no playground and being flooded during the monsoon, they have always achieved commendable grades in their exams.The school stands near the haor of Kauwadighi in Fatehpur union in Rajnagar upazila of Moulvibazar.The headmaster of the school has invented an innovative work list while the other teachers assisted him in implementing the plan. Instead of confining themselves in the conventional teaching method, they opted for a creative one.Bherigaon Government Primary School was established in 1973, as per the locals and the school authorities. There are only five teachers to take care of as many as 347 students.The students of Bherigaon, Chuababali, Baghmara, Mokam Bazar, Sadapur and Muniarpar villages come to this school, which stands on Kauwadighi haor. Most people here are dependent on agricultural products.The school authorities said, they were ranked the best school in Rajnagar upazila from 2006 to 2009 and in 2018.And the headmaster of the school, Rajab Ali, achieved the best headmaster title in the years 2010, 2016 and 2017.The PEC examination was launched in 2009 in the country.The success rate of the students of this school has been 100% since then. As many as 150 students obtained GPA-5 in the exams.In 2018, a total of 50 students sat for the PEC exams. The pass rate was 100 per cent while 30 students got GPA-5. Its students have been receiving scholarships regularly since 2003.Besides academic success, the School has been champion several times at the upazila level in the Bangabandhu Bangamata Gold Cup Primary School Football Tournament.“It is one of the best schools in the upazila. The headmaster works very hard for the school, as do the other teachers,” Gias Khan, a local of the village, told Prothom Alo.However, the school is laden with tonnes of problems. There are two buildings. One of them is semi-pucca with tin shed roof that was blown off during the Nor’westers on 15 April. Many important documents were left damp in rain.The other building is a two-storey one. Its ‘guide wall’ has collapsed and the doors and windows of the small classrooms are broken.The small classrooms with inadequate desks and chairs are too small to accommodate the students.The school premises gets flooded during monsoon.Upazila primary education officer Zafar Al Sadeq said, “The design of a new building for the school is underway. We are taking time to finalise the design as it will be a little different being one in the haor area.”last_img read more

El Paso Turns Out In Extreme Temperatures To Protest Trumps Visit

first_img Share Mallory Falk/KERATwo protesters hold signs criticizing President Donald Trump’s visit to El Paso on Aug. 7, 2019, to meet with first responders and survivors of the mass shooting that occurred on Aug. 3, 2019.President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump visited El Paso Wednesday afternoon to meet with first responders and survivors of Saturday’s mass shooting.Those who greeted the president include Gov. Greg Abbott, Sen. John Cornyn, Sen. Ted Cruz, El Paso Mayor Dee Margo and others.Residents, however, turned out in force to protest the visit.It was hot and humid at El Paso’s Washington Park, but hundreds of protesters were there holding signs that declared: “Not Welcome,” “Brown and Proud,” and “Fuera Trump,” which translates to “Trump Get Out.”Callie Weston brandished a large sign that read “Ban Assault Weapons Now.”The evening of the shooting, which killed 22 people, she said she visited asylum seekers at a local detention center.“And I said them, ‘You realize, you were safe. You were one of the few people in El Paso, because you were locked up in a detention center, you were safe,’” said Weston.Also in Washington Park was Karen Powers, who staffed a table registering people to vote. She said Trump was not welcome in her city.“It’s like inviting the murderer to the funeral to me,” she said. “I think it’s that gross.”Many of the demonstrators carried signs blaming Trump directly for inspiring the alleged shooter through his anti-immigrant rhetoric.Richie Huerta was one of the demonstrators and said he thinks assault weapons should not be available to civilians.“We’re not fighting a war here. Now it seems that’s what it looks like,” he said. “I know people need a handgun or whatever to have for their own protection and everything, but you don’t need those kind of rifles here in the United States. Leave that to the Army.”Less than a mile away, Trump was at the University Medical Center meeting with their staff and other first responders — as well as survivors of the shooting.There were smaller crowds of protesters near side streets of the hospital.Back at the Walmart where the shooting took place, El Pasoans continued to gather near a memorial outside the store. According to reports from the El Paso Police department, some protest groups began “clashing against each other.”Before coming to El Paso, Trump also visited Dayton, Ohio where a mass shooting took place early Sunday morning killing 10 people including the shooter.last_img read more

NYC to Honor Trailblazer Shirley Chisholm with Statue

first_imgBy The Associated PressPioneering lawmaker Shirley Chisholm will be honored with a statue in the New York City borough she served as the first black woman elected to the U.S. Congress.City officials announced Nov. 30 that a monument to Chisholm will be installed at the entrance to Brooklyn’s Prospect Park.In this 1971 file photo, Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm, D-N.Y., is shown. The pioneering lawmaker will be honored with a statue in the New York City borough she served as the first black woman elected to the U.S. Congress. New York City officials announced Friday, Nov. 30, 2018, that a monument to Chisholm will be installed at the entrance to Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. (AP Photo)The Brooklyn-born Chisholm served in Congress from 1969 to 1983. In 1972 she became the first woman to seek the Democratic presidential nomination. She died in 2005 at age 80.The statue’s artist will be announced in early 2019, and city officials say it will be installed by the end of 2020.The decision to honor Chisholm grew out of an initiative to erect more monuments to women in New York City’s public spaces. There are now just five statues of historical women.last_img read more

Team Prosecco dismantles security tokens

first_img Citation: Team Prosecco dismantles security tokens (2012, June 27) retrieved 18 August 2019 from RSA SecurID Expands Support for Mobile Platforms Explore further RSA SecurID SID800 Authenticator Token ( — As password systems alone prove inadequate to protect information on computers against hackers, security customers have taken the advice of vendors to step up to tokens, those online security credentials that add an extra layer of protection at login. The token is designed to generate a six-digit security code that is unique to the person’s credential. The rise of two-factor authentication has been accepted as the way to go for governments and corporations trying to bolster their information security. This week, though, leading token vendors are hearing news they can do without. center_img © 2012 Phys.Org An international team of computer scientists figured out how to extract the keys from RSA’s SecurID 800 model in as few as thirteen minutes. The token heists were performed by a group calling themselves Team Prosecco. If they could figure the way to break in so quickly, then that places troubling questions about the efficiency of cryptographic keys being used to log into sensitive corporate and government networks, the kinds of keys stored on “hardened” security devices used by governments and businesses. One argument often heard among security vendors defending their token systems is that attempts, though possible, would take so long and be so difficult that risks are minimal.The team reports that their token attack also works against older versions of the Estonian national ID card. In the case of the Estonians ID system, they were able to figure out how to forge a digital signature in about 48 hours.Their method consisted of both modifying and improving the “Bleichenbacher” attack on RSA PKCS#1v1.5 padding.Bleichenbacher’s padding oracle attack was published in 1998. The method they use is called the “padding oracle attack.” It involves slightly modifying encrypted text thousands of times. If the system views the extra padding as a valid encryption, the attacker learns something about the original text until eventually the whole thing becomes known. As the researchers report, “We show how to exploit the encrypted key import functions of a variety of different cryptographic devices to reveal the imported key. The attacks are padding oracle attacks, where error messages resulting from incorrectly padded plaintexts are used as aside channel.”When the oracle (server) responds, it leaks data that may allow attackers to decrypt messages without knowing the encryption key. The team has refined the method to the point where the number of calls is significantly reduced to reveal the key. The attack also works against other widely used security tokens than just that one particular model, SecurID 800, from RSA. All of the companies involved were notified before the paper was published, says the research team.RSA’s SecurID 800 model took the shortest time to open at thirteen minutes. A device model made by Siemens took 22 minutes. A device model made by Netherlands-based Gemalto took 92 minutes. The researchers will be describing their successful exploits in a paper presented at the CRYPTO 2012 (the 32nd International Cryptology Conference) in Santa Barbara, California, in August. The accepted paper is titled “Efficient Padding Oracle Attacks on Cryptographic Hardware.” The document is an Inria (the French National Computer Science Research Institute) study.Not all security watchers, however, are convinced that the study is useful. An RSA blog posting, written by Sam Curry, said “Don’t believe everything you read,” and that “Your SecurID Token is Not Cracked.” He went on to say that “This is not a useful attack. The researchers engaged in an academic exercise to point out a specific vulnerability in the protocol, but an attack requires access to the RSA SecurID 800 smartcard (for example, inserted into a compromised machine) and the user’s smartcard PIN. If the attacker has the smart card and PIN, there is no need to perform any attack, so this research adds little additional value as a security finding.” This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

Zitar inventor Niladri Kumar forays into EDM

first_imgHe’s widely heralded as the inventor of the ‘zitar’ — a combination of sitar and guitar — and stands among one of the leading exponents of Indian classical music. But now Niladri Kumar, who is ‘very intrigued’ with electronic dance music (EDM), is cutting out an EP based on the popular genre.Niladri, whose new single Head to the heart, which also features Bollywood singer and guitarist Rashid Ali, was unveiled earlier this month, says he is working on two different albums. And one of these would mark his foray into the uncharted musical territory of EDM.  Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’“There are a couple of albums under the pipeline. There are two different albums. One album is deeply rooted in the Indian classical tradition, but it will be on the zitar. It is basically all about the hardcore compositions which we have in Indian classical music, but it will be rendered in a way never done before,” Niladri said over phone from Mumbai. “The second album I am trying to do will be based on EDM. I am very intrigued with EDM and how young people connect to the EDM grooves and music. So I always wanted to do something on those lines. Maybe I’ll release an EP containing around five tracks this year,” he added.  Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixEven as Indian classical musicians have often worked with fusion overtones, a sitar player working on an EDM-based album is something quite unheard of. About this unconventional musical experiment, Niladri said: “The fusion space is a little blurred. A lot of things come into the fusion space and it is not clearly demarcated. The EDM space is somehow slightly more demarcated than fusion now. I want to work with that space and add to the melodic element in the EDM genre.”  Besides, he feels “you have to try and give the fans a new story, a new thought”.However, Niladri’s ‘ulterior motive’ behind doing this album is to “get to people who connect to the EDM space and are totally unaware of the huge melodic content that our Indian classical instruments hold and how well it can enhance the EDM space”.Niladri, who was first exposed to EDM in Britain, says although he is not very well-versed with Indian EDM producers, he thinks “there is good potential with what’s happening in here”.“When I heard the young kids going for it here, I thought it’s maybe a great idea to use that genre and try and portray your melody in there and give them a feel of the sitar, zitar and the whole Indian space, but not too much,” he added.As far as traditional Indian classical music is concerned, Niladri believes that “Indian classical music is something which has stood the test of centuries, amid the invasion of genres and sounds”.“There are more sitar, tabla and sarod players than any other time in history. That proportion had not increased in terms of the audience listening to it. It’s about the depth in it. There’s a big science involved it,” he said. “People should stop asking about the future of Indian classical music. The question should be asked, what is the future of EDM and fusion music,” added the musician, who will launch his new brand ‘STAY UP Rooted’, and will perform for a cause at a concert in Mumbai on October 30.last_img read more

December 11 1999 In an Arcology the buildings re

first_imgDecember 11, 1999In an Arcology, the buildings respond to the changes of the seasons, usually byemploying the devices of what Paolo Soleri calls, “garment architecture.” Onesuch space employing this device is the three-story atrium in the CraftsIII building. It is passively heated by the sun through the course of theday and the warm air from the lower floors rises and gathers in the pyramid-shapedglass cap of the structure. During the winter months, in order to redistributethis warm air, a 40-foot, cloth is slipped over a circular frame which houses a fan, and hung in the center ofthe atrium. The fan pulls the warmed air gathered in the glass roof-cap at thetop of the cylinder and pushes it down through the cloth tube where it pours outonto the first floor, rewarming the space. Photo and text by Benjamin Ericson.last_img read more

Rep Kahle invites residents to indistrict office hours

first_img State Rep. Bronna Kahle invites Lenawee County residents to join her for office hours on Friday, Aug. 10 from 10 to 11:30 a.m. at the Lenawee District Library, 4459 W. U.S. 223 in Adrian.“I am grateful for the opportunity to connect with people in our community and hear what matters most to them,” Rep. Kahle said. “I look forward to meeting new friends, talking to our neighbors, and helping address the concerns of the people of Lenawee County.”No appointments are necessary to attend office hours. Those unable to attend may contact Rep. Kahle’s office at (517) 373-1706 or Categories: Kahle News,News 31Jul Rep. Kahle invites residents to in-district office hourslast_img read more

Rep Schroeder holds vaping roundtable discussion with local officials and parents

first_img State Rep. Andrea Schroeder of Independence Township hosted a roundtable discussion on Thursday to discuss how best to educate people about a new Waterford Township ordinance regarding vaping.“We invited all the community stakeholders to create a common message about the new township ordinance and the dangers of vaping for kids,” Rep. Schroeder said. “It’s important to get the message out to businesses, parents, and our children. Everyone has a role and embraces this collaborative effort, which will include additional community members as plans evolve. ”During the in-depth conversation, Rep. Schroeder met with Waterford Township Supervisor Gary Wall, local vape shop owner Jamie Webb, Waterford Board of Education Member Joan Sutherland, parent advocate Lisa Kane, Waterford Township Police Chief Scott Underwood and Waterford Township Trustee Karen Joliat.“Vaping” is when a battery-operated heating device (such as an electronic cigarette) vaporizes liquid inside a cartridge to deliver nicotine and flavoring to the operator without burning tobacco.Waterford Township joins a growing list of local governments enacting measures to regulate vaping among young adults. State legislators are also researching the issue and working with local leaders as the Legislature considers any potential state action.Those with questions on the regulation of vaping may contact Rep. Schroeder at (517) 373-0615 or via email at Rep. Andrea Schroeder of Independence Township hosted a roundtable discussion on Thursday to discuss how best to educate people about a new Waterford Township ordinance regarding vaping.FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Gary Wall, Jamie Webb, Joan Sutherland, Lisa Kane, Scott Underwood, and Karen Joliat. Categories: Schroeder News,Schroeder Photos 15Apr Rep. Schroeder holds vaping roundtable discussion with local officials and parentslast_img read more