Wendy Williams Goes Naked For PETA

first_imgWendy Williams greeted holiday shoppers on Wednesday with a sexy appeal to cross fur off their lists as she unveiled her “Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” ad in Times Square to launch PETA’s national winter campaign.The campaign includes two versions of Williams’ ad, in which she is covered by nothing but long, flowing hair.“We should all try to be comfortable in our own skin and let the animals keep theirs,” says Williams, who once wore real mink and fox but had a change of heart after learning how animals are electrocuted, beaten, and even skinned alive for their fur.In addition to her ad, Williams will encourage her viewers to donate their fur coats to PETA so that they can be given to the homeless. PETA is working with shelters in Williams’ home state of New Jersey on their coat drives this winter, which have seen greater demand as the numbers of the needy and displaced have increased after Hurricane Sandy.Williams joins a growing list of stars — including Eva Mendes, Christy Turlington, and Taraji P. Henson — who have renounced fur and then volunteered to appear in PETA’s iconic naked campaign.last_img read more

Ikea to phase out singleuse plastic by 2020

first_imgTORONTO – Ikea and A&W are the latest big chains to join the war against single-use plastics, with each promising to limit waste production amid a growing public outcry over pollution.Ikea said Friday it would eliminate single-use plastic products from its shelves by 2020, including straws, plates, cups, freezer bags, garbage bags and plastic-coated paper plates and cups.And A&W Canada said it wanted to be the first fast food chain in North America to eliminate plastic straws with a plan to stop using them by the end of the year.The company says it will offer compostable paper straws instead. The move is expected to keep 82 million plastic straws out of landfills each year.Christine Ball of the Ecobusiness Network, which helps businesses reduce their environmental footprint, says shifting to more eco-conscious practices is an increasing concern for many companies.And she says moves by large players like Ikea and A&W can have a big impact on the broader sector.“When you start talking about something small like straws then you start to rethink the entire industry — you start rethinking how you’re using plastics overall,” says Ball, based in Whitby, Ont.“The general public and business (both) start to rethink: ‘OK, where else am I using these single-use plastics in my life where I don’t need to be?’”And it doesn’t stop with plastic, she adds.Ball points to a growing interest in the circular economy, in which manufacturing involves recycled materials and waste is eliminated or reused elsewhere. She points to one member company that produces a lot of cork waste, and efforts by the network to connect it to other organizations that grind cork to make cork floors.“Businesses are looking for new solutions as far as waste is concerned. Plastic is a part of it but businesses in our area that we talk to, they’re looking at an overall solution: ‘How do we deal with my organics? How do I deal with my plastics? My paper and my trash?’ I think that the plastics is amazing but it is just the tip of the iceberg.”Indeed, there have been an array of anti-plastic pledges in recent months: hotels including the Marriott and Holiday Inn Express have dumped their complimentary tiny shampoo and conditioner bottles in favour of larger containers that are attached to the bathroom wall; Montreal became the largest Canadian municipality to ban single-use plastic bags earlier this week, and Prince Edward Island is gearing up to become to the first province to do the same.Ikea Canada’s head of sustainability says the company hasn’t determined what alternatives it will offer to single-use plastics, which will also be phased out from customer and co-worker restaurants, bistros, and cafes by the end of 2019.But when Ikea committed to offering only LED lighting, he notes that forced the supply chain to come up with solutions quickly.“We’re hopeful that the commitment that we’re making around the single use plastics will actually encourage others to join us in this journey and then the suppliers that we work with, they can innovate or bring new products to market that will help us fulfil these ambitions,” says Brendan Seale.“In part, it’s an effort to shift the industry, and I think we have an opportunity and the ability to do that based on our scale. And if other large companies can do the same, then I think we’ll see fairly rapid movement on this.”He says Ikea is keen to join the circular economy by looking at new ways to work with renewable and recycled materials, and prolong the life of its products.Seale says Ikea has already taken some steps towards that: its Tanum woven rug is made from off-cuts from production of bed linens; the PS vase is made from the broken glass from production of other Ikea products; and a black matte cabinet door called Kungsbacka is made from recycled wood and PET plastic bottles.That’s important to consumers like Sophi Robertson of Toronto, who has been striving to produce zero waste since 2016.“I try to avoid a lot of the bigger chains but at the same time I try to also support (them) when I see that they’re making those kinds of changes,” says the 39-year-old Robertson, who estimates her family has produced one grocery bag of garbage in the past five months.“I think the big companies are the ones that kind of have to be the leaders in making these changes happen so that everyone else can follow.”last_img read more

Podemos Decries Planned Spanish Repatriation of 23 Minors to Morocco

Rabat – The Spanish political party Podemos has called on authorities in Spain to take the “necessary procedures” to stop the repatriation of 23 unaccompanied minors to Morocco, El Pais reported.The political party submitted a letter to the ombudsman, who must appear “in the Office of Children Prosecutor and the Central Alien Police Station” to check details of the procedure and to ensure the minors’ rights are respected.The Save the Children NGO also sent a letter to the Ministry of the Interior, the government, and the ombudsman, condemning the planned repatriation. The letter, according to the Spanish news outlet, asked that the deportation be abolished unless the children’s rights to security and welfare is guaranteed in Morocco. Earlier this week, the Spanish and Moroccan government agreed on the initial phase of a program to repatriate unaccompanied Moroccan minors.El Pais reported that the Child Prosecution Office in Madrid summoned 23 minors for a Moroccan delegation to interview.Read also: ‘The Need Is High:’ The Rabat Migrant Center Pope Francis Will VisitIn addition to Save the Children and Podemos, several other associations and NGOs condemned the new joint repatriation measure. The Spanish Network of Immigration and Refugee Aid tweeted a call that “the process of deportation be stopped immediately.”The network described the move as “unfair and illegal.”The measure is in line with an agreement Morocco and Spain signed in March 2013 to improve border surveillance and readmission of undocumented migrants.Podemos is also known for opposing Morocco’s territorial integrity by supporting the separatist claims of the Polisario Front over Western Sahara. read more

Boeing to take a 49 billion charge over grounded jet

DALLAS — Boeing says it will take a $4.9 billion charge to cover possible compensation to airlines whose Max jets remain grounded after two deadly accidents.Boeing said Thursday that the after-tax charge will cause a $5.6 billion reduction in revenue and pre-tax earnings for the April-through-June quarter. Boeing is scheduled to report financial results next week.Airlines around the world have cancelled thousands of flights since March, when regulators grounded the Boeing 737 Max and the company suspended deliveries of new jets.Boeing is also raising its estimate of Max production costs by $1.7 billion because production will be reduced longer than expected.It’s unclear when the plane will fly again. Boeing is working on fixing flight-control software implicated in crashes that killed 346 people.David Koenig, The Associated Press read more

UN calls for immediate action to halt spread of HIVAIDS in South

United Nations officials today told a meeting in Nepal on HIV/AIDS that the disease was “stalking” South Asians and warned that the region had only a narrow window of opportunity for turning back the epidemic.”South Asia stands at what epidemiologists call the ‘tipping point’ in the trajectory of disease,” Carol Bellamy, Executive Director of the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), told the audience in Kathmandu. “Despite generally low prevalence levels, it is the most-affected region in the world, after sub-Saharan Africa, in terms of numbers of people living with HIV/AIDS.”Peter Piot, Executive Director of the Joint UN Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS), said immediate action could prevent at least 5 million new HIV infections by 2010, and successfully begin to turn back the epidemic in the South Asia region. “Delay in preventing the further spread of HIV/AIDS will only aggravate the epidemic and reverse South Asia’s expected economic and social progress,” he added.The meeting, organized by the two UN agencies under the theme, “Accelerating the momentum in the fight against HIV/AIDS in South Asia,” brought together ministers, parliamentarians, religious leaders, young people and people living with HIV/AIDS from the region to chart the course for South Asia’s battle against the pandemic.At the conclusion of the two-day meeting today, participants were expected to adopt “The Kathmandu Call Against HIV/AIDS in South Asia: accelerating actions and results,” which will reiterate the commitment already made for the immediate implementation of a broader HIV/AIDS care and prevention agenda.As in many other parts of the world, it is the region’s young people who are particularly vulnerable, the two UN agencies noted. At the 2001 General Assembly Special Session on AIDS, the governments of South Asia joined other world leaders in pledging that at least 90 per cent of young people will have access to HIV prevention education by 2005. Although there are many examples in the region of communities mobilizing to reverse the spread of HIV/AIDS, recent surveys show that that South Asia is far from achieving that goal. According to UNAIDS, at the end of 2001, 4.1 million people in the region were living with the disease. read more

Culling wild birds ineffective against flu UN agency

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) today warned against culling wild birds in cities in countries affected by bird flu, saying this could distract attention from the campaign to contain the disease among poultry in the battle against the virus that could spark a potentially lethal human pandemic. “This is unlikely to make any significant contribution to the protection of humans against avian influenza,” FAO senior officer responsible for infectious animal diseases Juan Lubroth said of reports that wild birds were being killed in Ho Chi Minh City in Viet Nam as a precautionary measure. “There are other, much more important measures to be considered that deserve priority attention. Fighting the disease in poultry must remain the main focus of attention,” he added. “Wild bird species found in and around cities are different from the wetland waterfowl that have been identified as carriers of the avian influenza virus.” The Agency has previously warned that the H5N1 strain that has hit several Asian countries is likely to be carried over long distances along the flyways of wild water birds to the Middle East, Europe, South Asia and Africa, with the potential to trigger a global human pandemic.“Controlling the virus in poultry is the most effective way by which the likelihood of the bird flu virus acquiring human-to-human transmissibility can be reduced,” Mr. Lubroth said.Ever since the first human case of H5N1, linked to widespread poultry outbreaks in Viet Nam and Thailand, was reported in January last year, UN health officials have warned that the virus could evolve into a human pandemic if it mutates into a form which could transmit easily between people. The so-called Spanish flu pandemic of 1918-1920 is estimated to have killed from 20 million to 40 million people worldwide. Overall, there have been 132 reported human H5N1 cases, 68 of them fatal, all in South-East and East Asia. Some 150 million domestic birds have died or been culled in an effort to curb the spread.FAO, along with the UN World Health Organization (WHO) and the inter-governmental World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), has recommend a series of measures to fight the virus, including improved veterinary services, emergency preparedness plans, and control campaigns such as culling infected animals, vaccination and compensation for farmers to encourage them to report outbreaks. read more

Ongoing Israeli restrictions hampering Palestinian employment economic activity – UN report

The United Nations labour agency is calling for lifting restrictions on movement, employment and economic activity in the occupied Arab territories to boost opportunities for decent work and to enable the Palestinian economy to grow. In its annual report on the situation of workers of the occupied Arab territories, which was presented today in Geneva, the International Labour Organization (ILO) cites a number of factors for the fiscal crisis in Palestine. These include the ongoing failure of donors to meet their commitments, the decision of Israel to suspend, at least temporarily, the payment of clearance revenues, as well as the pace of settlement growth. “This situation calls for measures by Israel not only to relax the application of restrictions on people and businesses but to lift them altogether, thus enabling the Palestinian economy to grow and generate decent jobs,” ILO Director-General Guy Ryder says in his preface to the report. “The continuing occupation and expanding settlement activity are blocking the Palestinian economy, particularly its private sector, from significant progress,” he adds. The current situation will remain unsustainable until it is based on social justice. According to the ILO, the Palestinian economy is grappling with stagnating growth, higher unemployment and poverty and food dependency. The number of unemployed Palestinians rose by 15.3 per cent between 2011 and 2012, with the unemployment rate reaching 23 per cent. The situation is “particularly acute” in Gaza, where unemployment has reached 31 per cent and is almost 50 per cent amongst women, the agency said in a news release.It adds that 18.4 per cent of young Palestinians were neither in the labour force nor in education, including 31.4 per cent of young women. “These bleak indicators point to a clear need to develop large-scale programmes to support the school-to-work transition, such as a youth employment guarantee scheme,” says ILO.Excessive restrictions, which are economically and socially unproductive, are harming both Palestinian and Israeli business activities and any prospects for growth led by the private sector, it adds. While last year’s report warned of a dangerous political stalemate, there had still been, at that time, some advances in terms of economic growth, employment, social dialogue and gender equality in the Palestinian labour market, Mr. Ryder says. “The momentum for growth, already fragile at the time, has now come to a halt, and a fiscal crisis is turning into an economic and social crisis,” he adds.The report says that any effort to maintain a perceived status quo, in effect, promotes or at least permits “a further dangerous deterioration of the situation.” “At the very least, nothing should be done to make the situation worse,” says Mr. Ryder. “Denying rightful resources to the Palestinian Authority, stepping up the already unprecedented pace of settlement growth and constraining the Palestinian economy through restrictions and the weight of the settlements, will inevitably destroy any belief in the promise of two States for two peoples.“Instead,” he states, “together with genuine negotiations, what is needed is action to revive the flagging peace process and restore economic growth.”The report also points out that work in settlements remains largely unregulated and is open to abuse. The State Comptroller and Ombudsman of Israel had recently criticized the Israeli authorities for slow action in ensuring the inspection of wages, occupational safety and health, and social insurance for all settlement workers, including Palestinians.“All workers, irrespective of their place and form of employment, must be treated with dignity and respect for their fundamental rights, and must have effective access to remedies in the event of violations,” Mr. Ryder states.The ILO is currently hosting the 102nd session of the International Labour Conference, which opened on 30 May and runs through 14 June. read more

Factcheck Tony Blairs imperfect Brexit claims

first_img Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Claim 4: Sterling fall highlights future economic difficultiesMr Blair said the pound’s decline in value was proof that “we are going to be poorer”. The latest figures suggest it has been great news for UK exporters, particularly for those who want to trade outside of Europe.The Office for National Statistics noted that exports of goods rose by £2.1bn to £26.8bn in October, the highest level since records began, while exports to non-EU countries jumped to a record £14.4bn.Claim 5: Getting a deal will take yearsThe Brexit negotiations “could take years”, Mr Blair estimated. Given that Britain will have two years to strike a deal with the EU after triggering Article 50, he is correct. Claim 6: The Brexit vote was not about laws, but immigration“No one would seriously argue that the European Court of Justice alone provides a reason for leaving Europe,” Mr Blair said. “Immigration is the issue.” That is not what a post-referendum poll by Lord Ashcroft of over 12,000 people found. The top reason Leave voters gave for backing Brexit was not immigration, but because “decisions about the UK should be taken in the UK”.Claim 7: Brexit risks breaking up the UKIndependence for Scotland, Mr Blair said, is “back on the table” but “much more credible” due to the Brexit process. The Scottish people disagree, as every poll since Theresa May entered Downing Street has found that they would vote to reject it.Claim 8: Philip Hammond said leaving the Single Market would be ‘catastrophic’The Chancellor was not speaking about ending Britain’s membership of the Single Market, which is the Government’s plan, but about the risk of losing “access” to it. The US, China, Japan and South Korea aren’t members, yet have little trouble trading with the EU.Claim 9: The people do not want a second referendumMr Blair started out by saying “right now there is no widespread appetite to re-think”.On this he is right, as the latest polls show that the British people remain keen to get on with Brexit.center_img The British people voted to leave the European Union due to “imperfect knowledge”, according to Tony Blair, but the former Prime Minister made several imperfect claims of his own.Claim 1: Britain benefits from EU enlargement.Mr Blair called EU enlargement one of the “great achievements of British diplomacy of the last decades”. But his failure to impose controls on migrants – as most EU states did – meant that migration from Eastern Europe ballooned.Claim 2: Britain is worried about non-EU migration, not EU migration.“For many people, the core immigration question… is immigration from non-European countries,” according to Mr Blair. In fact, Britons are concerned about EU and non-EU immigration alike, as The Migration Observatory at Oxford University has noted.Claim 3: Britain gains from being in the single marketThe “enormous benefit” Britain gets as part of the single market includes “billions of pounds of wealth, hundreds of thousands of jobs and major investment opportunities”, Mr Blair said.His claim is based on estimates of how many jobs depend on Britain’s trade with the EU, not on its membership of the single market. One of the academics behind this research previously told the Telegraph that it would be “a false perspective” to suggest these jobs would disappear after Brexit.Also, the European Commission admitted in 2007 that the volume of foreign direct investment had been on the decline for years as the market was “losing its attractiveness”.last_img read more

Weir Minerals on optimising mine dewatering

first_imgAs public scrutiny over the mining sector’s use of water continues to grow amid global shortages, Weir Minerals has issued its own guide on how to optimise the dewatering component of a mine site.“Water is critical for every mine site, it’s used for minerals processing to dust suppression and slurry transport, and without it the entire operation would stop,” Weir said. “Every mine site faces a different challenge with water; it’s either scarce, or in excess and causing an issue.”A comprehensive, reliable and flexible dewatering plan is essential to ensuring there is a steady supply of process water throughout the site, according to Weir. Conversely, the removal of excess water from working areas to allow excavation to continue while safeguarding the operators and maintaining productivity also requires a dewatering plan.Ian Ross, Global Product Manager for Dewatering at Weir Minerals, said: “There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to dewatering. It can be an expensive and complex challenge, which is why we deliver bespoke strategies that are cost effective and manageable.“At Weir Minerals our strength lies in our engineering and project management capabilities. We have the knowledge, expertise and range of equipment to optimise the entire dewatering component of a site.”Major considerations for any dewatering projectWeather and environmentEach site’s dewatering requirements vary and present unique challenges, with environmental and geological considerations, as well as local climatic variations.Differences in weather conditions and environmental changes can have a significant effect on an operation. The challenges operators face with water will change from region to region.“From the outback of Australia where water is scarce, the recovery of water is desperately required compared to the tropical climates of Brazil, where open pits rapidly fill with water, or sub-zero (-50°C) arctic operations in northern Canada that operate year-round – they all require effective water management systems,” Weir said. “Every site, in every country, experiences varying issues with water management and requires a strong partner to support them, whatever the issue.”Ross said: “We have extensive experience helping either open-pit or underground mine sites with their water management challenges. From designing and implementing a unified, fully-automated dewatering system in Czech Republic to delivering a dewatering system to withstand high wind speeds and tropical storms in Africa, we rarely meet a challenge we cannot overcome.”There are also a number of factors affecting the dewatering system, from the permeability and porosity of the ground, the amount of surface water, and geological features such as seasonal rainfall.All of these must all be assessed and factored into a detailed dewatering system before work can begin, Weir said. The dewatering system put in place must be able to cope with this to provide a safe solution and minimise production delays.What’s in the water?The composition of water being moved has a notable impact on the equipment and materials used, according to Weir. “The pH range, temperature, corrosive and abrasive content all play a critical role in selecting the equipment to transport water effectively. The presence of solids in the water, the specific gravity, size distribution and content percentage will determine the type of pumps required.”Equally, the pipework and valves are also subject to corrosion and abrasion from the products handled and must be designed accordingly, the company said.“For every dewatering project, it’s important the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) understands the environment before developing the strategy, to deliver the optimal solution,” Weir said.“The pitfalls of over- or under-sized equipment include excessive energy use, high cost investment and maintenance and also risk to equipment and personnel, as well as lost production in the case of insufficient capacity.”Cameron Murphy, Regional Director of Dewatering for Weir Minerals, said the company has a range of flexible solutions that allow it to use several types of pumping equipment, from self-primed diesel driven, submersibles, vertical turbine and multi-stage to high-wall pump designs for sites that have limited access due to high-sided mine pits.“Our development of sophisticated pontoon and barge designs allows our equipment to float out over water bodies for easier access. All designs are rigorously tested and include safety features to help prevent risk to operators. Each of our pontoons is designed with a fully-tested anchoring system and can be customised for extreme weather conditions,” he said.Waste not, want notWith depleting ore grades around the world, there is an emphasis on turning waste into energy, and the dewatering process is no different. Weir Minerals produces equipment which not only dewaters mine sites, but also enables the operator to recycle and re-use back through the plant, it said.Weir said: “Reclaiming process water for reuse is an increasing demand from operators as it can help overcome the issue of water scarcity, and ensure the operation is gaining maximum use of its resources. Weir Minerals has successfully partnered with a number of customers around the world to make this happen.”There are multiple ways in which Weir can help its customers reclaim water from their tailings and re-use it throughout the mine site, according to Ross. “From pump house systems to innovative and customised barge solutions, we find a solution that is right for the customer. These options can be complex, and we work with the customer to educate them on how the systems work and showcase the benefits, it’s a collaborative approach,” he said.More than just equipment“Operators usually rely on multiple OEMs for dewatering projects; a labour intensive task dealing with different providers and ensuring a solution comes together in a streamlined process,” Weir said.“Weir Minerals can remove this headache by project managing the entire dewatering solution, utilising products from our extensive dewatering range. This involves a thorough assessment of the requirements of the site, including the mine plan, operating depths, and existing infrastructure, as well as required water in-flow.”Ross concluded: “We provide a resilient process against the backdrop of increasingly difficult conditions in which many of our customers operate. What we deliver is an optimal dewatering plan, backed up by recommendation for regular equipment maintenance to keep unscheduled stoppages to a minimum.”last_img read more

NASA sells off old PCs but forgets to remove the secret data

first_imgNasa may be filled with scientists capable of putting man into space, but its IT department leaves a lot to be desired.As with all companies and organizations, PCs need replacing and old hardware discarded. In the case of Nasa, it was selling off PCs as operations for the space shuttle program start to wind down. The only problem being no one removed the sensitive data contained on the hard drives.AdChoices广告Policies are in place to ensure nothing confidential ever leaves Nasa premises, but those policies were not being followed by staff. In total 10 PCs were sold containing sensitive information, and a further 4 contained information restricted under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations that were about to be sold.The problem stems from the checks done on each machine before being allowed to leave Nasa. The PCs were failing the checks, but no one was stopping them from being sold anyway.Hackers would also have a field day with a large batch of other machines (in the dozens) which still had details of network access printed on the side of the case. All those machines were in the process of being put up for sale.A PDF document entitled “A Review of NASA’s Disposition of Information Technology Equipment” goes into a lot more detail regarding the matter, which summarizes that there are:Significant weaknesses in the sanitization and disposal processes for IT equipment at four NASA Centers – Kennedy and Johnson Space Centers and Ames and Langley Research Centers. Read more at BBC News, via EngadgetMatthew’s OpinionSo the policies and procedures are in place, but the machines are not being wiped, or action taken when testing is carried out and they fail. That’s sounds like a staff problem to me. Why aren’t the people in charge of such duties not doing their job properly? It’s strange that it isn’t just one center, though. That also suggests a lack of training for staff across the board on how to deal with data.No doubt Nasa, who has been embarrassed by this, will now ensure new checks are put in place and staff are either retrained or taken out of those positions. If I had to guess I’d say the job of checking data had been removed has fallen to someone with no idea what they are checking for and ended up just running the check and letting everything through.last_img read more

BMW 1 Series recalled for faulty wiring fire risk

first_img Luxury cars Coupes BMW Smell smoke? Best to get the car to a dealer. BMW Thousands of BMW 1 Series owners will find a recall letter in their mailboxes in the near future. The German luxury car maker will recall 41,981 1 Series models for bad wiring that may cause a fire.Per the documents filed with NHTSA, the affected 1 Series cars come from the 2008-2012 model years. Breaking the numbers down, 22,188 recalled cars are 128i and 135i coupes, while the 19,793 other models are 128i and 135i convertibles. BMW estimates 1% of the recalled cars house the faulty wiring but owners will need to bring their cars to a BMW dealership to make sure there isn’t a fire risk.The issue is a blower-regulator wiring harness that may have connectors at the end of the harness covered in tin rather than silver. If the car features tin connectors, corrosion may occur at the blower-regulator connection. The blower-regulator system is responsible for controlling fan speed in the 1 Series’ heating and air conditioning system.If the wiring corrodes, high electrical currents could increase the temperature and cause damage to additional wiring, lead to short circuits and potentially cause enough heat to melt the plastic blower-regulator surround and start a fire. Owners may notice a plastic and burning smell inside the car if overheating occurs. Additionally, the heat or air conditioning may stop working.For vehicles that do feature the bad connectors, BMW will install a new component free of charge. If the problem has affected or damaged any other system, those will be taken care of along with the recall campaign at no additional charge as well. For owners who made repairs outside of the warranty, BMW’s reimbursement program may cover previous out-of-pocket costs. Look for those recalls to start arriving on Sept. 27. Recalls BMW Share your voice BMW’s iDrive tech is better than ever in the 2019 X5 2020 Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro first drive: Extreme yet surprisingly approachable 2019 Jaguar XE SV Project 8 review: The lovable lunatic 2019 Mazda CX-5 Diesel review: Was it really worth the wait? Now playing: Watch this: BMW 1 Series lets you use your phone as a key 0 Post a comment Tags More From Roadshow 5:13 37 Photoslast_img read more

Why AR15 Rifles Are Easier To Get Than Handguns In Texas

first_img Share APThis photo posted on the Instagram account of Nikolas Cruz shows weapons lying on a bed. Cruz was charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder on Thursday, Feb. 15, 2018, the day after opening fire with a semi-automatic weapon in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. (Instagram via AP)AR-15s are the semi-automatic version of the M-16 assault rifle.Its bullets can cause devastating wounds and have been the weapon of choice for mass shooters from the Pulse nightclub to Sutherland Springs, Texas, and, most recently, Parkland, Florida.In Texas and many other states, it’s easier to buy an AR-15 than a 9 millimeter handgun.That’s because you have to be at least 21 to buy a handgun, while AR-15s can be sold to people 18 and up. And before Texas’ open carry law went into effect in January 2016, handguns could not be carried openly, while AR-15s and other rifles could.Melissa Hamilton, who teaches criminal law at the University of Surrey in England, said that’s because they’re grouped with other long arms that are used for hunting. “So one of the reasons that there had been historically very few regulations is because of those legitimate purposes,” she said.Lawmakers put restrictions on handguns in the 20th century, Hamilton said, because they were often used in crimes.AR-15s are actually not practical for hunting, she said, because they would essentially “blow up” the animal.Some of our listeners took issue with that idea. There has been previous reporting reflecting that the rifle was actually first marketed as “superb” for hunting.Federally licensed arms dealers have to conduct a background check before selling any firearm to someone, but private sellers – including those at certain gun shows – are exempted from that requirement.This article has been edited to correct some misinformation and clear up confusion.last_img read more

Top Movie and TV Trailers to Watch From SDCC 2019

first_img ‘Death Saves’ D&D Streetwear: Interview With Designer D…Wesley Snipes Says ‘It’s All Good’ With Marvel Studios’ ‘Blade’ Reboot Film Stay on target San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC), one of the top culture conventions of the year, is known for revealing new TV and movie trailers to attendees.The event, which is taking place in San Diego from July 18 to July 21, is showcasing footage from upcoming sequels, such as Top Gun: Maverick, and new developments, including Netflix’s dark animated fantasy series The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.From Paramount Pictures’ It Chapter Two to HBO’s Watchmen, here are the top film, TV, and animated series trailers you can watch from SDCC 2019.Rick and MortyRick and Morty, a sci-fi animated comedy that follows a mad scientist and his grandson on crazy adventures, is returning to Adult Swim for its fourth season in November…*Ominous beeping noise*Fear the Walking DeadSeason 5 of Fear the Walking Dead is almost done, and the series released an exclusive trailer at SDCC that showed what’s to come for the surviving squad. Fear the Walking Dead returns to AMC on Aug. 11.Van HelsingVanessa Helsing, a relative of vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing, is the lead protagonist of Van Helsing Season 4. The series, which will premiere on SyFy this fall, promises a lot of blood, gore, and rituals.The ExpanseThe Expanse, Amazon Prime Video’s eerie sci-fi show, teases intergalactic battles for Season 4, which will debut on the streaming service in December. When Earth, Mars, and the Belt struggle for power after the Ring Gates open to new planets, everything might fall apart at the seams.Star Trek: PicardSir Patrick Stewart is reprising his role as the Starfleet officer and former Enterprise captain Picard in Star Trek: Picard, a new series coming to CBS All Access in 2020.WestworldWestworld is welcoming a new face (Breaking Bad‘s Aaron Paul) and moving to a futuristic world for Season 3. Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton, and Tessa Thompson are also starring in the series, which is returning to HBO in 2020.Star Trek: Short TreksStar Trek: Short Treks is coming to CBS All Access this fall: Ethan Peck (Spock) and Rebecca Romijn (Number One) and Captain Christopher Pike (Anson Mount) are returning to the U.S.S. Enterprise for this mini-series’ six new shorts.WatchmenSet in an alternate history where masked vigilantes are considered outlaws, Watchmen, HBO’s thrilling series based on the graphic novel by Dave Gibbons, will leave you on the edge of your seat. Regina King, Jeremy Irons, Don Johnson, and Jean Smart star in Watchmen, which hits HBO this October.The Dark Crystal: Age of ResistanceJim Henson’s famous dark fantasy adventure comes to life in The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, a story about three Gelfling heroines that try to stop an evil group from taking over their universe. The series, which features a voice cast with Game of Thrones’ Nathalie Emmanuel, Taron Egerton, and Anya Taylor-Joy, is coming to Netflix on Aug. 30.21 BridgesAn NYPD detective engages in a city-wide manhunt for cop killers and blocks off most of Manhattan in the thrilling movie 21 Bridges, which hits theaters in September.The Walking Dead Movie (Untitled)Rick Grimes’ story isn’t over yet: The first The Walking Dead movie teaser dropped at SDCC 2019 and even though it doesn’t have an official title or release date yet, we’re excited for this character to return to the big screen.The WitcherThe Witcher, Netflix’s fantasy series based on the video game series of the same name, is coming to the streaming service soon. Henry Cavill, who plays monster hunter Geralt of Rivia, must find stability in an unsettled continent where magic and reality collide.The Walking Dead The Walking Dead Season 10, which is coming this fall to AMC. This time, they’ll have to also deal with The Whisperers, a group of undercover humans who dress up like flesh-eaters to survive.She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Adora, Glimmer, and Bow are keeping The Princess Alliance strong in She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Season 3, which will hit Netflix on Aug. 2. This time, Adora will have to venture to the Crimson Waste to untangle anther mystery that might change the course of the show.Creepshow“There are things in the corner of this world…they will drive you insane.” (All the chills here.) Creepshow, a new Shudder horror anthology series based on Stephen King and George A. Romero’s eerie film with the same name, is coming to haunt your dreams on Sept. 26.Top Gun: MaverickStill feel the need for speed? Tom Cruise is coming back as your favorite fighter pilot in Top Gun: Maverick, which will hit theaters on June 26, 2020.His Dark MaterialsBased on Philip Pullman’s award-winning trilogy, His Dark Materials follows a young girl who must travel to different parallel universes and find her missing friend. Dafne Keen, James McAvoy, Ruth Wilson, and Lin-Manuel Miranda star in this fantasy series, which is coming to HBO in the fall.It Chapter TwoThe Losers Club is back as adults in It Chapter Two, a creepy horror film that brings them face to face with  Pennywise, a demonic clown that preys on children, 27 years later. Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, Bill Hader, Jay Ryan, James Ransone, and Bill Skarsgård star in It Chapter Two, which hits theaters on Sept. 6.Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.There are only four episodes left of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 6, and fans received a sneak peek at what’s in store for the elite squad of investigators at SDCC 2019.My Hero AcademiaSeason 4 of My Hero Academia is coming to Funimation in October, so get ready for Deku to do “whatever it takes” to save a young girl in this suspenseful anime series.Terminator: Dark FateA new judgement day is coming in Terminator: Dark Fate, which stars Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor, a terminator hunter who is tasked to protect a young girl (Natalia Reyes) from a “metal mother f*cker” (Gabriel Luna). Terminator: Dark Fate is coming to theaters on Nov. 1.Mayans M.C. The next chapter of the Sons of Anarchy saga, Mayans M.C., is coming back to FX for Season 2 on Sept. 3. The series, which is set in a post-Jax Teller world, follows EZ Reyes, who is trying to find out the gruesome circumstances of his mother’s death.More on Geek.com:Top Movie and TV Panels to Keep on Your Radar for SDCC 2019What to Expect From the Marvel Cinematic Universe at SDCC 2019Tom Cruise Surprises Fans With ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Trailer at SDCC 2019last_img read more

Transport dept all set to introduce 35 robust safe vessels before Durga

first_imgKolkata: The state Transport department is all set to introduce 35 robust and safe vessels before Durga Puja for better transport facilities in inland waterways.It may be mentioned that the state Transport department has already taken a series of steps to ensure that people do not face any inconvenience while availing the transport services in inland waters. At the same time, steps have also been taken to ensure security and safety of commuters.The state government had introduced the Jalodhara scheme under which safe and robust vessels are getting introduced by which people can cross river Hooghly at different transit points without any risk. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeSources said around 35 such vessels will be introduced ahead of Durga Puja. Around 15 of such 35 vessels are of capacity to carry 100 passengers at a time.It is learnt that if everything goes as planned then the vessels will be introduced by the beginning of the next week. An official of the state Transport department said 20 of such 35 vessels are under the Jalodhara project. It may be mentioned that the vessels are constructed based on a special design prepared after incidents in which semi-mechanised motorised boats had capsized happened. The state Transport department also ensured repairing of jetties following a Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). Jalosathis have also been appointed at the jetties to maintain the SOP.The jalosathis maintain vigil to check overloading on vessels and also take necessary steps for safety and security of passengers. Moreover, roro service will also be initiated between Namkhana and Narayangarh soon. All steps have also been taken to introduce the facility as early as possible. It will benefit the locals immensely and further improve the inland waterways facilities.last_img read more

Travellers can try their luck with Sunwings 70 off promotion

first_img Monday, November 14, 2016 Travellers can try their luck with Sunwing’s 70% off promotion TORONTO – Feeling lucky? Sunwing’s latest promotion is making a winner out of a select number of travellers with savings of up to 70% off on all-inclusive vacations.With the Lucky Deals promotion, travellers simply select their ideal destination and choice of minimum hotel star rating to kick off the vacation countdown. Seven days prior to their departure, the tour operator will reveal which featured top-rated resort the client will be staying at.A wide range of four- and five-star resorts in Cuba, Jamaica, Mexico and the Dominican Republic are included in the sale. Top-rated hotel brands include Paradisus, Royalton, RIU and Secrets, among others. Clients can specify which resort destination and star rating they prefer as they book. Plus, they can view the full listing of participating resorts in this offer before they choose their destination and star rating combination. Lucky travellers accommodated in a top-rated resort will save up to 70%, depending on which of the featured hotels is their revealed resort.More news:  Marriott Int’l announces 5 new all-inclusive resorts in D.R. & MexicoThere are only a limited number of Lucky Deals available during this promotion. All packages offered as part of the Lucky Deals promotion also include return flights on Sunwing Airlines. Travelweek Group Posted by Share << Previous PostNext Post >>last_img read more

If you brew it they will come

first_imgRelated posts:Santas invade rural Costa Rica Room2Board gives hostels a good name Perro Vida celebrates first year of craft brewing Gone fishing, in style: The Zancudo Lodge ups its game Peering at the monitor, beer in hand, all Zach Boyd can see is a small cottage, a pick up truck and clusters of trees. He is playing the game GeoGuessr, which shows players a street view image from Google Maps, then has them guess its location. Boyd and the other owners of Brewha Costa Rica in the Orosi Valley play it often.In this scene, the truck is a Ford, the trees are pines and Boyd is certain the location is in the northern U.S. When he notices road sign with kilometers, that’s it.“Canada,” he says, dropping a pin in the middle of the country. The game draws a line between his dot and the actual location. Amazingly, he’s come within 200 miles of the place.It was impressive. But glancing around at the books on the hostel’s shelves and the travel relics on the walls, it’s not all that surprising. Brewha owners Jackie Weintraub and Zach Boyd stand with their dog Charlie who they adopted when they lived in South Korea. Lindsay Fendt/The Tico TimesBoyd is from Portland and his girlfriend Jaclyn Weintraub from Toronto. They met while studying abroad at the University of Amsterdam, and traveled together all over Europe and later moved to South Korea to teach English.“Ever since we have known each other, we have been travel buddies,” Weintraub said.The pair joined up with another travel buddy, Peter Miller, and bought Brewha, hoping to use their combined hostel knowledge to create the ultimate backpacker experience. With Miller back in the U.S., Weintraub and Boyd now run the daily operations, and they do so in a way that is all their own. Perched on the side of a cliff, Brewha has spectacular views of the Orosi Valley below. Lindsay Fendt/The Tico TimesOn a cliff overlooking the lush Orosi Valley, Brewha boasts killer views of the nearby El Salto waterfall and Ujarras ruins. Hammocks dangle and bamboo lookout platforms perch beneath a blue flag emblazoned with the Brewha logo, which features a tapir inscribed in a bottle cap (Weintraub thinks the sloth gets too much attention).The building looks more like a young boy’s dream treehouse than a hostel, a style supported by its owners’ constant stream of projects.“Zach is a little bit ADD, so we like to call him the idea machine,” Weintraub said.A potato gun, a sling shot and a trebuchet (a type of catapult) are on Boyd’s list for future projects. The hostel is also planning less violent improvements, Weintraub said. The outside of Brewha’s two private suites. Lindsay Fendt/The Tico TimesThe duo excels at the crafts one usually only finds on Pinterest. Fueled in part by a weekly craft idea email from Boyd’s mother, they are constantly improving on the mountainside home. An outdoor shower, new bamboo decks, a sun-warmed hot tub and a floor entirely covered in colones are among current projects, while hand tie-dyed sheets and sign poles featuring the names of guest’s hometowns have already been completed.Like many hotel owners in Costa Rica, Brewha’s wanted to feature the country’s animals on its walls. But instead of your typical jungle scene, Weintraub sprinkled pop-culture references into her murals, creating a superman sloth and a Ché Guevara parrot, among others. Brewha’s four animal and pop culture fused murals. Lindsay Fendt/The Tico Times“Even if I was living in a crappy basement apartment in Toronto, I would still probably be painting murals,” Weintraub said. “We do it because it’s nice, but we also do it because we want to. That’s just our personalities.”As their hostel’s name would suggest, Brewha’s owners have a strong commitment to having a good time, and also to beer.Before heading back to the states, Miller started a home brewing tradition at the hostel. Even in his absence, Boyd continues to serve up the hostels signature beers. Treefrog Jefe, Tapir Beer and Ziggy Kitty IPA are just a few of the brews that frequent the beer whiteboard.When not hanging out at the hostel, the Brewha crew makes the most of the surrounding area. The nearest town, Paraíso, doesn’t have much of a bar scene, but Brewha’s owners won’t shy away from a night on the town (as evidenced by the hostel’s recent Santacon). If the outdoors are more your speed, Weintraub is quick to pick up a machete on a trek out to the nearby waterfall or down to the Ujarras church ruins.The point of doing things with their guests, Weintraub said, is to be sure they have a good time.Meanwhile, she and Boyd seem to have a good time doing just about everything, whether it’s lounging in a hammock with a good book, hanging out over beers, or drunkenly slingshotting projectiles off a balcony. “We live here,” she said. “We don’t want to be bored either.”Going there: Brewha gives detailed directions on the website along with a video tutorial, but the hostel is located about two hours from San José. Take the Inter-American highway east from San José towards Cartago, from there follow signs to Paraíso. Brewha is located off a dirt road after the Mirador de Ujarras.Rooms range from $12 a night for a dorm bed to $45 for a private room with a private bathroom. Breakfast is included. Facebook Commentslast_img read more

Boom in New Home Sales

first_img in Daily Dose, Government, Headlines, Market Studies, News, Origination Boom in New Home Sales The demand for housing outweighed the small existing home inventory in February, according to a report from the U.S. Census Bureau and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). New home sales in February 2017 were at a seasonally adjusted rate of 592,000, a 6.1 percent increase from January’s rate of 558,000 and a 12.8 percent increase year-over-year, from February 2016’s 525,000.Realtor.com Senior Economist Joseph Kirchner noted that the increase in new home sales could be due to the warm winter which allowed construction to stay on schedule, last year’s strong home construction starts, and a gradual shift from building apartments to individual homes. However, Kirchner says that while construction is up overall, existing home sales are falling.“While this growth is encouraging, it’s important for house hunters to keep in mind that builders have been focusing on the more pricey part of the market; affordable options are still in short supply,” said Kirchner. “That’s a key reason why existing home sales dropped in February while sales of new homes went up–existing home sales include both affordable and premium homes. During that month, sales of existing homes under $100K plummeted 15 percent and sales of homes in the $100K to $250K range fell 2 percent, while sales of more expensive existing homes soared.”While new home construction booms, the existing home inventory dwindles. Existing home sales, constrained by a lack of supply, increased just 1.8 percent over the last year. February saw a 6.4 percent decline in new listings and a 12.9 percent decline in the overall number of homes for sale, marking the third month in a row that inventory has fallen by double-digits and the 17th consecutive month of year-over-year supply declines.Consumers are still looking positively at the home market. According to a National Association of Realtors survey, 62 percent of consumers said they believe the U.S. economy is improving, and 72 percent believe now is a good time to buy a home, so the housing market will still be busy. Sharecenter_img March 23, 2017 604 Views Construction sales 2017-03-23 Seth Welbornlast_img read more

The subordinate ju

"The subordinate judicial officers are mainly concerned with trial work. obstruction of justice, In a real sense, Baker fled his home.

Okoghiroh Endurance, Around 200 police officers then rounded them up,上海贵族宝贝DE, Caretaker manager Graeme Murty, I assure you that we are on control of this situation,And perhaps the biggest question of all: Did Dove really believe that the ad would make more people of color want to buy its products?6 million farmers is also GMO. The judge disagreed. with many states recording levels of voter participation not seen for a non-presidential election in decades. Paul Pioneer Press is a media partner with Forum News ServiceThe Nigeria Police Force (NPF), Kulu Haruna.

Luther Cuba Gooding Jr. the party has been repositioned and we have been winning elections fair and square.S. We operate at different levels; sometimes,上海龙凤419MN, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi said, early on Oct. AAP members tried to break human chain of watch and ward staff.1 percent, Chip Somodevilla—Getty Images Police officers walk in formation on Reisterstown Road near Mondawmin Mall in Baltimore on April 27. when Qian’s protégé.

Among the more high-profile of recent tiffs: actor Seth Rogen going toe-to-toe with Cathay Pacific airline, but I guess certain phone numbers have changed and I havent received calls from a lot of people. Gianfranceschi that he would not be allowed to make any phone calls. Gabriel Ogbu. 12:10 p. he was prevented from reapplying for parole until 2027. Thousands of people were attending the concert by American pop star Ariana Grande when an explosion rocked the concert hall. kidnapping and attempted murder against Evans and three others.” he said. is her way of giving back.

Trump has said he knew nothing about the meeting before it happened. very excited to be associated with the amazing state and people of North Dakota,娱乐地图BN, Asokoro and set me down. like rare Pokémon cards, a crocodile jumped out of the lake and grabbed the pastor. the scan that all families dread; did treatment work? You can buy pre-made Senseo pods or make your own pods, DAILY POST gathered that they were on top speed at about 7:45 when the front part of the motorbike suddenly pulled off leading to the fatal accident and the instant death of the INEC staff.He filed a $36 million federal lawsuit against the county, The low 30s are possible from Friday to Sunday.

David Gottlieb, Delaware County District Attorney Jack Whelan said in a press conference Thursday afternoon.com.The state inspector returned this week to the jail since another inmate died. take the men away from the power’ is never going to work out because you need balance…My biggest thing is really sisterhood more than feminism. The more connected we are. ruling all but one veto as "ineffective,Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) The Ijaw Youth Council on Wednesday urged the Federal Government to immediately pay the backlog of stipends owed ex-militantsLiebl has been charged with gross misdemeanor transporting illegally taken big game.com."In the 39-minute-long video.

Im sure Im not the only one kicking themselves for not getting involved months back. to see if he could be a candidate for the Treasury or HUD posts." He followed the news of his release with a statement, “There were six policemen in uniform,419上海EY," Leadsom had carried the hopes of the so-called Brexiteers having campaigned to leave the E.R. read more

Adityanath is schedu

Adityanath is scheduled to reach Agra on Wednesday and visit the monument on Thursday File image of Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav PTIs Akhilesh told reporters that he has visited the monument both as a student as well as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh because he could appreciate architecture The Times of India reported He was responding toa queryabout the recent comments by BJP MLA Sangeet Som and the controversy surrounding the UNESCO world heritage site “Ab intezaar kewal itna hai …ki Mukhya Mantri jab jayenge aur Taj Mahal ke samne unki photo aayegi to woh kaisi lagegi … iska intezaar hai (I am waiting to see how the chief minister’s photograph in front of Taj would look)” Akhilesh said according to The Financial Express The news conference was reportedly organised to felicitate Samajwadi Chatra Sabha leaders who won the student union elections in Allahabad University and various colleges of east Uttar Pradesh Adityanath’s Taj visit is largely being seen as a damage control move after the media reported that the monument was missing from the state tourism booklet called ‘Uttar Pradesh Paryatan-Apaar Sambhavnayen’ and the BJP leader called it a blot on Indian culture The chief minister said that the Taj Mahal is important specifically in terms of tourism “it is our priority to provide facilities and safety to tourists there (Agra)” He further said that he does not agree with Som’s remarks because Taj Mahal is a part of India’s heritage and was built by India’s labourers Som while talking about the removal of the Taj Mahal from the tourism booklet had said “Many people were disappointed that the Taj Mahal was removed from Uttar Pradesh tourism booklet What history are we talking about The creator of Taj Mahal (Shahjahan) imprisoned his father He wanted to wipe out Hindus If these people are part of our history then it is very sad and we will change this history” Vinay Katiyar another leader from the party had also claimed that the Taj was Lord Shiva’s temple called ‘Tejo Mahal’ which was converted into a mausoleum by Shahjahan However incidentally? previously heard on albums including Hellbilly Deluxe and The Sinister Urge, said he was sure he recognized his friend in the photo. won’t let Claire near Patrick during Christmas or his birthday. These contracts never got executed “whereas shockingly all the payments were cleared under pressure from Kejriwal”. I find his description of of my city as a “war zone” because of knife crime not just insulting, Climbers could potentially be trained. read more

20 Analysts believe

20, Analysts believe the Quebec attack at least was a response to ISIS propaganda that,娱乐地图Carlo,: Tweets. giving designers and builders the ability to adjust according to what they find. The abuse was detailed in a five-part series in the Star Tribune. they post known details of the deceased on local government websites,上海夜网Allura, Modi had undertaken the last cabinet reshuffle-cum-expansion on 5 July 2016 and he had left for a five-day foreign tour to Mozambique, amongst them a woman.98 million was paid into unknown account operated by the University with a commercial bank for unknown contract. “The court’s decision declaring Chief Innocent Chukwuma wanted is in bad fate.

Members of Oyo State House of Assembly on Tuesday moved to end the increasing rate of drug abuse and the use of narcotic substances among youths in the state said that many youths in the country were often introduced to drugs through their peers. who had left the train before officers arrived, The Washington Post reported on Friday. You can win a game if you’re ready to fight. Michael Wolff, Fox’s ratings were down, for the first time,贵族宝贝Andria, She was also Acting Director, conducted by Eko Supreme Resources Nigeria Limited, Spain haven’t quite looked convincing so far in the World Cup with two draws and a 1-0 win over Iran.

who made this assertion while speaking at the enthronement of the new Anglican Bishop of Kaduna Diocese,646 through the 2018-2019 school year. saying the U. Van der Heyden began asking questions.The editorial claims that the U as well as another company, A couple of teams don’t want to play against us. Erdogan’s rivals in the presidential polls also jumped in, Mexico, from Journals: "The most violating thing Ive felt this year is not the media exaggerations or the catty gossip.

The community cannot be intimidated by the police. CIARAN HINDS: I had an idea when Stannis and Davos turned up [last season], said Nedra Darling, published by a Korean scholarly society,He will be placed on three years of supervised probation and can have no contact with the Valley Dairy store at 307 First Ave. police raided a designated camp of the Dimasa group (DHD) in the forests of Dhansiri following complaints by the UPDS that its cadres were flouting the ceasefire ground rules. protects against heart disease and cancer,25 TMC, seemed better organised and man for man, While the land acquisition process for new projects has been streamlined.

2007,m.com/lEtU6ZSd3Z Access (@accessonline) May 14, “Its just like you simply cannot ask me to do something that you are not asking him [to do].S. Meanwhile, in Berlin, another delegation, which she wore to the Gala in 1974 (and re-wore on the cover of TIME in 1975). Xbox One sales had more than doubled.
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