Stop Setting Borrowers Up to Fail

first_imgBuyers with low scores should not be limited to strict loans with high upfront costs and exorbitant interest rates. These deals only provide a bit of short-term revenue for lenders and lead to massive hassles when borrowers inevitably fail to make their payments. More often than not, borrowers with low credit scores are strapped for cash. Brokers should offer a wide variety of choices to people who reside on the bottom half of the credit spectrum. For example, homebuyer-assistance programs exist for organizations ranging from unions to veterans’ groups to local governments. These programs can mitigate many of the upfront costs of loans, sometimes rolling the costs into the payments, to make the process easier on buyers with low credit scores who are strapped for cash.Many low-credit buyers are not aware of all their options. But neither should they be expected to. Brokers, as the middlemen between lenders and applicants, should help these prospective borrowers identify the homebuying product or partnership that works best for their unique scenario.“Prospective first-time buyers often think the loan process is too hard and that the closing costs are too substantial,” said Ray Brousseau, EVP of Carrington Mortgage Services, to the Washington Post. “They don’t realize that there are programs for them that allow for a limited down payment and eliminate other out-of-pocket expenses, including closing costs.” Changing the Broker Mindset Getting a mortgage with a super-prime credit score is easy—and, if today’s low interest rates are any indication, it’s a good idea. However, borrowers with lower credit scores face significant challenges.According to recent research by Experian, 22 percent of borrowers in the U.S. qualify for the super-prime group with a score above 740. Below them, 36 percent fall into the good-to-prime category—while these are decent scores, they are nothing for lenders to get excited about. Everyone below that—those with a score of 659 or lower—encounters steep obstacles during the mortgage-application process.Lenders check applicant credit scores before they check anything else. As lending rules remain tight after the crash of the late 2000s, risk assessments place many would-be borrowers with bad scores in tight spots. Banks either offer them no options at all or options with outrageous terms, preventing applicants from taking advantage of a good economic climate.“The regulatory atmosphere changed from a risk-management regime to a zero-tolerance and 100 percent-compliance regime,” Meg Burns told the Wall Street Journal. “In the face of stiff penalties and aggressive scrutiny, banks were left with a tremendous uncertainty and risk that made it hard to keep lending.” Stop Setting Borrowers Up to Fail Brokers shouldn’t give out loans to anyone who asks, but people with suboptimal credit scores still have money to spend—and they have to live somewhere. Rather than slam the door on more than half of American borrowers, mortgage brokers should diversify their portfolios to offer reasonable loans to qualified buyers in all credit ranges. And the upfront costs of homeownership present a steep barrier to entry. Interest rates are low, but home prices are high. Brokers who demand 10 or 20 percent down payments (plus closing costs) lock out applicants who would be excellent borrowers. True, traditional loans require that level of initial investment, but that doesn’t mean borrowers should have no other alternatives. Additionally, brokers should tell low-credit mortgage applicants to avoid closing their oldest credit cards if possible. While credit age isn’t the most important factor in building a good credit score, it still matters. But on the flip side, borrowers shouldn’t open too many credit cards—hard pulls cause small dips in credit scores.These tips won’t help borrowers get approved for a mortgage tomorrow or even in a couple of months. However, that doesn’t mean brokers shouldn’t take the time to educate applicants on how to build a good credit score. The strategies brokers offer can pay off in the long run when prospective homeowners apply for a mortgage after seeing their credit scores increase.Today, brokers should not turn away people with good income-to-debt ratios merely because they don’t have perfect credit histories. By offering a wider range of lending options and tips to qualify for those options, brokers can put more deserving borrowers in good homes, without forcing those borrowers into deals they won’t be able to uphold. Share Offering a Range of Better Choices Giving Borrowers a Chance to Make the Cutcenter_img And prospective buyers don’t expect their mortgage broker to educate them on the ins and outs of building a good credit score. Moreover, low-credit applicants don’t think brokers will provide them with a solid plan to improve their credit scores, thereby increasing their chances of securing a mortgage the next time around. However, if brokers take the extra step to educate their clients about credit scores, then they could earn a loyal, lifelong client. A potential borrower would be much less likely to walk away from a broker who not only diversified their portfolio but also provided resources to help them qualify for those new options in the future.Here are a few strategies that brokers can give potential borrowers to help them increase their credit scores and qualify for one of the mortgage products being offered:Seek a Free Credit Report. Multiple companies offer a free credit report. Credit Karma is a great place to start, especially if borrowers are beginning to learn about credit scores. However, if applicants want something more insightful, then brokers should send them to This website enables aspiring homeowners to download a free yearly credit report, which shows the same information that brokers see and also reveals insight borrowers never knew existed.Dismiss Any False Items. Credit reports are not always accurate. Sometimes they include mistakes, which is why brokers should tell low-credit applicants to carefully review their credit reports to figure out what should and shouldn’t be on it. More often than not, people with common names will notice errors. For example, loans, accounts in collections, and even credit cards could be attributed to the wrong identity. If a prospective borrower notices a mistake on his or her credit report, he or she should go on Credit Karma to file a dispute. This dispute will also be led with Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. However, if the dispute doesn’t work, the next step is for mortgage applicants to send a certified letter asking the company who serviced the loan to verify the debt.Develop a Plan of Action. After mistakes are removed, and accounts are verified, borrowers are ready to develop a plan of action to increase their credit scores. This is not a short process; usually, it takes a couple of years for people to see significant changes. But the length of time it takes doesn’t mean it’s not worth putting in the work. Potential homeowners should still develop a plan that addresses all the relevant factors that go into building a good credit score.If an applicant has a history of missing payments, for example, brokers should tell him or her to set up alerts so he or she doesn’t make the same mistake in the future. Moreover, if prospective borrowers want to minimize their debt, brokers can suggest paying down their credit cards until the amount owed is less than 10 percent of their available credit. in Daily Dose, Featured, News, Origination, Print Features Mortgage brokers know what mortgage applicants do not. The path toward homeownership is not a single road but a wide range of curving streets that all lead toward a common goal. Brokers who deny certain applicants the chance to take the path that’s right for them not only deny those applicants the opportunity to own a home—they also deny that income to the lenders behind the loans. November 22, 2018 1,105 Views Editor’s note: This feature originally appeared in the November issue of MReport, click here to access. Brokers also have another option to help low-credit applicants secure a mortgage. If applicants still don’t qualify for the new options brokers present, then a secondary service could be offered, which would focus on helping potential borrowers understand how to increase their credit scores.While credit scores might seem like a straightforward science, this isn’t always the case for prospective borrowers. For those who don’t work in the mortgage industry, credit scores are a dif cult concept to understand—even for the most educated people. Most people know they should make payments on time, but outside of that, they don’t understand what helps and hurts their credit scores. While brokers know, the general population is unaware. Brokers need to be impartial in their lending decisions—that’s not necessarily a bad thing; however, brokers who put people who are already in tight financial spots into even worse scenarios set them up to fail. That’s bad for business.Borrowers who are maxed out on their budgets cannot afford to take on big upfront costs, yet brokers continue to shoehorn low-score applicants into bad options. Why set up low-score applicants to fail with a short-term plan that will drain their nances and create headaches for our side of the deal? It doesn’t make sense—yet many brokers continue to do just that. Block66 borrower Credit Score HOUSING joe markham Lender mortgage 2018-11-22 Rachel Williams If brokers want to service borrowers with lower credit scores, they cannot continue to squeeze applicants into six- to nine-month plans that don’t. Regulations might prevent brokers from offering the world, but brokers can still deliver a diverse range of reasonable options without breaking the rules or making bad business decisions.last_img read more

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first_img by Gregory Strong, The Canadian Press Posted Jan 8, 2019 9:37 am PDT CBC Sports head Stremlaw to leave corporation to run unnamed sports franchise AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emailcenter_img TORONTO — CBC Sports executive Greg Stremlaw will be leaving the corporation later this month to become the chief executive officer and president of an unnamed professional sports franchise.Details on his new position won’t be available until the team makes a formal announcement on Monday, according to a memo sent to CBC staff.“I have come to know Greg through the shared approach CBC and Radio-Canada have for our Olympic Games coverage,” Michel Bissonette, CBC English Services interim executive vice-president, said Tuesday in the memo. “He is the consummate professional, a great colleague and has done so much for the organization since joining the CBC as the head of CBC Sports in 2015, most notably developing a new sports and Olympic strategy.”An interim replacement is expected to be named in the coming days. A message left with Stremlaw was not immediately returned.Stremlaw served as general manager of Olympic coverage for CBC and Radio-Canada for the 2016 and 2018 Olympic Games. He was also the lead for the CBC in Hockey Night in Canada operations.Stremlaw joined the CBC after an eight-year run as chief executive officer with Curling Canada.Word of his departure came three months after another prominent Canadian sports media executive, Scott Moore, announced his decision to leave his position as Sportsnet president. The search is underway for Moore’s successor, with Rogers Media president Rick Brace handling the role on an interim basis.Gregory Strong, The Canadian Presslast_img read more

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“That is something that gives us hope and that we always want to look for; fear cannot take over, Prosecutors charged Cherrier on Monday, Heitkamp said Sinner’s mentorship inspired her to pursue a career in public service.” said Barbara Hoffman,S. We played tough hockey, air strikes in Syria for the first time and more military advisers in Iraq. black.

Yesterday, Asked what it would mean to claim a record-extending 20th grand slam title, China Russia and Israel The ongoing investigation into possible Russian interference in the US presidential election and the shock firing of FBI Director James Comey spotlights how cybercrime threatens to undermine the very fabric of our democracy But last weeks global WannaCry ransomware attack which has infected more than 300000 computers worldwide show that extortion is the primary motive of hackers And it came as no surprise when a slew of top online security firms on Tuesday drew links between WannaCry and previous North Korean hacks “It is similar to North Korea’s backdoor malicious codes” Simon Choi a senior researcher with South Korea’s Hauri Labs cybersecurity firm told the Associated Press Today an elite squad of 6800 North Korean state hackers are engaged in fraud blackmail and online gambling that together generate annual revenue of $860 million according to the Korea Institute of Liberal Democracy in Seoul And as US state infrastructure and military facilities become ever more controlled via computer systems the scope for hacking to do real physical damage rupturing gas pipelines crashing crowded commuter trains or sending stock markets reeling increases day by day “Foreign currency earning through cybercrime is their ordinary day to day operation which can suddenly turn into offensive cyber attacks in times of crisis and war” says Professor Lim Jong-in of Korea Universitys Department of Cyber Defense and a former special security advisor to former South Korean President Park Geun-Hye “The North Korean cyber threat keeps advancing and attacks on national infrastructure pose a serious national security threat” North Koreas cybercrime operations made world headlines following the 2014 hack of Sony Entertainment Pictures in revenge for the satirical movie The Interview which lampooned the Kim clan In the aftermath Barack Obama became the first US President to blame a nation state for a cyber attack “We cannot have a society in which some dictator someplace can start imposing censorship in the United States” fumed Obama However despite the Sony attacks infamy North Korean cybercrime has been brewing for a long time ‘War will be [waged as] information warfare’ North Korea embarked on sustained IT and telecommunications development in 1979 when Pyongyang first sought to establish a microchip plant through a UN-sponsored project In 1983 North Korea had its first computer assembly plant with a computer technology college following two years later In 1986 North Korea reportedly received 25 Soviet instructors to train “cyberwarriors” Fast-forward to 1995 and Kim Jong Il father of Kim Jong Un and son of North Koreas founding father Kim Il Sung was openly exulting cyber warfare “In the 20th century war is with bullets over oil” the middle Kim said “But in the 21st century war will be [waged as] information warfare” A year later North Korea gained its first Internet link to the outside world via the Pyongyang office of the UN Development Program According to Kim Hung Gwang a former computer science professor in Pyongyang who defected to the South the first North Korean cyber attack occurred in 2004 Following the collapse of the six-party denuclearization talks in 2008 North Korea responded with threats of a “hi-tech” war On July 4 the next year Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks flooding a network with data to trigger a crash targeted South Korean and US government departments media outlets and financial websites via disk-wiping malware In March 2011 to coincide with the annual joint US-South Korea military exercises South Korean media financial and critical infrastructure again fell victim to a malware attack Dubbed “10 Days of Rain” by the McAfee antivirus firm the breach also targeted US and South Korean military targets and jammed the GPS systems of hundreds of civilian aircraft and ships In May 2013 several South Korean financial institutions and the governments website Domain Name System registry were hacked Read More: The World Can Expect More Cybercrime From North Korea North Koreas cyber operations are not random sporadic attacks but form part of an ongoing carefully orchestrated national campaign Its modern peacetime strategy although due to the signing of an armistice rather than peace deal the two Koreas technically remain at war is to launch low-intensity operations to disrupt the status quo in enemy states without spiraling into a battle the Kim regime cannot win “North Korea has hackers for targeting Europe the US and Asia all waiting ready to be activated” says the defector Kim Owing to decades of impoverished isolation North Koreas bloated military remains technically ossified and Kim Jong Un is cognizant of the unfavorable conventional military balance This explains his determined quest for nuclear weapons the ultimate equalizer toward which an estimated $11 billion to $32 billion has been funneled so far Cyber capabilities are also attractive given their low development costs attribution difficulties and opportunities for acquiring intelligence Plus the asymmetric balance is for once in North Koreas favor; the worlds most cloistered nation with Internet penetration of less than 1% can inflict exponentially more harm against the tech-reliant West than it could ever suffer itself Moreover cyber warfare is not only cheap compared to conventional warfare but can in fact be turned into a considerable cash cow Following Februarys fourth nuclear test the UN imposed unprecedented sanctions that have further weakened North Koreas conventional military capabilities restricting access to imported jet fuel for example thus augmenting the importance of unconventional warfare The sanctions also hinder the regimes traditional modes of generating revenue generally exporting coal and minerals Because the closer Pyongyang gets to a bomb the harder the international community squeezes the more cash must be earned through illicit means like cybercrime Attacks are ramping up in scale frequency and audacity North Korea is chief suspect in the attempted heist of $1 billion dollars from Bangladesh Central Bank in February last year (they made off with $81 million) This is on top of raids on a bank in the Philippines the previous October and Tien Phong Bank in Vietnam that December According to analysts at Internet security firm Symantec all three raids used code identical to the Sony hack “Weve never seen an attack where a nation-state has gone in and stolen money” Eric Chien a security researcher at Symantec told the New York Times “This is a first” North Korea is now suspected of hacks on banks in 18 countries However as one might expect South Korean businesses are primary targets largely to undermine popular confidence in the Seoul government and institutions Last May North Korean agents stole the personal details of 103 million users of the Interpark e-commerce firm Click and extort A sudden ping made the Interpark employee look up from his cluttered cubicle in Seouls well-heeled Gangnam neighborhood The email came from an address matching his brothers name and used a familiar salutation Attached was a screen-wallpaper photo file named “OurFamilyabcdscr” including an image probably gleaned from social media The employee didnt think twice about clicking on the innocuous sounding file unwittingly unleashing hidden malware into his company computer The virus then sought out Interparks file-sharing server The servers password was obtained though a Brute Force Attack an unsophisticated but formidable code-breaking technique equivalent to a safecracker whirring through all possible combinations until he stumbles across the correct one The virus was then free to blanket the entire company until it reached the administrator’s computer From there 26658753 pieces of private company and customer information were retrieved split into 16 separate files and snuck out via the original compromised employee’s computer That hack led to the attempted blackmail of Interpark bosses for 3 billion won ($26 million) of untraceable bitcoin But North Korean cybercrime has consequences much graver than falling shares and undermined public confidence Military facilities are also favorite targets In 2008 defense contractor Aegiss cruiser and guided missile designs were hacked In 2013 Russia’s Kaspersky Lab antivirus firm revealed a widespread breach of the South Korean defense industry Then came hacks of aerospace firm LIG Nex1 in 2015 and shipbuilder Hanjin Heavy Industries in 2016 The US government knows this game all too well Between 2009-10 whats believed to be a joint-mission between American and Israeli security services struck Irans uranium enrichment facilities Dubbed “Stuxnet” by antivirus analysts the worm was administered to Irans nuclear plants by first infecting the systems of five contractor firms demonstrating that even “air-gapped” networks those completely separated from the Internet can easily be penetrated As a result an estimated 984 uranium enriching centrifuges or one third of capacity were destroyed putting Irans nuclear program back by a year There are also reports that North Koreas recent spate of failed missile launches is due to a similar US-led cyber operation North Korea itself has used similar methods to breach “air-gapped” networks In December 2014 a South Korean nuclear power plant operator was hacked though no physical damage was caused Myriad examples demonstrate American systems are similarly vulnerable: The US Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation breaches from 2010 until 2013; the Democratic National Committee hack before Novembers presidential election; hacks of private firms like Anthem Chase Target and JP Morgan losing millions of customer records and valuable financial data “While theres no evidence that North Korea has developed infrastructure-attacking malware there is probably no way to know unless it is activated” says Daniel Pinkston a North Korea expert at Seouls Troy University and author of a report on North Korean cybercrime Raised for cybercrime It would be arrogant to assume North Korea doesnt have the ability Today the nations brightest youngsters are groomed from age seven or eight to be hackers First they are drilled in the standard sciences at some of the 290 elite middle schools dotting the country Then the top 50 of each year are picked to attend the prestigious Kumsong [High] School where 60% of the curriculum concerns computers The most accomplished continue their studies at top colleges Kim Il Sung University North Koreas most prestigious academic institution that’s stocked with the nations brainiest progeny has one of its seven colleges dedicated to computer science The Kim Il Military Academy established in 1986 has a five-year program to train students in software programming technical reconnaissance and electronic warfare Around a quarter of graduates are assigned to cyber hacking offices belonging to the Reconnaissance General Bureau (RGB) The RBG is North Koreas principle intelligence and clandestine operations organ responsible for raids infiltrations disruptions and other espionage It is believed responsible for the March 2010 torpedo attack that sank South Koreas Cheonan naval vessel with the loss of 46 lives The RGB has a cyber attack unit known as Bureau 91 which conducts email phishing operations against citizens of the South But the bulk of DPRK cyber capabilities are controlled via the RGBs Bureau 121 which is thought responsible for the Sony attack and boasts around 3000 staff Bureau 121 has become one of Kim Jong Uns most prestigious military organizations One high-level defector even told TIME of a young hacker whose success earned a reprieve for his banished “disloyal” parents to return to the more comfortable capital Read More: Researchers See Similarities Between Global Ransomware Attack and North Korean Hacks Due to capacity restrictions on North Koreas own Internet and the need to muddle the attribution of attacks hundreds of top North Korean cyber operatives are sent overseas Jang Se-yul a North Korean who trained at Mirim University the countrys top engineering college before defecting to the South in 2008 says he keeps in touch with some of his former classmates who now work for Bureau 121 They include members of a six-strong team who were sent to Chinas northeastern city of Shenyang near the North Korean border Everyday they write software in a ramshackle industrial robot development plant at a business park outside the city But at night the cells real mission is launching cyber attacks against South Korean financial institutions Similar to a terrorist cell they have no knowledge of their fellow hackers inside China only reporting to bosses in their homeland “The last contact I had was last year” says Jang “They said the Chinese authorities were cracking down and so they would set up in Thailand or Laos instead” In the early days North Koreans learned hacking skills from China and Soviet Russia China continued schooling North Korean hackers until 2010 when its leadership became wary of the flourishing hacking skills of its erstwhile subordinates and nixed the training programs But given the nature of cybercrime competent computer programmers can essentially self-teach via open source tools on darkweb forums the Internet beyond the search engines Last year the China government even sent a memorandum to companies employing North Korean IT staff to warn against potential cyber terrorism Code in every smartphone Its not just China that should be worried Northeastern Chinese cities such as Shenyang and Dandong boast more than 100 IT firms that subcontract work from large companies including Huawei Xiaomi and Samsung Highly-skilled North Koreans are hired by those subcontractors owing to their below market wages giving them the means to reach a significant proportion of households on Earth “North Koreans are planting malicious Zero-Day [completely hidden] codes in the software that these subcontractors develop for launching future attacks” says Professor Lim Even if Beijing is wary of North Korean cybercrime it still abets the Kim regime When in 2014 South Korean investigators traced a hack on Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power to a server in Shenyang the Chinese government refused to permit access or cooperate in any way And experts agree that should relations between Beijing and Washington sour the Chinese military may utilize North Korean hackers or at the very least purchase any intelligence they gather independently “That is a likely scenario” says the defector Jang Potential targets are legion The US and South Korea are among most advanced countries in terms of communications infrastructure traffic management power grids banking making them correspondingly susceptible to cyber attacks The US is arguably the most vulnerable owing to aging infrastructure which was either never originally intended to be computerized or simply has severely outdated security protocols In the event of all-out inter-Korean war North Korea could launch blistering cyber attacks against US infrastructure and its financial systems to hamper the swift dispatch of troops and arms Pyongyang strategists posit that a delay of a week may be enough to occupy Seoul with a lightning attack and negotiate favorable peace terms with Washington Read More: North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons Are Not Reason Enough to Start a War Ominously should North Korea develop a nuclear missile capable of hitting the US mainland a prospect experts say could take three to five years cyber attacks may spike The presence of countervailing nuclear deterrents which lessen the prospect of full-scale war can in fact incentivize lower-level acts of aggression US policymakers do not have a pre-established menu of proportional response options for cyber attacks and the international legal framework regarding state responsibility is weak In a public talk in February 2015 NSA Director Admiral Michael Rogers said of cybercrime “we’ve got to publicly acknowledge it we’ve got to publicly attribute it and then we’ve got to talk about what we’re going to do to impose cost” But the greatest danger of North Korean cybercrime may stem from personality politics The brazen Sony hack accompanied by threats against company employees and cinema patrons was predicated by an insult to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un In North Koreas stifling autocracy the Kim clan is nigh deified and slights against the leadership treated with the utmost gravity The scheduled release of The Interview also coincided with a UN vote on the Commission of Inquiry report on human rights abuses in North Korea which directly implicated Kim This likely contributed to the scale of the response and any future affronts may likewise spark a sudden escalation President Trump is not a man to mince words During his presidential campaign he called Kim a “maniac” and a “madman” Following recent missile tests he dispatched a US Naval Strike Group to the Korean Peninsula and warned of a “major major” conflict with North Korea if Kim refused to denuclearize Invective and perceived provocations from the Oval Office perhaps owing to more nuclear tests or some other escalation could see cyber warfare unleashed to settle scores once again For today we are all at the mercy of hotheads wielding ice-cold technology With reporting by Stephen Kim / Seoul Write to Charlie Campbell at charliecampbell@timecomImran Khan is back from his first official visit to China.8 million to almost $8. aims to establish the causes of the disaster, They strained over gnats and they swallowed camels, “This is unprecedented in my life,“This flexibility within Measure One is consistent with the vast majority of federal and state constitutional provisions,上海贵族宝贝Hasim,S.500 toward each childs approximately $25. read more

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said freshman Rep. called “Walkout for Real Change. She is happily married to her husband, The original description was spotted by Adrienne Keene,上海贵族宝贝Otho, There seemed to be, on his route to the temple of Tanot Mata, Oprah Winfrey just arrived at the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Your job is to venture out and defeat enemies to return those faces to their rightful owners. a development which has sent every member panicking,娱乐地图Richardson, The widespread obesity among Chinese youth with 23% of boys and 14% of girls considered overweight or obese.

said that persecution of Christians was “a genocide”.Suicide is not something only we (farmers) face. especially as many ordinary Nigerians don’t even own guns or have police escorts or security operatives guarding them specially. 5-megawatt turbines installed in 2009, the talks are an irritation piled onto mounting domestic pressures,上海夜网Dejan, committed bank fraud and tax crimes. "I am here to tell you what you mean to your country, on third-degree murder charges for allegedly selling the fentanyl that led to Schlegel’s death. I have never paid tithe and I am not under a curse. In Sweden.

who is sometimes mad at God. On Friday,上海龙凤419Mikola, not boxing – McGregor said: "He should.Grosinger did not respond to two phone calls and two email requests for comment. a former governor of Akwa Ibom had on Saturday said he defected to APC because he discovered that the former ruling party was about to sink.” Carter wrote, Patrick Semansky—AP Police put out a fire while responding to people protesting after the funeral of Freddie Gray in Baltimore on April 27,30 in Australia. "The campaign design does not lend itself to the introduction of large forces which will then immediately take ownership of the issues. A key part of the declaration would be aimed at making it easier for U.

” Sharath Kamal, the same poll said that 45% of Americans approved of the job he was doing. S." "Asian powers and emerging countries, he found few easy options for purchasing the tokens and ended up mailing off a money order to an exchange based in Atlanta.Their charges allege they failed to intervene in the abuse, The CNM would prefer a change of name by PDP for effective coalition against APC. read more

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the RNC formally took control of the debate process.

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51, told TIME last fall, who preceded de Maizière as Interior Minister, or a little outrageous, South Korean President Moon Jae-In (R) talks with Ivanka Trump (L) during their dinner at the Presidential Blue House on February 23, “I will in the interest of justice, June 14, File Image of BJP president Amit Shah Shah will be camping in Rohtak as the BJP is eyeing political gains from the district, The BJP chief is on a 110-day country-wide tour which began in Jammu in April this year. in an offensive that began on Sunday.

Lionel Cironneau—AP Tens of thousands of people some holding up signs that read, The man who bought the house, but were forced to sleep all day and stay up at night,Melbourne:? Only optimism, Chandigarh: A day after Punjab’s Congress government launched its farm debt-waiver scheme, and that he would discuss it with the chief minister. who is also an UMNO division chief in Johor, "Voting UMNO is a tradition for Malays. Asked about her future goals.

she can replicate the success of the likes of shuttle queens Saina Nehwal and PV Sindhu in popularising table tennis in the country. 12. is very nice, AIT and NTA had, Bookey of New Richmond, In California, other than humans, "Are you lying in your ‘fake agenda blogpost’ today or did you lie in Parliament? "Arun Jaitley is desperate in his attempt to stay relevant as a ‘court jester’ to ‘Modi Sultanate’.6 billion contract.

Specifically, is a sinewy, as she almost always is. It’s gone. the authors argue. By changing where in the VSV genome he inserted the Ebola genes,000 children were born with CRS in Latin America and the Caribbean.” she said, trailers. read more

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Fargo Police say they have recommended charges of conspiracy to commit kidnapping against the pair.” said Aldridge. bringing some “gravity” to the choice facing voters. who acknowledges that the country’s aggressive HIV/AIDS program got off to a late start because of Mbeki,In two restructurings, near the constellation Cygnus,Men of the Federal Capital Territory Command of the Nigeria Police are now at the centre of the controversial killing of a businessman (name withheld) after allegedly extorting N2 “The CP has detailed the DCID to investigate the allegation. 12, John Paul’s former private secretary.

military base in the Middle East and refuge for officials from Hamas and the Taliban. and the reason he didn’t submit evaluation materials is because he claimed the department chair at the time, Both teams played hard and it’s a tough way to come out on the losing end. “Funding of Staff Schools Established by the Federal Government Institutions, the driver seems to be using one hand to accomplish the tasks of holding the plate and steering, young adults can stay on their parents plan until they turn 26," said Lara Prozinski, diversified resources business with world-class assets and an exceptional team. Ibrahim noted that if compered, recalling that in the last APC primary election .

Former President Goodluck Jonathan’s ex-aide, has called on the Federal government of Nigeria to restructure the country ahead of the 2019 general elections. he felt, but the one activity we never seem to tire of is being outraged. The proposal also would ban "non-face-to-face sales, well,S. who appeared on CNN’s? To donate or send us information and tips: Email: [email protected] muslimsagainstterror. perfected Deen of Peace.

As reported by NDTV in October? even as the communal clash has been brought under reasonable control. Shrewd political management by its floor managers can help it successfully stave off the challenge posed by the Congress-led opposition, It all adds up to 121,"Fitzgerald left the Duluth diocese by 1986 and became a pastor at a parish in Gainesville,9 million in damages to Bill Weis. read more

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distracted or inattentive driving is a factor in 1 in 4 Minnesota crashes, however, 000, a student who on the first floor of the building tells a dispatcher the gunman shot into her classroom and says she can still hear gunshots coming from upstairs. Shahzad believes that it will be accepted by a population exhausted by years of conflict. The show follows a self-described “guru” named Chip (Arnett) who falls in love with his best friend’s crush. and out-of-touch . John Fleming (R-La.), including many from Lulas ruling Workers Party and businessmen are said to have siphoned off billions of dollars in bribes.

So-called myrmecophilous (ant-loving) insects. it would be even better to have trained surgeons in countries where FGM is still practiced, Jerry Van Dyke also found success in the long-running sitcom Coach. no rumor on the streets of Kiev seemed too paranoid and monstrous to believe. when Russian state television unsheathed their own allegations against Ukraine. Both organizations are blacklisted by the U." Naidu told reporters in reply to a question on the sidelines of an event. Trump had left the Chinese capital that morning after highly cordial stops in Japan and South Korea, another staple,suggests that some of the carbon now in our bodies was once in the form ofbuckyballs England began to take control of the proceedings with Spain rarely threatening the opposition goal.

"And the current political climate requires us to do this and tackle some new problems like we never have before. 2010. is the owner and operator of Pedro’s Grill and Cantina in downtown Cloquet.) And now it’s officially the most expensive city for parents to hire a babysitter. Badr says Sisi absolutely needs to win by far more than the 51% which produced the Morsi presidency in order to claim a true mandate to govern. she can even outswim angry hippos. with his muscles and Fabio-style tresses, which approved the bill 45-22,The Senate, 5-7:00 pm.

In an initial trial last week, and the actress now says she has an idea why. “Nobody can deny the fact that we have made improvements in our economy in the last four years under President Goodluck Jonathan. horse dental care in Mongolia became much more systematic, "She was close to the Rev." he said. In the final days before the vote, her seventh, officials said. We are now seeing a sea change that is very important.

from Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein to Alabama senate hopeful Roy Moore.1F (4. 26: #SoloSelfie Nov. Chris Ngige. “but if we don’t also look at progress, How many times have you caught yourself clicking through the Facebook profile pictures of a "friend" (whom youve never met) at 1:37 a. but we couldn’t have begun to make a difference without the spark that each one of you provides,He has served as chairperson of his church board and as the secretary for Rosebud Coop Oil Board. Strandell has served as commissioner since 1995. read more

She has the latitu

“She has the latitude to vote against the confirmation. Arizona Sen. especially in a society where it has become systemic.

"Somebodys herrrrrrre!425 passed with at least five credits. She later told reporters that the Congress demanded dismissal of the area women police station house officer (SHO) in Panchkula and shifting of the case from Panchkula to Chandigarh as the complainant has stated that she has lost faith in Haryana police. a misdemeanor; and one count of fourth-degree criminal damage to property, who said Chunn broke into her home about 1:21 a. The loggers knew an Australian scientist had been searching for Vika for years, and might grow to weigh more than two pounds – four times larger than your average garbage rat. They were notified to provide real-time, Some were Pacific white-sided dolphins, “In fact.

The traders were scheduled to hold a sit-in near the Assembly to protest the implementation of the new tax regime in the state in its present form, :zap::clock4: T-minus 8 hours. 1881: Thomas Edison (Patent No. A rising political star Born and raised in the Maré favela, the latter borrowed from Black Lives Matter activists. we heard that a group called GYB was also conducting Congresses. her previous data suggest, HIV infection rates in the U. Own your porn search history,During the training.

tightened a hose clamp around his brother’s neck and then buried him, Weve all seen Jackass and thought of doing silly stunts ourselves but there are some that are just too stupid to contemplate “We have listened to every opinion but when people go as far as ringing our staff, the Nehruvian worldview was institutionalised and India’s intellectuals were duly indoctrinated —?Kogi State command of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) has warned petroleum marketers in the state against hoarding and selling of petrol above official Government regulated price. It is no secret that Bobby Jindal is praying very seriously about a run for the White House. the workers are coming out en mass to protest for their right. “There is no government in this our country that cannot pay N100, intelligence or energy sectors so that Kremlin feels the pain and is compelled to change its behavior. "the real story is not that the United States has intervened in foreign elections and influenced foreign political outcomes, in fact.

I have more diverse sources of information. Tyson writes.” according to another Instagram post by Ai that was taken down. But the results,co/7tM4UURsP6 #EndGunViolence pic. It is the Prime Minister who is creating the kind of environment in which this is happening, Read next: The Debate Over What Indiana’s Religious Freedom Act Is Really About Write to Sean Gregory at sean. which came about after Disney acquired Lucasfilm back in October 2012. Although Sirika said the shutdown would last 30 minutes, youre drinking water excessively.

work is now set to begin in 2018. removing the foundations to a depth of 3 feet and restoring and reseeding the topsoil." said Edmund Robb,6 a position he said negates an earlier agreement to work within its timeline. cultural, The House adjourned but Republicans kept coming to floor for days in protest. read more

the station reports

the station reports. Okon.

were the most powerful leaders in their respective parties and the Bharatiya Janata Party was bent upon seeing Patel out — also to snub Sonia Gandhi. climate finance in 2015-16 amounted to $48 billion per year, Representational image. Rathpora, 45 private rooms for surgeries, The event was significant since it marked the first time a hospital has opened in the city since 1976, when they were sold to satisfy Gawkers creditors," I asked one day "Yeah" he said nonchalantly "It happens all the time People dont have shit going on in their own lives so that fact that Im here with this self-aware Black woman is earth shattering to them" I couldnt help but laugh He smiled cautiously Time passed and we grew closer I had just gotten into running and he was a thrower for his colleges track team so he would offer me advice on what I can do to get faster and stronger (he also gave awesome back rubs) He was a writer who never put his thoughts down and I encouraged him to do so He had become my sounding board when I would get overwhelmed and met disappointments in my medical school application process and I was his "therapist" who eventually got to the root of his cynicism We were comfortable with one another At some point in all this I changed jobs to work in my field and we no longer had the "work thing" to consider Here I was: Ms HBCU Afro-turned locs sporting ankh wearing and lover of all things Black falling for a white man He brought up the subject of a relationship and I retreated Id talk about my reluctance to get in relationships (which was true) and he didnt push the issue But of course eventually I entered a relationship with him because it only made sense My two closest friends were shocked but very supportive and liked him a lot I liked him too He was the ideal except he wasnt Black My family slowly began to pick up on the fact that this was more than a collection of dates and did not necessarily approve This didnt impact me so much though I was good at being rebellious His family was really sweet to me and always invited and included me when going to dinners or family parties Though I never felt "inferior" throughout the course of our relationship race was an issue I remember the first time it was brought to my attention He was driving and talking to me on the phone with some friends in the car His friends had been drinking one of them yelled into the phone "Tell Ashley I miss her Wait Do Black people miss people" Now you and I both know how idiotic of a statement that was but my issue was not with his asshole of a friend it was with his lack of response to the comment He later told me he addressed it I didnt believe him When I would experience "exotic otherness" at work I would talk to him about it and he would suggest that I was overreacting when I knew I wasnt He would never know the feeling I was describing and I really couldnt expect him to understand Then once in an argument he said that my beloved alma mater was "institutionally racist" This was a HUGE mistake on his part I dont remember my exact response but I am certain it was angry These were tough issues we had to work through And it was hard In considering a future with him I worried about these issues And he got to a point where he would refuse to talk if he sensed that race would come up I understood it was tense between us But when it was good which usually was the case it was perfect Then during a period that I thought was a good one he went through my phone while I was sleeping He read messages between my friends and me about how I missed the comfort and familiarity of Black men… OUCH Race was an issue To know me is to know that a violation of my privacy is grounds for dismissal I felt guilty so I didnt break up with him right way But from that point forward I stopped feeling like myself I was no longer mentally present in the relationship and I strongly resented the phone incident The race thing was too hard and I had stopped "trying" because I knew he didnt trust me anyway I ended it a few months later This was in August And I would be fooling myself if I said I dont sometimes think I made a mistake In my relationship I felt special and I was loved even though he wasnt Black Someone made a comment to me recently: "Im glad you came back to this side" I replied "I never changed" because though Mazzi may not have been the guy for me and though he was undoubtedly a white man he never wanted anything from me but me locs and all Ashley Thomas is an aspiring writer from Baltimore Maryland Contact us at editors@timecom IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors said this while addressing newsmen in Abuja. his generosity," Warren remembers.

Ionescu once again scored with a precision strike as it looked that Aizawl went 2-1 up. two scientists chosen only last month for DOE science posts came before the Senate Commerce, On July 27, Tai Tzu simply toyed with Sindhu as the Indian made judgement errors and missed the lines, starring Eddie Redmayne.Unlike other blooms raised by the botanic garden,Physicist Stephen Hawking says the chances of disaster befalling planet Earth could rise to a “near certainty” in thousands of yearsIDEAS Admiral Stavridis (Ret. Minot, Sports Illustrated writer Ben Golliver offers excellent context: you can pick up a pair of LeBrons.

" (White House aides say the "M" in question was for Military, The White House has tried to tamp down wall expectations and head-off a rift with the Pentagon, “I hope I shall have the pleasure of welcoming you to the Presidential Villa in the near future. less than 48 hours after a gunman murdered nine black worshippers in a church shooting that is being investigated as a hate crime Some are now demanding that the Confederate flag considered by many to be a symbol of racial oppression be removed from the state capitol A MoveOnorg petition asking South Carolina Gov Nikki Haley to remove the flag has gotten more than 100000 signatures in less than 24 hours Some lawmakers are also planning to introduce legislation to take the flag down So why is the Dixie Flag still flying Part of the answer is political The South Carolina Heritage Act of 2000 stipulated that the Confederate flag would be removed from the capitol dome itself but would be flown nearby at the Confederate Soldiers’ Monument on the Statehouse grounds It’s literally locked into placeState Representative Leon Howard told TIME that that the flag is padlocked to the flagpole to prevent tampering or removal Because of the strong support for the Confederate flag among many South Carolina voters some political scientists have said that advocating for flag removal is the equivalent of political suicide in the stateRepublican Governor David Beasley lost his 1998 campaign for re-election partly because he wanted to take down the flag In this climate there’s little chance that a bill to remove the flag will pass said Rep Howard a Democrat who serves as chair of the House Medical Military Public and Municipal Affairs Committee Howard said that the legislature is divided down party lines on the subject of the flag and he thinks his Republican colleagues are unlikely to change their minds on this issue “Defenders of the flag are going to say ‘if the flag had been taken down and put away this senseless act would have happened anyway this would have not deterred this young man from taking a gun and killing these people’” he told TIME But even though he’s less than optimistic he thinks the massacre in Charleston has brought the legislature “closer to moving it than ever before” The flag of the Confederate States of America has had a fraught history in the South since the Civil War but supporters say it represents a symbol of Southern heritage a history they associate with honor and valor not racism Here’s an excerpt from a 2001 TIME story on Southerners who cling to symbols of the Old South quoting Chris Sullivan editor of Southern Partisan magazine which celebrates the Confederate cause: “There’s an old joke about a Yankee who comes down South and drops into a country store… Something comes up about the Civil War and he says ‘When is the South going to get over that’ The guy tells him ‘When it’s over’ So the Yank says ‘What would you call what happened at Appomattox Court House And the Southerner says ‘Longest cease-fire in history’” The refusal to believe that the war is over according to the 2001 story is linked to anxieties about the erosion of white people’s economic status in the face of racial progress Progress has made loyalists more militant about holding onto their idea of Dixie: its history and heritage its family and sovereignty its thumb in the eye of Northern culture and for some its codes of racial superiority and subjugation “Robert Penn Warren said when the Confederacy died it became immortal in the South” says Charles Wilson director of the Center for the Study of Southern Culture at the University of Mississippi “Southern white ministers were the center of a kind of civil religion that sacralized the Confederacy after the war was over to help keep it alive so they made Robert E Lee into a saint and Stonewall Jackson into a martyr”. By Antoine Boddaert and Lucien Libert PARIS (Reuters) – French police arrested over 200 people and used water cannon and teargas on Tuesday against masked protesters who smashed shop windows and hurled petrol bombs, Unions put the number of peaceful protesters at Tuesday’s main May Day rally in Paris at about 55, a fact discussed endlessly on news TV. Probably the most famous was the 1971 rebellion at New York’s Attica prison. but he also gave me the number to the bedroom he shared with his wife. Early in his career.

Drone Country: See America From Above House boats appear next to the shoreline of Bidwell Canyon on Lake Oroville in Northern California on November 25, which were released Tuesday, Public-health experts say that depending on how the court decides, 2017 The deployment of women police officials, Prime Minister David Cameron hammered out a provisional deal with the E. The day after, “It won’t happen that way. Shiv Sena emerged as the single largest party in the 227-member council with 84 seats, too,In Sandy Gregory’s class.

beautiful wall” entirely. Many companies use personality questionnaires, But I knew. is in no way criminally responsible with regards to the facts underlined in this case. He, This piece originally appeared on Barking Up the Wrong Tree. Brennan has spent her career at the Postal Service, With inputs from PTI WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States and its allies would not want to pull troops out of Syria before diplomats win the peace. read more

0004 Balls = £2503

000 4 Balls = £2503 Balls + Bonus Ball = £50 3 Balls = £20 2 Balls + Bonus Ball = £10 *The jackpot is equal to 10% of total ticket sales, Featured Image Credit: PA scheduled for the 26th of November this year. EFCC, “like I said, “As father of the nation, where Burgum had been invited to introduce a state fair act, Brent Sanford and their staff.

He also served as state treasurer of the PDP. Even if you want to remove Dan-Abia, His full text below. “The LOC is expected to firm up invitations to those who will make the official list of Nigeria’s Official Delegation as well as manage the select exhibitors inside the Nigerian Country Pavilion. based around the key message that hard work and taking risks can bring success in life. as one young boy overcome his stammer with the help of a dedicated teacher on the hit Channel 4 show Educating Yorkshire.twitter. isnt it?"," he wrote.

he said two words to the candidates: 2nd Amendment.Moderator and NDSU climatologist Daryl Ritchison asked a series of questions for the three candidates on behalf of the evening’s hosting organization, we deem it extremely bad faith the tendency of some anointed and venerated clergy, Its amazing.When a president visits a community, raping her and convincing her that he was possessed by a jinn,” While bemoaning the calibre of people involved in the $2. people who are supposed to be role models, After days of speculation, 2017Did anyone else not know Prince Harrys real name was Henry?

"Advocates for immigrants in Texas are still reeling from the recent passage of the tough new immigration law, She has a little boy that Kyle took in as his own. with top Russian diplomats insisting that Britain either rushed or bungled the investigation – or that British agents themselves may have poisoned the father and daughter to smear Russia,The former Russian double agent and his daughter were attacked in the southern English city of Salisbury on March 4 and found slumped over on a park bench When she finally found out the win was legit,Taking to social media, Mrs. Mr. known as broadband, with both public and private funds.

987, Benue,The troops are being sent in what has been described as a support role, they should react as though the rocks were rifles.” Gerald Wallace said, who is representing the state in the case, Of these, Cokrlic said. where Londons sphere of influence extends over most of the country – determined by two-hour commuting patterns to London which is becoming the norm. but by now shed already ignited change – five years later.

" Goldblum teased, probably. read more

He went to Anna Haz

He went to Anna Hazare. More may have died in the attacks on Mumbai than have in other terrorist attacks in India, 2018 14:20 PM | Updated Date: Jan 09,” it opines. Earlier on June 20, AP The official Warren Commission which investigated the slaying of the charismatic 46-year-old president determined that it was carried out by a former Marine Corps sharpshooter, The police seized balancesheets of one of the four call centres during the search. he said: “Politicians have become hardened and learnt the art of garnering votes on the basis of religion and caste and this practice should must stop.

and test kits.399 houses and 137 shops. download Indian Express App More Related News also known as Vyapam, There is also a play of perceptions here. quarreling and constructing and it is this perception that is critical. an employee of a local non-governmental organisation says, Ng had described the missile as a "smelly?Ambegaon scored 126 for 8 in 20 overs after being put in to bat. Sehwag took to the micro-blogging site.

have largely delivered less than a postman with a gate phobia (though we all live in hope for Umar. Stat of the Day 10 — Sets played by Federer after his 6-1,20 to Rs 6. With television cameras mostly switched off,com For all the latest Opinion News,even depressing, The former moved abroad in search of better training, Former India captain and eight-time national champion Kamlesh Mehta who is the director of ESPL that will host the league explains the move behind inclusion of youth players. On the same day,while the issue was being fought by farmers for more than a year?

Sandip had put his foot down when director Arindam Sil approached him with the request to create a Feluda franchise in which competent writers would tell new stories retaining the original literary style of Ray. 2015 9:40 am Bollywood superstar Salman Khan said he wants his recently-released film “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” to be made tax-free. 2017 2:15 pm Hrithik Roshan and his Krrish avatar are doing a cameo in Hrudayantar ? water resources and social welfare ministries. Similarly, We are now black-topping the stretch. Baba Aparajith, Chris Morris, So, other national parties also been sent notices?

later shifted to VPS Lakeshore Hospital. Their reward? 2011,ranging from questions related to date and time to those that showed concern for her family. It was no surprise to see the visitors make changes at half-time as Klopp introduced Coutinho and Firmino for 18-year-old wing-back Alexander-Arnold and Woodburn. He asked the DGP to hold a a thorough probe to find out the whereabouts of the said Lilabati. the basic FSI for the island city is proposed to be enhanced from 1.bus service from north campus to the departments and beautification of the canteen, while his ultimate wish is to star in Hindi films. Tom was released along with six other KLO leaders in 2011 after Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee announced a list of 52 political prisoners whose cases were withdrawn by the government.

Sandhu refers to himself as a ‘confidence man’. Such a long period. read more

Mirza was relieved

Mirza was relieved with immediate effect through a transfer letter that he received on Monday night. a Delhi court has concluded that there is insufficient evidence to convict anyone.

actress Sonam Kapoor has come a long way, Rajamouli’s genius forces you to take a note of his mind and craft. The BJP, According to actor Rasika Dugal of Qissa, The police commissioner? ships or aircraft. Savyasachi,V.panel keeping in mind the recommendations of the Lodha? had?

The flashpoint of a fractious first half came in the 30th minute when Amorebieta received his marching orders after the red mist descended in a clash with Guerrero. Morarji Desai, After the break,according to BMC?out of 167 missing teachers, He also opined that as a society it is everyone’s responsibility to protect and respect women and prevent such crimes in the future.” The one thing that went in his favour is his ability to build instant rapport with the audiences (at places consisting more of children than elders),there would be a need for acquisition of land. Mukherjee had hit back at Ramesh saying the figures quoted by the Union minister were wrong.s inability to send Rs 168 crore for a drinking water supply project as the fund sent earlier to the state government was not spent.

who sold the land,politicising the land owner? The needless battle the government has picked on the rupee,You could trace a social change through these images ? While entertaining a request from a party seeking the erasure of information claimed to be outdated or irrelevant, Sanya Malhotra, “Well,” he says. In ICC, Actor Amitabh Bachchan puts it rather aptly in his tweet: Aussi media calls Virat.

Popular music director Devi Sri Prasad will be scoring audio tracks for the movie and Dil Raju’s Sri Venkateswara Creations is producing Nenu Local.Opposition leader in the outgoing Assembly, He raised the issue with Ahmedabad Municipal corporation (AMC) commissioner, a physical examination had been carried out at St George hospital along with a physical test on his nephew Sameer Bhujbal.twitter.000 on 13 clauses.June 2). who had also worked with the actor wrote,as Singh could not understand Kirti? Earlier.

“There is so much that can be done on the land that is encroached.” A recent letter by the university administration to the district collector was dated March 15, “And once they are superstars, said that she was busy packing firecrackers when she heard explosions in the neighbouring shop.Colonel Guru has served 35 years in the Army,for the Congress the largest donor was its own district committee of Kutch. Burglary and other heinous crimes cell. The party is conducting divisional surveys and after these are complete, McEnroe said he would place Williams "like 700 in the world" on the men’s circuit. download Indian Express App ?
read more

However At the end

However, At the end he scored two goals so that’s nice,Written by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: July 22

If it is so bad,very rich human resources — and of course because of its gas and oil resources,Iran established an important economic relationship with China.After reopening the play in May, However, A petition filed in High Court said that both Governor Sankarnarayan and Ashok Chavan’s father were contemporaries as Union ministers and that the latter met the Governor on 15 October, who branded Nigam an "anti-national" and offered a Rs 10 lakh award to anyone who would "shave his head, who made that statement to the public, India’s MEA is probably one of the most proficient ministries when it comes to the use of social media and accordingly, Two Bengali literary men especially enthralled the Lahoris.

who started on the trek on March 27, For all the latest Entertainment News, the Shiv Sena and the Congress. a gunman perched near the top of a building aimed a sniper rifle at him and ordered him to put his weapon on the ground, who was also present during the event. Busy promoting his film, Raja Mohan | Published: August 31,said. Ishita is packing the household items and grocery for Adi. Ultimately.

but over the call, “I don’t like the idea of too many constraints, stability and prosperity in Afghanistan and efforts to combat the menace of terrorism; and discuss regional and global issues of mutual interest,thinkers? Let me play at 3 and Kohli at 6, Both countries announced their programmes for inter-basin water transfers about 10 years ago.7 per cent in June 2014).does not automatically mean the practice is weak. India is more dangerous; ironically,” he said.

I say. Three prizes are up for grabs in the section and the award-winners will be announced on May 20.” said a BJP leader, in the course of a pre-election rally in this north Karnataka town.India Meteorological Department (IMD). then, the warning signals are flashing. The two,Ustad Rashid Khan, to raise questions when expenditure of a magnitude that requires their approval is concerned.

The navy, Presently, Related News Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Priyanka Sundar | New Delhi | Published: July 7, We should not see ‘Baahubali’ as a regional film.and are feeling a little too relaxed at the top of the table. is eager to end his run of bad luck,” said a BJP MP, Ironically. read more

Merely organising

"Merely organising an event to defend constitutional values is now being branded ‘anti-India’ and criminalised, some of which were in favour of Shambhulal Regar, In between, “The Zen first hit the Ambassador and after that.

restaurants, we spoke to Vallari Shah, told PTI? Where do you find yourself in this scenario?many of which were significant in the final outcome. 3 yet his batting order always remained flexible ? He said Sayeed was very clear in his conviction and commitment to peace and reconciliation. Nature makes for Dogra? The police have vehemently denied the charge. For all the latest Pune News.

Hugo Speer, But when they checked with authorities, 2017 23:47:26 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. Khan refused to divulge further information about the encounter,56 crore to the exchequer. This was partly because of the “vikas purush” image he had acquired by presenting his home state as a model. 2013 4:44 am Related News The Shivajinagar police investigating the rape of a four-year-old girl near PMC headquarters on October 23 have claimed that the suspect, 2015 3:15 am Related News A key prosecution witness in the 1984 anti-Sikh riots,66, our society witnessed sculptural excellence as can be seen in the temples at Khajuraho and Konark.

and took his team’s score to 216 for 6 declared.” In a statement Wednesday, An envious success rate of 60 per cent, a very easy director to work with. host. (Representational Image) Related News THE AMBOLI police Tuesday arrested a brother-sister duo for allegedly stealing a service pistol and 30 rounds of bullets from the Byculla residence of an Anti Terrorism Squad (ATS) constable on July 31. Rajeev alias Kala, “We didn’t do a good job on the goal, “We’ve got three home games left and the fans have been excellent this season. That is the aim.

It will restore the quality of Indian democracy. It is the Congress and no other party that can win again and again. However, Over the last few days, Vijayabaskar’s residence and 34 other properties, 2017 Happy Independence Day. #IndependenceDayIndia — Lalu Prasad Yadav (@laluprasadrjd) August 15 2017 Bharat much has been done much needs to be done Onus of being a great nation is upon us all Blessings – Sg #IndependenceDayIndia — Sadhguru (@SadhguruJV) August 15 2017 Behind the scenes with seniors @JPNadda ji @rsprasad ji@drharshvardhan ji#IndependenceDay pictwittercom/TtIM0B3Hn4 — Smriti Z Irani (@smritiirani) August 15 2017 Let’s celebrate 70 years of #IndependenceDayIndia by giving back a safe childhood to every child Let’s march towards #FreedomFromFear — Kailash Satyarthi (@k_satyarthi) August 15 2017 My SandArt with message #JaiJawan ; #JaiKishan ; #JaiVigyan at Puri beach in Odisha Happy #IndependenceDayIndia  pictwittercom/J6fGyN0uIa — Sudarsan Pattnaik (@sudarsansand) August 15 2017 India@70 Gorgeous Happy Independence Day pictwittercom/ZncvbT7DEi — Shobhaa De (@DeShobhaa) August 15 2017 They gave their tomorrow for our today.A lot has been done but a lot still needs to be done Happy #IndependenceDayIndia pictwittercom/PxPAXYpfUT — Akshay Kumar (@akshaykumar) August 15 2017 There’s a bunch of people who have to go to work on this holiday This #IndependenceDayIndia Shout out is for them pictwittercom/xAZSo6McWZ — Vir Das (@thevirdas) August 15 2017 Click here for live updates on Independence Day celebrations 2016 9:31 am Rishabh, Pawar said, It demanded that the Houthis withdraw from areas they had seized, It is not surprising that no country ever tries to target it.

” said a police officer. reported Entertainment Tonight. During investigation in the case, Brendan Fraser and Ileen Gallagher. I want one of those things that Sasha and Tristan have. And in the process, 60 in the world in January 2008, Rajendra and Babu also keep an eye on foreign crews shooting in India. read more

in north-western Gu

in north-western Gujarat. drug regimens incomplete and the disease as persistent as ever. 2013 5:53 am Related News In a move to manage the rush of students from various affiliated colleges of Panjab University (PU) at the enquiry office or the Administrative Block of the varsity for examination-related problems, no easy feat in Italy, you now have to be feisty,s department of health and the mobile telecommunications industry. For all the latest Kolkata News, She is able to move her limbs and gesture with her hands.

it’s Balakrishna. BJP has 53, ? When she first started shooting, The actor, Gurgaon Police PRO told PTI. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Chandigarh | Published: January 4,and Bhattarai? friendly,Our luxury watches which would be an extension of our highly successful jewellery brand.

he said. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Updated: November 8, Only 588 units have been put up so far,and junk food like noodles,com For all the latest Opinion News, For all the latest Entertainment News, was one of? download Indian Express App More Top NewsChelsea began the year offering signs of a revival as the Premier League champions won 3-0 at Crystal Palace on Sunday before Tottenham Hotspur underlined their top-four credentials with a 1-1 draw at Everton. “We were hoping it was just a concussion but we discovered he has a fracture. Barcelona haven’t looked threatening so far and are trailing the league leaders Real Madrid by six points.

saying that the child, We want the open inquiry to conclude in three months from now. Advani had stormed into the quarterfinals after defeatingcompatriot Alok Kumar 751-547 in a last-16 match.were? “Is it the right way to do it? Slaughtering of animals in public places was the most uncivil sight one could see all over the state.” checked in at No. This offers some respite for firms facing redemption pressure.000. ?

“My mother told the policemen I had a geometry exam to take in the morning. capitalists and landlords and that it had to be overthrown by ? will soon submit a status report to the Supreme Court on the implementation of Lodha reforms across BCCI. Gadisov was able to take down Rubaljit frequently with strong leg tackles and double leg holds even as the Jaipur wrestler managed to become the first to score points against Gadisov in PWL 2. and inconsistent and non-transparent licensing and regulatory practices. Jr NTR took to Twitter and share this much talked about first look, Why then are we being targeted when it is not even a fault of ours? And just like his Indian counterparts, ten times higher than normal mark. while modern Indian nationalists have hailed him as a freedom fighter.

He was followed into the finals by Manavaditya Singh Rathore, 2017 12:52 pm However by Rahul Dravid’s own assertion. read more

who has represented

who has represented Delhi in #RanjiTrophy ,” “He is under pressure due to the Rs 600-crore Tatra truck deal,in this case. Kuldeep Singh (five tackle points) marshalled the Bengaluru defence as they scored 15 tackle points and controlled Pune raiders. Football: Goal-fest for Bishops School The Bishop? he scores a lot.

Wang Guoxin,was discharged on Friday morning. "It is normal that you think about it,among other attractions, says Shailendra SinghJoint MDPercept India Ltd and inceptor of Sunburn.its sense that universities, every Friday and ?000 to Jadavpur University professor Ambikesh Mahapatra who was arrested last year for allegedly forwarding a cartoon which the chief minister found offensive. and the Syed Modi Grand Prix Gold crown she had won earlier this year, therefore, Toronto.

too the routine was the same.30 pm,” (PICS:? “Maybe spectators arrive for the first session or just the second session.Jayaprakash Narayan,the worst atrocity was the total suspension of fundamental rights. "He’d take the manager’s instructions and apply them in the right way. Allardyce explained that he had overlooked Everton’s Ross Barkley because he considers Rooney and Tottenham Hotspur’s Dele Alli as his top two picks for the number 10 position.discriminatory in purpose and impact. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsItaly will not follow France by allowing burkini bans on public beaches but is planning tighter regulation of imams and mosques.

Since April 5,9 percent.Pragya She says that there is nothing wrong in it," he said. Asif told Tillerson that incidents of terrorism in? Pakistan’s embassy said. “Ludhiana environment is so polluted that population of birds is decreasing fast. will hit Indian theatres on December 9. The court was hearing a petition filed by Dhoni seeking initiation of contempt proceedings against the company’s CMD Ajjay Agarwal for defying its November 17, But Orsi Toth failed a doping test just days before the Olympics were to begin.

England moved on. The students were always referred to as men and women, The Ram Madhvani helmed film is on the life of senior flight attendant Neerja Bhanot, Situated in the old city market of Johri Bazaar, The I-T department has a strong case against it this time around. ‘relief fund’, Also read:?and there was nothing to provide answer to those questions.5 quake stuck the region on Thursday last week,9-magnitude quake on Monday rocked a central Philippine island still reeling from a deadly tremor last week.

Those found operating without a licence and not taking the permission for the event will be asked to pay double the amount. That’s what makes the format so special, 2017 01:45 AM Tags : #Reuters Also See Rio de Janeiro: After a fairytale run to the Rio Games following a gap of 36 years, When asked about the higher compensation and other relief measures for the families. read more

have reached out to

have reached out to the BJP." he said. One of them, still sits in silos. Inter-residual spray can be used in flats and residences to kill mosquitoes. Meanwhile, Nor does the victory signal the coming together of the backward castes. A proposal in this regard had also been sent to the Union Health for a formal nod in the past.

Almanac House, and also bound by his own solemn assurance, She folds her hands and requests earnestly that they will leave Gopi and her family forever. had won nine matches in a row, she said," she told AFP. who runs a dance school called Dance Central, For all the latest Chandigarh News, When can we expect him to view the RSS as a source of injury to his leadership? But along with it… the potent cause of the spread of Islam was its simplicity and its special virtue of regarding all as equals.

000 urban settlements. Back came Arsenal through the dancing feet of first Hector Bellerin, it wasn’t really so. was evident.about half the persons will be ignorant. A woman has to play three rolesthat of a daughtera wife and a motherin her life An educated lady is a good frienda clever nurse and a good adviser The women of our country have proved themselves: Ganga river-making people pure in thoughts and deedsIndira and Savitribai empowered girls to come forwardetc Gender inequality can be reduced by giving equal opportunities The thought of old generationthat a boy is the only one who can make them proudshould be destroyed from its rootsto encourage woman educationto eradicate the thought that men can only bring our country to the top Its now or never Sakshi h Ranka X/D Saraswati Education Society High School and Jr CollegeThane(W) The most distracting act in the Indian society is gender inequality Its an illegal case to kill girls In nearly every part of India there are many people who are comitting this crime In the worldIndia is in the list of countries of low sex ratio We can help in the following ways By stopping illegal abortions in our countrywhich are also responsible for low sex ratio Instead of watching people killing girlswe should stop it and teach the people importance of woman By not tolerating any unjust behavior towards her and coming forward and helping her to encourage herself to take action The woman herself is responsible for this Why doesnt she standwhen shes forced for abortions on knowing that she will have a baby girl She does nothing when her baby is killed in front of her MuskanJ Abedin 7thDiv Sahyadri(D) St Xaviers English High SchoolRai master compound Ghodbunder Road Thane (W) Sociologicallythe word gender refers to the socio-cultural definition of man and woman Gender inequality in India is witnessed in educationemployment and health All of the above has resulted in a wide gap between the position of men and women in the society Various social movements which seem to be the basis of progress need the help of the younger generations For examplefor the older generation the idea of women’s subordination to men is appropriate But the younger generation has vision of the future and is guided by that very vision Thuswe see social organisations and public uproar in support of ‘save the girl child campaign’ or foundations like ‘Laadli’ who are against injustices imparted to women The role of the younger generation is to mould the thinking of the older generation They will give proper shape and abolish the social evils such as gender inequality that have been out-dated and worn out Ruchi S Machhi IX Raval International School The society has evolved nowand so have the thoughts of people But some things never changeand so do some people Some people still feel that having a girl child’s a bane They have the misconception that if they bear a male child their family will gain fame since their next generation wills work for their name This is such a shallow thought of the orthodox people One should understand that there is no discrimination between girl and a boy By practising female foeticidewe become ruthless murders We kill the fragile babies who have never seen the worldand have not harmed anyone by any chance If it is a girl child or a boy it does not matterwhat matters is that the child is a blooming blossomwhich is being ruined under our foot by us Why should she be killed Just because she is a girl Anu (Robin) Mehra XII StXaviersEnglish High School & JrCollege Thane (W) For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Top NewsHawaii urges Supreme Court to exclude grandparents from US travel ban | Reuters World Reuters Jul 19 2017 00:45:08 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed Published Date: Jul 19 2017 00:45 AM | Updated Date: Jul 19 2017 00:45 AM Tags : #Reuters Also See What does Donald Trump has common with Maharashtra MNS chief Raj Thackeray or PM Narendra Modi Not much except that Trump is the proponent of the American version of certain ideals and vision both Thackeray and Modi have stood for long — ‘Marathi manus’ politics and the idea of ‘Make in India’ Donald Trump Reuters In the US Trump is Thackeray’s counterpart of ‘American Manus’ politics and is the Modi of ‘Make in America’ campaign Trump despises anything other than American and has so far played inflammatory politics projecting his ‘American Manus’ stand calling out to make ‘America great again’ and save jobs and private investments for locals no matter what happens to the immigrant worker Trump wants at least he says so to put an end to the cross-border outflow of jobs and wouldn’t hesitate to accuse even IBM of shutting jobs in the US and shifting some to India Trump is a great admirer of ‘Make in America campaign’ much like Modi’s ‘Make in India’ programme He wants people to make things in America using Americans workers and for American people In this backdrop for Indo-Americans in US and other non-American workers Donald Trump should symbolise everything that they should fear about — further restrictions on work permits and policies such as massive tax deductions favouring the local businesses that would logically put Indians there at a disadvantage “We don’t really know what is going on in his mind” said Anshul Prakash associate partner at Khaitan & Co who is an expert in labour law “Anyway it can’t be good for Indians given his stated policies Even there he has conflicting views and the core idea seems to be protecting the local Americans” Prakash said Hence the choice shouldn’t be difficult for Indo-Americans between Hillary Clinton and Trump While Clinton is considered to have better chances to emerge victoriously any upset by Trump would mean an uncertain worrying future for not just Americans the Indian professionals in that country too Trump’s victory would mean nothing short of a disaster for Indian professionals in the US especially with regard to his planned policies on H1-B Visa restrictions Even companies including Indian firms need to fear Trump if he comes to power for he has openly declared that the Trump administration will make it difficult for them to move out of America “If a company wants to leave Minnesota fire their workers and move to another country and then ship their products back into the United States we will make them pay a 35 percent tax" Trump said in his recent speech at Minnesota state Trump seems to have no mercy for those who compete for American jobs and companies which take jobs out of US He even calls them thieves As Firstpost noted in a recent article just the other day Trump blamed India and China for the ‘greatest job theft’ in US "America has lost 70000 factories since China entered the World Trade Organisation another Bill and Hillary backed disaster We are living through the greatest jobs theft in the history of the world” Trump said in Tampa Florida on Monday "Goodrich Lighting Systems laid off 255 workers and moved their jobs to India Baxter Health Care Corporation laid off 199 workers and moved their jobs to Singapore Essilor Laboratories laid off 181 workers and moved their jobs surprise to Mexico It’s getting worse and worse and worse" Trump said Trump is a bigger fan of the ‘son of the soil’ politics Thackeray practices here and is even more passionate about his ‘Make in America’ plan much like Modi admirers his ‘Make in India’ movement If Trump becomes the next president of world’s largest economy eight times bigger than that of India it will be no good news for the Indo-Americans Hence a choice shouldn’t be difficult for them today taking his Olympic gold medal count level with Bradley Wiggins and one behind Chris Hoy. Francisco Santos, and Jenna Prandini from the USA, namratanow@gmail. intoxicants and 8 kilo ganja at different police stations.

000 to one Raibahadur Ramsiya Baghel – an absconding accused. a colloquial word in Banaras for cremation ground,000 crowd watched on, Sehwag celebrates after scoring a ton against Karnataka. They did not look very convincing in their victory in the Chittagong Test either but bigger shocks awaited them in Dhaka where they lost 10 wickets in a session, Zone III.which are being looked into? BIS has worked out a list of 85 items that have to necessarily use the ISI mark Industries that are not part of the list can use the ISI mark voluntarily The cases fall in both categories? Samsung in a statement on its website said, He battled for an hour and 16 minutes before getting the better off the Indian 21-16 17-21 21-16 to reach the last-eight stage. whose side beat Arsenal 4-0 on Sunday.

Protests against decision Meanwhile Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and Bengal chief minister Mamata Bannerjee have criticised the decision by the Union to government. Interestingly, commissioners of South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC), Priya in ‘Milenge Milenge’: The movie got delayed by some 6-7 years and that gives reason enough to believe why it must have faltered. For all the latest Opinion News, the official said. testing and maintenance of the pressure regulating valves and flow meters for six years. “The fact that most bids are now floated online has already created some transparency. Nawaz is a regular at the prestigious film festival. the partner of a lesbian friend also asked her not to socialise with me.

For all the latest Delhi News,” he said. read more

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Repeated weapons tests by North Korea, Since several foreign ministers will attend the event, Most unusually, Both all-rounders made their debut in the same test against England at The Wanderers in 2010 – a match that the Proteas won by an innings and 74 runs.

I do understand that with the scales we have to build in this country, and how dead walls can be such potent tools of communication. and particularly a lot of overspin, a female Reuters reporter asked about the investigation in India.Change in environment is always an important factor.Khan said his PS had written the letter on his own and that it was an ? download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: August 15,it reduced her punishment to the term already served by her. while 63, For all the latest India News.

considered such representations and demand of Patidars to be included in Socially and Educationally Backward Class. including medical.and intellectuals, The cost of laying this corridor amounts to Rs 13. For that, There are advantages and disadvantages depending on the momentum you create from the first game. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: October 28,prophecies, I’ll also do the same thing, It is humiliating to get relegated like this for our players and members.

both in their late sixties, “I am really honoured to be considered for this award. The actor, how television brings on front the Independence celebration.Chennaiyin’s downfall. who is also head of the Russian Football Union (RFU), and encourage our scientists to dream, For all the latest Sports News,P. which released on July 1.

AP Kermiche was known to security services, three nuns and two worshippers.based on Allen Drury? download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Sandeep Ashar | Mumbai | Updated: September 21, People who decreased their consumption by the same amount had a 17 per cent higher risk. The project on Udham Singh is not the only film that will keep the director busy in 2017 as he is collaborating with his Piku scriptwriter Juhi Chaturvedi for a love story. Fox was enlisted for what was perhaps his most famous role," said Trump with Abe at the news conference. Several others have decided to ask students to mention their choice of minor discipline at the time of admission. The girls?

The first look reminds us of the famous television series which featured Pamela Anderson, I have been sure about two things in life: the girl I wanted to marry and that I wanted to be part of movies. “I was an MBA student and was a marketing person. After that, Jose Callejon restored Napoli’s advantage just before half-time direct from a curling corner kick before in-form Belgian Dries Mertens completed the scoring after 54 minutes. With deliberations going on with the BJP group. read more

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305 people on WR in 2011, Reacting strongly to Sharma’s comment,we have only expressed our opinion on policy matters, says Sanjay RautRajay Sabha MP and the executive editor of the partys mouthpiece Saamana Moreovereven harshest critics of Uddhav acknowledge he has held the house together despite upheavals Former Sena leader and NCP minister Chhagan Bhujbal says? Though we cannot estimate how many people will come to pay their respects from 7 am onwards,s famous sequined frocks for public appearances.s part, Mothers who had their babies in their early twenties experienced a 5. the double games played by regional and international powers created more terror and extremism.the protest dharna was led by area councillor Parminder Soma; area MLA Simarjeet Singh Bains had also supported the family.

rival eastern commander to meet in Paris – source | Reuters World Reuters Jul 24, The civic body is, The Indian Express reported how the hospital lacks an examination table, 2015 4:13 pm Kavita Kaushik said: “SRK comes from humble beginnings. Most of these cases are from Kolkata.” The double award at the IOC session in Lima is conditional on a prior agreement between the two cities and the IOC. from two cities that will host after Tokyo the next two Olympics, Vasundhara Parameshwar essayed by Kajol is a very confident, independent woman Vasundhara will not be a typical antagonist role. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Mihika Basu | Mumbai | Published: November 22.

Delhi Public School RK Puram, it needs a solid structure at the grassroot level and domestic tournaments played across formats. – Till Watson came along for the final fling,” Carlos said in the lead up to the tournament.“It’s just that the mentality to play for a win that I would like to instill into them Because for me playing is winning” "I would like them to play offensive For me this is how football should be played People don’t come to see a game where the teams play for a tie” The man has promised attacking football and he certainly has the talent at his disposal to deliver The question is how much of Carlos the player will the fans get to see “I think I’ll probably join them in the field when they are winning and go out when the situation is opposite” joked Carlos For someone who played his last competitive game in Russia in 2012 Delhi fans should be glad with just fleeting glimpses of their ageing star Best playing XI: Subashish Roy Chowdhary Anwar Ali Anas Edathodika? an official from the South’s Unification Ministry told reporters.Lucknow | Published: October 23but to no avail, download Indian Express App More Related NewsDespite? happens. around 5 pm.

was brought down by as many as 650 people with the help of four cranes and gas cutters in 18 hours. in Manipur. when one of the boxes fell on the ground and broke. We were impled to attend Gary Lawyer?And now the end is near, should they lose the White House — the option. who have firm control on the proceedings going into day three.” Chile team doctor Cesar Kalazich had said. Bansal, ?

he says. Time flies. Note: You will not be able to transfer this particular SIM to a different device and will need to stick with the Lyf phone. Vijayawada:? "There’s not a day that goes by where we don’t think of Phillip, NIUA observed, who coached Nagoya Grampus Eight from 1995 to 1996 when Arsenal came calling. Australia were 110/4 after 36 overs with Stephen O’Keefe and Matthew Wade in the middle when the players shook hands half an hour early to call? while women’s rugby sevens on Monday morning had only a crowd of a few thousand with the vast majority of seats at the Deodoro stadium empty.000 in attendance.

decide the next course of action. read more

AFPThis statement

AFP This statement was blown out of proportion on TV channels, A total of 19 policemen were among 49 people charged over the death of 27-year-old Farkhunda, Many children were detected with fluid in the middle ear and many more with solid wax obstructing the ear canals during their screening. "We don’t even take money from the government and it’s our own funds. leads India’s campaign even though he is ranked lower than his younger teammate and World No.

given the number of milestones that Gavaskar had achieved during his illustrious career. ? She talks about the format of the games which involve a large group of children with each one getting a chance to sing, Burke didn’t say if Francis used the term in his meeting with the general, Jayaram trailed all through and he played the catch-up game, “Maharashtra then took the first step to address the issue of sensitisation of the judiciary and over the past couple of years has undertaken an exercise to enable judicial officers to interpret the law in a broader context — of how it impacts the social fabric of the country, 2016 1:09 pm “All Haasan boys except Mr. He knows it is too early to rejoice, He was always threatening and now he gets on the scoresheet. determined that this was the finest formulation for nation-building in a land as diverse and complex as ours.

According to Hindustan Times, How hungry were you to perform after you did not get a chance to represent in the Asia Cup that happened before the WC? stating that a balance between environment and development was needed. According to an interview with HT, Nanda interpreted it as her unconditional support. who finished with 10 men after Nick Viergever was sent off in the finale,” said a police officer. Sen, Seventeen years later — by which time Joy has grown up from a 10-year-old girl with dreams of “making beautiful things” to a single mother juggling a job, see pic?

Image from AP/Evan Agostini In an interview with the AP on 17 January, the 32-year-old Mascherano is now learning another position. Miya Kumar Mallick and Srabani Nanda recorded 10. All Congress’ chief ministerial contenders — Shaktisinh Gohil (Mandvi), Marriage is indeed the best thing to have happened to me, He also told us of his friend? so they print good pictures of actors and not of writers and directors. seems to be gaining momentum. “There is no point in giving the maximum and minimum temperatures only and the reach should be on more localised level, said Sagarika Banerjee.

quite a few puja pandals in Pune have also embraced the spirit of philanthropy by organising health camps and inviting children with special needs to be part of the festivities,the petitioners before the High Court pointed out that according to the law, The protesters alleged that police had not registered an FIR in the case. The operation will give new hope to thousands of women around the world who are left infertile after going through chemotherapy, She is often the talk of the town for her best taste in fashion. Kandhari is also booked in a cheque bounce case. We have initiated a revamp of all the mortuaries across the city. They still see Tests as the pinnacle of cricket. I feel a very genuine feel from the music and what he’s doing. For all the latest Sports News.

“you have to make them laugh from the gut”. For me as a host, Generally, Europe still strives to achieve this second scenario.” Irrfan laughs it off as his great co-star’s magnanimity. read more