Ban Kimoon urges credible dialogue to resolve crisis in Central African Republic

“I hope that the year 2008 will usher in a new era of an all-inclusive political dialogue in the interest of all the people of the Central African Republic,” Mr. Ban wrote in his latest report on the activities of the UN Peacebuilding Support Office in the country, known as BONUCA.Characterizing the overall political, security and socio-economic situation in the country as “fragile,” the Secretary-General pointed out that existing challenges are compounded by persistent mistrust among political actors, widespread poverty, continuing insecurity, serious human rights violations and a culture of impunity.Particularly worrying is the human rights situation in the north-western part of the country, around the border with Chad, where skirmishes between Government troops, rebels and bandits have led to “a serious humanitarian crisis,” Mr. Ban stated. In addition, there is a deepening perception that the CAR faces “a serious culture of impunity,” particularly for alleged abuses committed by the national security forces.The crisis brought about by rebel activities in the north-western and north-eastern regions of the country forced an estimated 200,000 people to become internally displaced and thousands of others to flee to Chad or Cameroon as refugees.Mr. Ban reported that the humanitarian situation has stabilized following the signing of a peace agreement between the Government and the Union of Democratic Forces (UFDR) rebel group in April, and displaced persons are returning to their villages. This has brought the number of internally displaced persons to some 45,000, down from 65,000, while another 45,000 remain in refugee camps in neighbouring Cameroon. “The expected deployment of the European Force in this region will contribute to the consolidation of stability,” Mr. Ban stated, referring to the UN-mandated, multidimensional presence, which will include European Union military forces, established by the Security Council in September to protect civilians and facilitate humanitarian aid to those in north-eastern CAR and eastern Chad.He welcomed the efforts underway for the deployment of the European force, as well as the decision by the African Union and the European Union to extend and strengthen the mandate of the regional peacekeeping effort known as FOMUC. Calling for a credible dialogue among all actors to overcome the differences between them, Mr. Ban stressed that the encouraging prospects from the Donors’ Round Table held in Brussels in October, which mobilized financial resources for the country’s development programmes, can only be sustained in a stable political environment. He added that while the UN will continue to support the country in its efforts to achieve lasting peace and mobilize international assistance, the primary responsibility for improving conditions in the CAR rests with its Government and people. 5 December 2007Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has appealed to actors in the Central African Republic (CAR) to engage in national dialogue to end the cycle of political instability and violence that continues to plague the country, pledging the sustained support of the United Nations in this process. read more

Annan lauds tsunami envoy Bill Clinton says the UN will continue his

Marking the final meeting of the international consortium set up to deal with the ravages of the deadly 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan today praised former United States President Bill Clinton for making a “profound difference” to millions of survivors of the disaster.Former President Clinton is expected to step down as Mr. Annan’s Special Envoy for Tsunami Recovery by the end of the year, but today he chaired the fifth meeting of the Global Consortium at the UN Children Fund’s (UNICEF) House in New York. “Mr. President, I know I speak for all in thanking you for your dedication and commitment to the recovery and rehabilitation effort. You have made a profound difference to the well-being of millions of tsunami survivors,” Mr. Annan said in a statement read out by UNICEF Executive Director Anne Veneman.The Global Consortium for Tsunami Recovery includes representatives from the UN, global financial organizations, and a wide range of other agencies and governments, including Thailand, Indonesia, the Maldives, Sri Lanka and India – the countries worst affected by the 26 December 2004 disaster.“You have sought to downplay your achievements… But let me trumpet my Envoy’s contributions: you have led, inspired, goaded, cajoled, and – when necessary – pushed all of us to do what we had to, and so much more,” Mr. Annan added. Today’s meeting reviewed progress made in recovery and rehabilitation efforts over the past two years, including replacing livelihoods and building local government capacity, and also looked for renewed commitments, as well as identifying key lessons learned and strategies aimed at reducing the risk from disasters.The devastating tsunami killed more than 230,000 people and affected more than 12 countries in Asia and, despite much progress in reconstruction, Mr. Clinton warned at the fourth meeting of the Global Consortium in April that major challenges remain.“There is substantial progress to report in areas like home and school construction and a welcome rebound in tourist arrivals but we still face formidable challenges, from addressing the housing needs of displaced persons, to increasing timber supplies without endangering forests, to addressing the remaining $100 million funding gap in the Maldives,” he said. read more

Ohio State alumna working toward Olympic dreams after lone year of club

OSU alumna Katiann Scherer.Credit: Courtesy of Katiann SchererA single year of a club sport is paying dividends for one former Buckeye.Katiann Scherer, a 2014 graduate of Ohio State, is the current goalie for the USA women’s team handball squad. The animal science major played just one year on the club team handball team at OSU, while also volunteering and working at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium and OSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine.Her path is an unconventional one, but, perhaps, it is a fitting way to arrive on the national team for a sport that receives very little attention in the U.S.Considered to be “soccer with your hands,” team handball features six court players, along with a goalie. Team handball was first played in the Olympics at the 1936 Berlin Games, but it was not until the 1976 Montreal Games that women’s team handball debuted. The U.S. has never medaled at the Olympics in the sport. Both the men’s and women’s top finishes came at the 1984 Los Angeles Games, where the men placed ninth and women placed fifth.According to Scherer, handball is the “most American sport that Americans don’t know about.”Scherer’s journey to the sport began at OSU’s annual Fall Student Involvement Fair, where she and her sister were looking for a club team sport to play together. Since the sisters each played soccer in high school and enjoyed the physical aspect of the sport, the search landed the pair with the OSU Team Handball club.“I had played (handball) a couple times in middle school,” Scherer said. “But besides that, I really had zero experience or knew what I was doing before joining the club team.”With that being said, Scherer began attending practices for about six months, although she admitted she didn’t know just how much she would enjoy the sport. But as time progressed, the team’s then-coach, Mark Ortega, began to notice the potential in the goalie. “I took a shot to the face during the practice, and (Ortega) noticed that I got right back up and liked my hustle,” Scherer said.Ortega, a former men’s national team handball player, became coach of the club team at OSU in order to “recruit” players to possibly try out for the women’s national team.Ortega told Scherer that she had the skills and abilities to make the squad and recommended that she travel to Auburn, Alabama, for the tryout. Following the advice of her coach, Scherer made the trip south to the facility of the USA Team Handball Residency Program, the location of the tryout.The former Buckeye, filled with nerves and with less than a year of handball under her belt, performed sensationally. USA coach Christian Latulippe became aware of Scherer’s ability, and granted her a spot on the squad.“It’s an amazing feeling to be able to represent the United States,” Scherer said. “The opportunity I get to travel, and meet all of these other girls from different countries, is out of this world.”Members of USA team handball. Credit: Courtesy of Katiann SchererAfter making her way onto the national team roster, it was time to train and attempt to qualify for the 2016 Summer Olympics held in Rio de Janeiro. “I was in Auburn for the past year, and we went to a few different countries to train, and also qualify through the (Pan-American) Games in Toronto this past summer,” Scherer said. Those training sessions and matches included trips to Guadeloupe, Puerto Rico and Cuba, as well as a meeting with the Canadian national team in Auburn. However, the women’s team did not qualify for this year’s Olympics, and will now attempt to work and win its way to a bid to the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.Over this past fall, Scherer made her way to France to try out for professional handball teams in order to stay fit and train during the national team’s offseason. “It’s like baseball here in America,” Scherer said. “They have minor league teams for amateurs, and the goal is to work your way up to the professional level.” Scherer made a team in a small town of Hazebrouck, France. However, complicated visa requirements, combined with her little grasp of the French language, led her to opt to pass on the offer to play there. She is still remaining active in finding another professional team to join, she said. “I’m trying to go to a training camp in Hungary at the end of the summer and hope to make some connections there for other possible teams to play with,” Scherer said.Currently, Scherer is living at home in Canton, where she is working to use her animal science degree by applying for jobs in the field. The Buckeye trains in her spare time, both in Canton and at OSU, in order to stay fit for the upcoming handball season.Beyond that, Scherer is working hard to find ways to implement team handball in high schools on the state and national levels. This is an attempt to have others gain knowledge of and passion for the sport, just like Scherer developed. “After that one year down in Alabama, I realized how much I loved (the sport),” Scherer said. “Now I’ve shaped the rest of my life around handball and what (Team USA) is trying to do.” read more

Prince Charles warns of return to the dark days of the 1930s

first_img“That nearly 70 years later we should still be seeing such evil persecution is to me beyond all belief. We owe it to those who suffered and died so horribly not to repeat the horrors of the past.”The Prince is said to have been deeply affected by a report released last month by the Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need, which warned that Islamic extremists were involved in “systematic attempts to annihilate” Christians and other groups.He told listeners: “The scale of religious persecution around the world is not widely appreciated nor is it limited to Christians in the troubled regions of the Middle East.”In an appeal to both Muslims and Christians, the Prince spoke of how Jesus and the Prophet Mohammed had both been forced to leave their homes because of religious persecution. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. The rise of populist groups has “deeply disturbing echoes of the dark days of the 1930s”, the Prince of Wales said, as he warned of growing religious persecution across the world.Appearing on Radio 4’s Thought for the Day slot, the Prince spoke of “increasingly aggressive” attitudes towards refugees fleeing Islamic State, and asked listeners to remember that Jesus had once been forced to escape religious persecution.Aides to the Prince were quick to stress that the strongly-worded address, which he is understood to have written himself, was not aimed at any particular politician or group. He said: “Normally at Christmas we think of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. I wonder though if this year we might remember how the story of the Nativity unfolds, with the fleeing of the Holy Family to escape violent persecution.“And we might also remember that when the Prophet Mohammed migrated from Mecca to Medina he did so because he too was seeking the freedom for himself and his followers to worship.”Whichever religious path we follow the destination is the same: to value and respect the other person; accepting their right to live out their peaceful response to the love of God.”The Prince has now delivered Thought for the Day on three occasions, having last filled the Radio 4 slot in January 2000, to mark the start of the new millennium.He also delivered the daily address in May 1995,to mark the 50th anniversary of VE Day. But his intervention comes after Donald Trump, the newly-elected US president, called for a ban on immigration from Muslim countries, while police have recorded a spike in race and religious hate crimes after the Brexit vote.In unusually stark language, the Prince warned that people were “struggling to capture the immensity of the ripple effect” of religious persecution by Islamic extremists in war-torn Syria and Iraq, which has led to millions fleeing their homes.He said: “The suffering doesn’t end when they arrive seeking refuge in a foreign land. We are now seeing the rise of many populist groups across the world that are increasingly aggressive towards those who adhere to a minority faith.“All of this has deeply disturbing echoes of the dark days of the 1930s. I was born in 1948 just after the end of world war two in which my parents’ generation had fought and died in a battle against intolerance monstrous extremism and an inhuman attempt to exterminate the Jewish population of Europe.last_img read more

Tenova acquires Bateman Engineering and expands further in mining

first_imgHaving obtained approval from all the required Antitrust Authorities, Tenova has closed the acquisition of Bateman Engineering (which includes Delkor), a leading equipment supplier and engineering house for mining. As a further step, Tenova says it is also expanding “through the integration of the Bateman business related to solvent extraction, electrowinning and chemical technologies.”Tenova Mining and Minerals product portfolio now includes also hydrometallurgical equipment and solutions for minerals, fertilisers and phosphates. SX, EW and chemical technologies “processes span from the preliminary stages of defining the customer’s needs and conducting research and feasibility studies to plant modification, expansion and new facility construction.”Tenova Mining & Minerals division also includes Tenova Takraf and Tenova Pyromet. It now becomes a group generating annual revenues in excess of $1.1 billion, employing 2,400 personnel and operating in 19 countries across five continents. Tenova is a global supplier of advanced technologies, products, and engineering services for the iron & steel and mining industries providing innovative, integrated solutions for complete process areas.last_img read more

SkyFire browser brings Flash video to the iPhone iPad

first_imgMobile web browser Skyfire is now available through the iTunes app store for Apple’s iOS devices. The addition of another browser to the App Store wouldn’t be very big news but this release is different–Skyfire comes along with support for Flash video. The app is available now and sells for $2.99.Skyfire doesn’t come with complete Flash support though, the browser works with Flash video but not games or other uses of Flash. This is possible because the app is able to transcode Flash video HTML5, which Apple’s iOS device are capable of playing back.From the app’s iTunes listing:FEATURES: • Play millions of Flash videos – everyday, with no limits!• All-new ‘Skybar’ toolbar gives one-click access to video and related content• Be social: Share via Facebook and Twitter.• Stay in touch: Unique Facebook ‘Quickview’ allows you to see your wall and feeds with one click.• Standard browser elements: Tabs, search, sharing, bookmarks, history, etc.• Video search, with safe search option helps you quickly find videos about your favorite topic• ‘Desktop’ option loads pages as on a desktop browser, giving a greater selection of video (vs. mobile sites)• Private Browsing option: Browse with no history and cookies left behind• Click the ‘Explore’ button for related videos, news trends, photos and tweets! NOTES: • Flash VIDEO content is supported, but Flash Games and Apps are NOT supported (aren’t there enough games on iPhone already?)• Hulu NOT supported (they don’t allow it), but scores of other premium sites available• List of supported sites grows daily (request new sites via Settings >> Feedback menu)• It may take 15-25 seconds for videos to load: Preparing goodness takes time… So for $3 users get access to Flash video but not other Flash content. There is also a brief wait as the video is converted into a usable format. You’ll get access to Flash video, but not to you can’t live without Flash video on your iPhone, then download Skyfire web browser from iTunes.See it in action here:vialast_img read more

The hardest part is telling them theres no bed for the night

first_img Short URL TWO YEARS AGO, published an extensive study of homelessness in Ireland. Since then the issue has gained traction and is of huge national concern.This week, we are examining homelessness beyond the capital. What is the situation around the whole of Ireland? And what is being done to improve it?JOHN STANDS IN the centre of the Penny Dinners soup kitchen in Cork city on a rainy midweek morning and keeps an eye on what’s going on.People come in off the wet street outside to have a hot meal. They greet each other and walk about the room with ease.They collect their food from a hatch and sit at one of a row of tables with brightly coloured tablecloths to tuck into their feed. No payment is necessary.It’s 11am. The Penny Dinners – which operates like a small, self-service restaurant – is at its busiest at this hour and the room is full of the din of conversation and there is the air of a relaxed chaos.John helps out with the volunteers milling about the place. He collects dirty plates, makes sure napkins and cutlery are all stocked and any other odd jobs that need doing.One man asks can he use the toilet and John lets him through.“But I don’t want you getting up to any funny business in there, alright?” he says as the man disappears into the back.“A lot of these lads would be shooting up and using drugs everyday,” says John.Me – I wouldn’t touch the stuff. I like the aul’ drink, that’s it.John is homeless. Originally from Dublin, he’s been living in Cork for the past 10 years. He’s slept rough and in squats and watched his partner die before his eyes in this city. Tables at the Cork Penny Dinners (complete with Halloween decorations). Source: Cormac Fitzgerald/TheJournal.ieThese days John is an alcoholic and living at the homeless hostel on Anderson’s Quay run by the Cork Simon Community. John has a long-term bed there, but he said the hostel is overcrowded.“You just get on with it,” he says.I volunteer here every day and do my bit to help out and that’s it.Feeding the vulnerable since Famine timesThe Penny Dinners soup kitchen is situated on Little Hanover Street on the island in the centre of Cork city.It has been providing hot meals for people in need since the 1840s – Famine times – but the need for its services continues.Above the rows of tables, hung on the wall between Halloween decorations and posters there’s a black and white picture of men in hats and suits sitting at tables eating. A table set up at the Cork Penny Dinners. Source: Cormac Fitzgerald/“That’s this exact room in the 1930s – the same place,” says Catriona Twomey, the head volunteer at the Penny Dinners. The registered charity is staffed entirely by volunteers.The Penny Dinners is where people come in the mornings for some food, a cup of tea, some extra clothes if they need them or even just for a chat.Many are homeless, although a significant number are not.Catriona is the beating heart of the Penny Dinners. She directs the movements of the 12 or so volunteers; interacts with the service users and listens to their requests.She signs forms, accepts donations, answers calls, sorts through food stocks and keeps the place moving – all, it seems, simultaneously.This morning she is run off her feet with various requests. One man needs a new pair of shoes; another one needs a kettle for his flat. There are transition-year students who need their volunteer work forms signed and there are donations to be accepted.A young man – barely 18 years of age – stumbles passed on his way through the room. Catriona looks at him.“I saw you downing that drink outside and you know you shouldn’t be – I worry about you, you know that?” she says.The young man mumbles an apology and stumbles off.“He used to be such a lovely lad,” Catriona says after he’s gone.“He used to volunteer here a few years ago and we loved him. Look at him now,” she says, and shakes her head. Source: Cormac Fitzgerald/TheJournal.ieHomelessnessDublin is the focal point of homelessness services and contains by far the highest number of homeless people in the country.For this reason much of the resources (and media attention) gets focused there. However, homelessness is an ever-present and growing issue in various other urban centres and towns across the country.Cork city is no exception. Homeless services are divided into nine regions around the country.Cork city falls into the South West region (along with Cork county and Kerry).Latest figures from the Housing Department show that in a week in October of this year there were 240 homeless adults living in emergency accommodation in Cork.This figure has gone up and down over the past two years. However, anecdotal evidence from volunteers and workers on the ground imply that the problem is always getting worse.Catriona has been volunteering full-time with the Penny Dinners for the past 11 years. She says she’s never seen the problem so bad.“All the services are strapped,” she says. “Everywhere is strapped.”People are trying their hardest but there’s just not enough of everything. By Cormac Fitzgerald Nov 29th 2016, 9:15 PM “The hardest part is telling them there’s no bed for the night” – A day in the life of the homeless of Cork We follow two services in Cork city providing food, warmth and shelter to the homeless 365 days in the year. Volunteers at the Cork Penny Dinners. Source: Cormac Fitzgerald/TheJournal.ieInto the afternoon Penny Dinners stops serving at about 1pm most days and winds up. The people eat their food and leave – many with bags and parcels full of bread or cheese or other essentials to help them survive the rest of the day.The volunteers clear the last remaining plates, wipe the place clean and prepare the food for the next day.The people spread out into Cork city: some will go to squats, others to their emergency accommodation, others again to the streets, or many to their homes.The rain continues to fall as they head out into the grey afternoon.“We’re here for the morning time to look after them,” say Catriona, as the last of the stragglers leave.“In the afternoon, it’s the pitiful part because they don’t know where to go or what to do.Then in the evening they can go to Simon for a meal as well.The evening soup runThe rain falls all throughout the day on Cork city and into the late evening. A laneway in Cork city Source: Cormac Fitzgerald/TheJournal.ieIt eases up as darkness falls, and by 6.45pm the downpour is just a misty drizzle between the glow of the streetlights.About this time people start to line up outside a door on Anderson’s Street, waiting to get inside.The Cork Simon soup run is located at the back of the emergency shelter where John Rooney lives, but is only available for rough sleepers or people not staying at the hostel – people who may have no other contact with services other than this nightly meal.Volunteers prepare food and give out food in a fitted out kitchen next to a number of seats and tables. Volunteers preparing food at the Simon Soup Run. Source: Cormac Fitzgerald/TheJournal.ieThe atmosphere is less hectic than at the Penny Dinners of morning and lunchtime. By night people are cold and hungry, and eager just to sit down and tuck into some food.The full-time workers here know most people who come in by name, and as people enter from the streets and get their hot meal, trained workers move among the crowd, checking up and interacting with people.“Most people who come in so far we would know,” says Eoghan O’Callaghan, the night services manager with Cork Simon. The table and chairs at the Cork Simon Soup Run. Source: Cormac Fitzgerald/TheJournal.ieEoghan says that the soup run provides food and warmth for a while for people in need, but it also functions as a point of contact for people who may not interact with others at any other point in their day.“A lot of people come here and they like to sit in the same spot and see the same face and have a chat,” he says.It’s a lonely existence so people like to come off the streets – it’s just a place to come to catch up and see a friendly face.Eoghan says that the hardest part of his job is telling people that there’s no space for them at the Simon hostel when they ask for a bed for the night.Sophie Johnston, the communication coordinator with the Cork Simon, explains that the occupancy rate for the emergency shelter is currently at 114%.The accommodation was originally designed to house 44 people, but Cork Simon now take in 50 every night in response to increased demand.“It’s very tough for the people working to have to turn people away,” says Sophie.But obviously it’s a lot tougher for those who find themselves having to sleep rough on the streets.Cork Simon does a rough sleeper count every week, with the service team coming across an average of about 17 people sleeping rough per night in August.This is up from 11 the same time last year.An official count earlier this year on Census Night found eight people sleeping rough in Cork city.“There are sufficient beds available for anyone who finds themselves without accommodation on any given night of the year in the city,” a spokesperson for Cork City Council told Eoghan has been working with the service for two years, and in his experience he says things are getting worse.“I’ve been here two years and I’ve seen it getting worse,” he says.“A much younger crowd are coming in now with lots of different issues. Right now people are getting a bit more desperate, it’s starting to get cold and people are looking for shelter.”At about 8pm, most people have eaten and food stops being served. The volunteers take up the dirty plates and start to close down the kitchen for another night.People begin to leave the warmth of the Simon centre. They thank the volunteers, grab their belongings, and venture back out into the cold November night.Our #Homeless Ireland 2016 series continues all of this week on ‘The most loving girl’: Tributes paid at funeral of homeless woman in LimerickRead: Housing crisis: Number of homeless families in Dublin exceeds 1,000 mark Share292 Tweet Email Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article 28 Comments Image: Cormac Fitzgerald/ Catriona Twomey head volunteer at the Cork Penny Dinners. Catriona Twomey head volunteer at the Cork Penny Dinners. Image: Cormac Fitzgerald/ 17,464 Views Tuesday 29 Nov 2016, 9:15 PMlast_img read more

Fire causes 10K in damage to Vancouver Safeway store

first_imgA bathroom fire caused about $10,000 in damage to a Vancouver Safeway store Monday night, officials said.The fire was reported at 10:41 p.m. at the store near the corner of Andresen Road and East Mill Plain Boulevard, said Capt. Scott Willis, a Vancouver fire spokesman. Firefighters arrived a few minutes later.Safeway employees directed firefighters to the men’s room, where they found a working fire, Willis said.Firefighters quickly knocked out the fire, which was believed to have started in a trash can, Willis said.Investigators determined it was arson, Willis said.Vancouver police spokeswoman Kim Kapp said Joshua S. Schreiber was arrested and booked into the Clark County Jail on suspicion of one count of first-degree arson. He was in jail Tuesday evening, with bail not allowed.Schreiber’s age and residence were not available.last_img read more

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Partners with Gilt to Benefit The Nature Conservancy

first_img“We have 26 million female readers, with a 70/30 [male/female] percent readership. Like SI, Gilt has a vast audience of both men and women,” says Day.“We thought it would be a perfect alignment between our two brands. Women read our magazine for the fashion, accessories and vacation ideas. Men read it for the more obvious reasons.” Gilt, which currently has over 4 million members, recently partnered with Women’s Health for an ecommerce promotion. Gilt’s other magazine partners include Self, Vogue and GQ. The sale has both philanthropic and marketing advantages: Sports Illustrated will not make immediate money from purchased goods, but its Swimsuit issue will gain exposure through in-sale messaging on the Gilt site. The sale, which will be advertised in-book in a special section, kicks off on February 14; the same day the Swimsuit edition hits newsstands. Quiksilver will provide a set of two surfboards for sale, and SI staff collated a list of over 100 designers whose bathing suits are seen in the Swimsuit issue. MJ Day, senior editor with Sports Illustrated, says 10 designers were then asked to donate their products to the sale. 10 prints from the Swimsuit shoot will be available for purchase as well, in addition to tickets for SI Swimsuit launch parties in New York City and Las Vegas. Bidding for New York tickets will begin at $1,000.center_img The debut of the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue will coincide with a Gilt sale, touting SI-curated bathing suits, surfboards, photographs and event tickets to consumers. In a twist on the new rev stream model many publishers aim for in the ecommerce game, all sale proceeds will be donated to The Nature Conservancy to preserve the beaches SI features in its pages.last_img read more

National Geographic Takes Digital Team of the Year at the Folio Digital

first_imgHall of Famers took to the stage to share words of wisdom aimed to inspire those who are following in similar footsteps.“As people say, you learn more if you can fail with grace,” said Tibbits, who talked about the closing of LittleThings earlier this year. While LittleThings shuttering its doors might not have been in her plans, Tibbits says that she’s enjoyed all of the successes that the brand has given her and looks forward to what’s to come.Holland gave sage advice of not being afraid of hiring people who are smarter than you, getting a great response from the crowd. Vogel said that everyone in the room was “fighting the good fight” while working to make the transition to digital a successful venture. And Muller offered, “If I gave you one piece of advice, put your phone down and ask yourself, do I like what I do? Because that’s what its all about.”During a brief intermission from the award presentations, journalist, author and entrepreneur Steven Brill, presented a talk about his latest venture, NewsGuard Technologies. Aimed at tackling the fake news problem by administrating a color-coded rating system, NewsGaurd will allow audiences to recognize legitimate news when they see it and give advertisers peace of mind when approaching new investments.“The government can’t do anything about it, and we can’t rely on social media and search platforms to do anything about it,” Brill said, discussing the determination behind his new product to finally take real strides in fixing the problem of fake news.After opening the floor full of media professionals up to questions, an audience member asked how the proprietors and supporters of fake news will impact NewsGaurd’s mission and Brill simply responded, “We’re going to have a lot of opposition, but so what?”Marketer of the Year, Jay Webster, not only won his award, but won over the audience with humor, gathering laughs while referencing Kanye West’s interruption of Taylor Swift at the 2009 VMA awards. “This is all of our award,” he said, stating the common trope that awards couldn’t be achieved without the help of many. “But I’m taking it home, so it’s mine.”Moms were also celebrated at this year’s Digital Awards. Digital Content Innovators Award winner, Tabitha Sukhai, shouted out her mom in the audience, thanking her for supporting her from the start of her career, all the way back to bringing her to her first internship interview with Teen People.You can see a full list of the Folio: Digital Awards winners and finalists here. NEW YORK—Digital media leaders from National Geographic Partners, Adweek and Trusted Media Brands, among many others, gathered in the ballroom of the Yale Club in Manhattan to celebrate Folio:’s 2018 Digital Awards. During the luncheon, hosted by actor and comedian Shawn Wickens, honorees and award winners were recognized for their outstanding achievements in digital media from the past year.Throughout the ceremony, five executives were inducted into the Folio: Digital Hall of Fame, which recognizes outstanding career contributions to digital media. Inductees included Stephanie Holland assistant director of global advertising and sales of the American Chemical Society, Roberta Muller, SVP product development at Northstar Travel Group, Michael Smith, SVP revenue platforms and operations at Hearst Magazines Digital Media, Gretchen Tibbits, former president and COO of LittleThings, and Neil Vogel, CEO of Dotdash.“I don’t know how much time I have,” said Troy Young, global president of Hearst Digital Media, while introducing Mike Smith for his Hall of Fame induction. “I could spend an hour up here. He’s the most complex, nuanced, contradictory and incredible person I’ve ever met.”last_img read more

Kotzebue prepares for a presidential visit

first_imgAs president Barack Obama plans to shift his focus to western Alaska by midweek, residents of Kotzebue — the northwest Arctic hub of about 4,000 people — are making final preparations for the president’s historic visit above the Arctic Circle.Everyone from fishermen to local leaders are getting ready for the president’s visit — and have their own hopes for what he takes away.Download AudioMarine One waits in a hangar in Kotzebue. Photo: Matthew Smith/KNOM.On Monday, all of Kotzebue was put the finishing touches on cleanup efforts and last-minute planning for President Obama’s visit. More than ten derelict houses had been knocked down as part of a community-wide cleanup that saw rusty cars, broken-down snowmachines, and more hauled away. But on Monday afternoon, Nelson Griest Junior was untangling his salmon net.“From the last storm, it was pretty high — the water came up and washed my net out, and that’s where I’m at,” he said.Nelson said he had a good summer netting chum salmon in Kotzebue’s small commercial fishery. He was working out of Kotzebue’s North Tent City — a city-built campground along a sliver of beach, offering fish racks and campsites for rent from May through September. It’s how Nelson’s spent his springs and summers since he can remember.“It’s where I was born,” he said. “Lived down here over 15 years. My parents used to come here ever since the 70’s. Every summer, they pretty much came down here. Springtime, they’d go out hunting ugurk and seal.”This summer, his camp in the tent city fell into the water — and it wasn’t the first time.“It’s eroding,” he said. “It got my fish rack down here — dropped it down, fell one time. We put it back up. It’s really eroding down the coast, and every time the sand or rocks go down, there’s always ice in the bottom, on the tundra. So there is lots that’s melting, and I’m happy the president is coming. I’m excited.”Nelson isn’t the only one talking about climate change in the lead up to Obama’s visit.“It’s such an honor for him to come to our village — to see first-hand our concerns as a native community here,” said Nicole Stoops, the executive director of the Kotzebue IRA. She said the concerns go beyond impacts to seal hunting and salmon fishing — it’s a connection to the land that goes back generations.“It’s not such a simple thing to move a community as there are a lot of cultural ties to where they are now,” she said. “Just to understand the cultural ties the people have to the land, as well as finding something that would be logical and reasonable for the community members to feel comfortable on a move to relocate somewhere.”Some of Kotzebue’s erosion issues — mainly along Shore Avenue, also known as Front Street — have been dealt with, at least for now, according to city manager Derek Martin. After 50 years of half-measures, Martin said it was a tremendous effort to finally get it right.The community of Kotzebue photographed in July 2012. Photo: ShoreZone via Flickr Creative Commons.“The permanent fix to this erosion problem along Shore Avenue [was] to install a series of sheet-pile bulkheads along 75 percent of Shore Avenue there,” he said. “That provided the necessary infrastructure to prevent further erosion and to protect the roadway. But this was a fix that worked for this community as part of our erosion problem, as part of our climate change problem here in Kotzebue.”It’s a solution Martin said he hopes to showcase during the president’s visit — one that demonstrates the resilience of rural communities. It’s the kind of resilience Kotzebue Mayor Maija Lukin had to call on when her appendix burst this weekend.What started off with nausea on Saturday turned into an emergency medevac to Anchorage and the quick removal of a dangerously inflamed appendix. Mayor Lukin was out of the hospital by Sunday, but she was only able to book a flight back home Monday night. It’s just one of the challenges about living in rural Alaska she puts up with to continue with her family’s traditions.“I know the time that he’s here is very short, and we’re showing him the best of everything we have. But it’s a very hard life that people don’t quite understand,” she said. “We choose to live in Kotzebue because it’s a beautiful place — it’s above the Arctic Circle. It’s a place where you can raise your children to hunt, fish, live off the land, and do what we were taught from our parents and grandparents.”But while many prepare to press the president on climate change, many in Kotzebue just as quickly bring up the elephant in the room — or, in this case, the oil rig in the sea. Shell Oil is pursuing exploratory drilling in the Chukchi Sea this summer and staging ships, tugs, crews, and more in Kotzebue.Some residents say they’re opposed to the drilling outright. Others say they’re more open to the idea. But on the eve of Obama’s visit focused on climate change, many in Kotzebue are quick to point out the incongruity: The president they’re eager to welcome and talk openly with about their needs when it comes to climate change … is the same president who authorized Shell’s Arctic drilling.For Nelson — still tending his fishnets — it’s straightforward.“It’s not a good place to drill, I guess,” he said. “Because in fall time, when the ice is coming and the waves are getting bigger — I’m not sure about the cleanup. I think it’s going to be pretty hard in the Arctic.”Oil and erosion, subsistence and climate change solutions — all topics on the minds of Kotzebue residents on the eve of the president’s visit to the Alaska Arctic.last_img read more

Fire breaks out at Sreesanths house in Kochi

first_imgKochi: A major fire broke out at former India pacer S. Sreesanth’s residence in the Edapally arae here early on Saturday, fire officials said, adding that no one was injured in the incident. While Sreesanth was away shooting for a film in Mumbai, his wife, children and domestic helps were inside the house when the fire broke out at around 2 a.m. Also Read – India vs West Indies 2019: Team India’s Predicted Playing XI for the 2nd Test Advertise With Us An alert neighbour, seeing the fire and the smoke, immediately called fire officials who doused the fire and evacuated those present inside the house by breaking open a glass ventilator. According to Sreesanth, the fire broke out in the drawing room in the ground floor when his wife and children were on the first floor. It is believed that a short circuit in a ceiling fan caused the fire. Also Read – Lankan cricketers reluctant to tour Pak Advertise With Us The family has been moved out of the house and is awaiting the arrival of Sreesanth. Sreesanth, who has taken 87 wickets in 27 Tests and has been a part of two World Cup winning India teams, was banned for life by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) for his alleged involvement in a spot-fixing scandal during the Indian Premier League in 2013. Earlier this week, his life ban was reduced to seven years when BCCI Ombudsman Justice (retd) D.K. Jain decided to end his suspension on September 12, 2020.last_img read more

Destruction of Alleged Baltimore Civil Rights Landmark Draws Criticism

first_imgCivil Rights Landmark DemolitionBaltimore activists are protesting the destruction of one of the city’s civil rights landmarks.On Nov. 12, a group of concerned citizens held a protest at 1234 Druid Hill Ave., a now-empty lot where “FreedomHouse,” a building with strong ties to the city’s civil rights movement, once stood. The row house, owned by Bethel AME Church, was torn down last week despite the pleas of neighborhood activists, who asked city officials to review the project’s permit and preserve the site.“This is a travesty,” said Johns W. Hopkins, director of Baltimore Heritage, a non-profit historic preservation group. “This is an enormous loss. It was not just a hub but the hub for civil rights in Baltimore City.”According to Louis Fields, president of the Baltimore African American Tourism Council, Freedom House had a storied history. The row house was the home of Harry Sythe Cummings and his family from 1899 to 1911. In 1889, Cummings became one of the first two Black men to graduate from the University of Maryland Law School. The following year, he became the first African American elected to the Baltimore City Council.1234 Druid Hill Ave. was also home to Juanita Jackson Mitchell, the first Black woman to pass the bar in Maryland. In 1970, it became the first headquarters of the Baltimore NAACP under the leadership of Dr. Lillie M. Jackson. In 1976, the Association for Study of Afro-American Life and History erected a marker honouring Dr. Jackson on the wall of the building.Civil Rights Landmark DemolitionMany civil rights campaigns were birthed in those offices, advocates said.“When we were planning protests as Morgan students for Read’s and many other civil rights activities, this is where we came. We didn’t have anywhere else to go,” said Dr. Helena Hicks. Hicks was among the Morgan State University students who staged sit-ins at Read’s drugstores throughout the city in January 1955, resulting in the desegregation of its 37 Baltimore-area lunch counters. “You’re talking almost a hundred years of history that we are letting go down the tubes.”Hicks also had harsh words for Bethel AME’s pastor Rev. Frank Reid.“This guy—I call him ‘Mr. Reid’ because I don’t give people titles they don’t deserve,” Hicks said. “A reverend doesn’t do things like this. A reverend is supposed to be a man of God who works for his people.”Calls to Bethel AME seeking comment were not returned. However, it appears that as owner of the property, the church was within its right to demolish the building once it had received approval from the Baltimore City Planning Department.“Slavery was legal. Jim Crow was legal. Racism was legal. Didn’t make them right,” Fields said. “Tearing down this building may be legal because of who owns it, but [that] doesn’t make it right.”Hopkins said the destruction of this important landmark is part of an ongoing struggle to preserve historic civil rights markers.“When people don’t know the history of a building it’s difficult to raise support to save it,” Hopkins said.Fields added that there should be a better process in place—beyond posting a notice on the building—to allow for public input before buildings are torn down.“I think the issue is whether or not you have informed the community associations in the area, whether or not you have talked to the people who live in the block and whether or not you have talked to the Baltimore commissions on history,” he said. “Some organizations should have notice prior to the wrecking ball so they can say—as in this case, ‘This house has historical value; slow down on your wrecking ball.’”The group announced plans to lobby to save another Bethel-owned building at 1232 Druid Hill Ave. The activists said they plan to stage a demonstration in front of Bethel AME Church on Nov. 15 before Sunday morning services. The Marble Hill Neighborhood Association said it would host a meeting at the Druid Hill Avenue YMCA on Nov. 17 to discuss this issue.James Bentley contributed to this story.last_img read more

Smart Gaming Chairs For Your Dumb Gaming Butt

first_imgStay on target GTracing Ergonomic Office Chair Racing ChairDespite how hilarious that picture above is, with the bro doing serious business in his bright red gaming chair, chairs like the GTracing Ergonomic Office Racing Chair demonstrate that these products really don’t have to be just for gaming. They are great for sitting in all kinds of contexts. As one member of a pretty small team sent to cover this year’s E3, I had to selectively pick my battles. There was no way I could play or see everything, so I had to focus on stories that mattered like Super Mario Odyssey, the Xbox One X, and John Wick VR parties. That means I saw tons of invites sadly roll through my inbox that I knew I couldn’t get to because I wouldn’t have time. It was like Craigslist Missed Connections for cool video game demos.One product category I routinely but reluctantly skipped was gaming chairs. Having an excuse to get off my feet at E3 would’ve been heavenly, and I was genuinely curious to see how one innovates the fundamental experience of sitting down. What do companies think gamers value when it comes to butt comfort? What do I want in a chair when I willing to pay for something a little fancier than a wooden stool carved from the stump of my beloved, exploited Giving Tree?E3 may be over, but these chair conundrums remain. There are a bunch of gaming chairs out there, but which one is the smartest purchase for your dumb ass? After all, sitting is the new cancer. So sit down, shut up, and check out some of our picks for gaming chairs.Cougar Armor Gaming ChairAt first, I thought this chair protected you from thirsty moms but nope. The Cougar Armor Gaming Chair is highly adjustable when it comes to reclining, height, and even armrest dimensions. And it provides plenty of support for sensitive areas like the upper and lower back. Geek Pick: SecretLab Titan Is a Next-Gen Gaming ChairGEEK PICK: GT Throne Lifeform Stealth Gaming ChairOne of the pricier chairs on this list, the Lifeform Stealth Gaming Chair packs in features you may not notice at first but soon become impossible to live without. Along with typical adjustment options, the chair is padded with memory foam that conforms to your body and prevents overheating. AKRACING AK-5050 Ergonomic Series Racing Gaming Office Executive ChairThe real point of gaming chairs is to provide ergonomic solutions to alleviate bad posture problems that come from sitting down and playing a video game all day. The AKRACING AK-5050 Ergonomic Series Racing Gaming Office Executive Chair, with its solid construction and support, is a great example of those solutions. Noblechairs Epic SeriesGaming chairs don’t shy away from their pseudo-throne nature (although thankfully less sharp and pointy than the Iron Throne), that their true purpose is to bestow singular comfort and status to the very important person sitting in them. Between its diamond stitching, faux-leather texture, “inspired by luxury sports car interiors,” and even its name, the Noblechair Epic Series totally wants to make you a modern monarch. Big Joe Dorm ChairWhile other chairs on this list look like intimidating robots for grown-ups, we appreciate the unpretentious bean bag look and feel of the Big Joe Dorm Chair. It’s just a huge comfortable sack you plop yourself down in. It may not be the healthiest option, but you’re already embracing a sedentary gaming lifestyle anyway. And its price isn’t in the triple digits, which is appealing since you could always just sit on the ground for free. X Rocker Pro Series Pedestal 2.1The X Rocker Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 might be the smartest chair on this list. Along with being a substantial and comfortable chair, it also has an array of built-in ports and receivers for connecting to wired and wireless speakers as well as other chairs. It even has speakers and sub-woofers of its own.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

VIDEO Tony Romo had to chuckle when Jim Nantz called Andy Dalton

first_imgBecause of his ginger locks, Andy Dalton has been known as the “Red Rifle” since he entered the NFL. Colin thinks the “Beige Water Pistol” more aptly fits his playing style.On Sunday’s broadcast , Jim Nantz had an unintentionally funny moment when he confused Dalton’s known nickname with what happens to a dog when it gets excited and humps your leg. He called Dalton the “Red Rocket”, which elicited a chuckle from Tony Romo.It’s middle school humor, but good for a laugh on a Monday.Tony Romo can’t help but laugh when Jim Nantz calls Andy Dalton the “red rocket”…— Brandon Saho (@BrandonSaho) October 22, 2017 Advertisementlast_img read more

The 5 Takeaways from the Coyotes introduction of

first_img The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Top Stories Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Grice was happy about the different result this year’s game provided.“I was excited to be back there and get the opportunity to come back and play in the same stadium I got a chance to play at in college,” Grice told Bickley and Marotta on Arizona Sports 98.7 FM Monday. “Just make sure I come back with a better outcome than the last time I did.”Grice, who gained 12 yards on five rushing attempts against the Cowboys, had to wait a bit for the referees to confirm his first professional touchdown, but that didn’t spoil the moment.“I was so excited, I didn’t even know what to do. I didn’t even celebrate or anything like that.”The Cardinals signed the rookie in September off of the San Diego Chargers’ practice squad.Grice said when the Cardinals offered him a spot on their 53-man roster, it was a chance he couldn’t pass up.“It wasn’t that hard of a decision,” Grice said. “To get the opportunity to come back to Arizona, play football, that’s a great opportunity. I played college here, now I get the opportunity to play professional ball in the same state. I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m talking it.’ And I went from there.” Comments   Share   The last time Marion Grice played a game at AT&T Stadium in Dallas, his team was sent home with a loss.This time, Grice helped make sure that wasn’t the case.The former Arizona State Sun Devil scored his first NFL touchdown on Sunday in the Arizona Cardinals’ 28-17 win over the Dallas Cowboys.One year ago, Grice was leading Arizona State University’s backfield, but his carries for 51 yards on 12 carries wasn’t enough for the Sun Devils to take down Notre Dame in Texas, losing 37-34. LISTEN: Marion Grice – Cardinals running back Now, Grice finds himself on the team with the best record in the NFL in his first year, something he calls “a dream come true.”“We’re rolling right now. If we continue to do that, the sky’s the limit for us.”But even with the success Grice is having in the NFL, he is still dedicated to supporting his alma mater.So dedicated, in fact, that Grice said he was watching ASU’s matchup with Utah on Saturday through FaceTime because the team’s hotel didn’t carry the channel.Grice appreciates the support he’s been getting from his fellow Sun Devils, like the picture that was posted showing the ASU football team watching Grice’s first touchdown on TV.“That’s a great feeling that I have a lot of guys that supported me like that,” he said. “And I’m pretty sure they should know that I support them no matter what. Win, lose or draw, I’m still going to support them, no matter what. Every Saturday, I’m going to find a TV or I’m going to find a way and I’m going to watch them play.” – / 55 Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact Your browser does not support the audio element.last_img read more

Il Lugano a luxury suite hotel and resort located

first_imgIl Lugano, a luxury suite hotel and resort located on the Ft. Lauderdale Intracoastal Waterway, is pleased to announce its campaign to acquire extended stay guests with special rates and other incentive offers. The goal is to provide a unique home-away-from-home environment to executive travelers and vacationers who book rooms for 7 nights or more.“il Lugano suites have everything a guest needs to stay for a prolonged period of time,” said Catherine Cumings, director of sales and marketing for il Lugano.“Washers and dryers, fully-equipped kitchens, complimentary high speed Internet access and microwave ovens are just a few of the things that make our hotel an ideal destination for extended stay guests,” she added.The special rate structure for il Lugano guests will provide a 20% discount for bookings of seven days or more, a 30% discount for fourteen days or more and a 40% discount for thirty days or more. The discounts will be applied to existing seasonal and room category rates at the time of Lugano is an all-suite, 105 room hotel that provides luxury amenities and features such as a lushly landscaped swimming pool and hot tub area, private cabanas, two power boats docked at the hotel for guest rental, a state-of-the-art fitness center and theater entertainment with stereo headphones.The hotel is also home to the newly launched da Campo Osteria, a fine-dining Italian restaurant founded by renowned chef and television personality, Todd English. Extended stay guests will be given pre-booking preferences at the exclusive restaurant.The extended stay market can encompass a wide variety of guests, including corporate travelers, international guests, those experiencing a separation or divorce and even patients recovering from surgical procedures.“We are a great alternative to condo rentals,” noted Cumings. “Our concierge staff will take care of everything — even grocery shopping for guests prior to their arrival.”www.illugano.comlast_img read more

This image released by STXfilms shows Taraji P He

first_img This image released by STXfilms shows Taraji P. Henson, right, in a scene from “The Best of Enemies.” (Annette Brown/STXfilms via AP) Review: Henson, Rockwell bring sensitivity to true-life tale If you didn’t know that “The Best of Enemies” was based on a true story, you’d likely find the premise preposterous, and for a movie, probably ill-advised: A lowbrow Klan leader in North Carolina and a black single mom/community activist are forced into dialogue and become lifelong friends and allies. Really??Wait, you’d think, is this another sorry effort to make a feel-good film about the history of race relations in the United States? Well, it can’t help but feel good, but the story actually happened: activist Ann Atwater and C.P. Ellis, the Exalted Cyclops of a clan group in Durham, formed an enduring partnership for more than three decades. Atwater even delivered the eulogy at Ellis’ funeral.“The Best of Enemies,” by writer-director Robin Bissell, is the latest of a series of recent films to tackle the history of racism in America, including the Oscar-winning but divisive “Green Book” and the much, much better “BlacKkKlansman” by Spike Lee. While much of Bissell’s film is poignantly rendered, especially the spirited lead performances by Taraji P. Henson and Sam Rockwell, it has its flaws and its omissions.For example, we see much more of Ellis’ daily life, with family and friends, than we see of Atwater’s. Though there’s an important subplot involving Ellis’ disabled child and the impact of that challenge on him and his wife, Mary (a sensitive Anne Heche), it seems less than balanced; there’s just a lot more detail about Ellis than about Atwater, or about Durham’s black community at large.That’s probably because the film needs to find a way to lay the groundwork for how a man like Ellis came to be in the Klan, and then for the most stunning part of the story: his seemingly sudden transformation.But the film isn’t only about that transformation. It’s also a somewhat fascinating deep dive into an arcane process of community problem-solving called a “charrette” — ever heard of it? — that was used to resolve the thorny issue of school integration in Durham.More on that in a minute. We begin with introductions, first to Atwater (Henson, aided by lots of costume padding) and her relentless advocacy for fair housing. Her efforts bring her in front of a town council run by reactionary white men who quietly sympathize with Ellis and his cohorts (one member even defiantly turns his swivel chair around when Atwater speaks.)As for Ellis, we meet him as he’s recruiting youth for a Klan corps. He’s devoted to his Klan buddies, and the film seems to try to show that for him, it isn’t just an odiously racist undertaking but also a means of belonging to something, for the first time in his life.Because Rockwell, despite his talent in all sorts of roles, still seems to exude a core of basic decency, it’s a shock to see his Ellis lead a Klan “activity” that involves shooting up the house of a white woman who’s dating a black man, as she cowers on the ground inside amid shattered glass.The plot really gets going when a frightening fire guts the school attended by Durham’s black pupils (nearly two decades after Brown vs. Board of Education, integration hasn’t hit Durham).Atwater immediately argues that black students be integrated into the white school. The NAACP files suit, and the judge turns to an expert from Raleigh to conduct the “charrette” — basically, forced negotiation under deadline.The expert, Bill Riddick (Babou Ceesay), asks Atwater and Ellis to be co-chairs of the two-week process. At first they hate the idea. Then they realize they’re the best chance for their constituencies.On the process goes, punctuated by dirty, vote-suppressing tactics from the white side. A white woman who sympathizes with the black community, for example, gets a chilling visit at home from two Klan guys and one baseball bat.Ellis, though, is slowly changing, and Rockwell does a finely paced job here, one that will leave us surprised but not totally shocked at his final action.The film ends, not surprisingly, with an inspiring scene that may leave you misty-eyed. Here again, though, there seems a bit of a missed opportunity. What happened to Ellis after his break with the Klan? Do some reading and you’ll see he was shunned by his former associates and his life threatened. It might have been interesting — and grounding — to see something about how life unfolded for both characters in ensuing years.But it’s hard to argue with the decision to show actual footage of Atwater and Ellis talking and laughing as the credits roll — a frankly thrilling real-life glimpse into the unlikeliest of stories.“Best of Enemies,” an STX Entertainment release, has been rated PG-13 by the Motion Picture Association of America “for thematic material, racial epithets, some violence and a suggestive reference.” Running time: 133 minutes. Two and a half stars out of four.___MPAA definition of PG-13: Parents strongly cautioned. Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13.Jocelyn Noveck, The Associated Press by Jocelyn Noveck, The Associated Press Posted Apr 4, 2019 2:53 pm PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emaillast_img read more

Sakiya Sandifer Ed

Sakiya Sandifer, Ed Sheeran Girl, under a giant chandelier. Pelosi has raised $680 million for her party since 2002, For the truth is,) You can disagree with a certain policy without demonizing the person who espouses it.

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