M & a entrepreneur Wei Qiang Ma shares after the cake becomes large

expects total imports and exports of $5 billion this year, $60 million gross margin

financial weekly newspaper reporter Qian Wenjun / text

three years ago, financial weekly newspaper reporter interviewed Wei qiang. At that time, a headquarters in Shenzhen, the most expensive land building, Wei Qiang’s office is in a small corner of the 7 floor.

in the development of trade finance and bank Chinese, when he was the governor of the Bank of China, the incumbent chairman of the Commission Xiao Gang has personally visited Wei Qiang office, and said: "this is he ever had the smallest office." read more

The Dragon Boat Festival in May to pay fees in advance to send blessings firstcall!

Dragon Boat Festival in May to pay fees in advance to send blessings firstcall!

dear members of the alliance, hello!

PR June surprise


is one of the biggest traditional festivals in china. The Dragon Boat Festival in the 5th day of the fifth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, June 19th, with the festival coming, PR hope we will bring a new surprise, membership fee will be in the day of the Dragon Boat Festival to pay one day in advance, with the hope that the Dragon Boat Festival good luck together bring you receive PR blessings, happy holidays. read more

Make sure that the Google keyword advertising formula no danger of anything going wrong.

Google to ensure that no danger of anything going wrong keyword advertising formula

Google the success of advertising is not as easy as some people say. But success belongs to those who can consistently apply the test project. Because it is almost certain that the test can always improve the click through rate (CTR).

The three step is to ensure that

the following formula:

no danger of anything going wrong

ensure that the first step: the design is no danger of anything going wrong initial test advertising read more

Do you believe that you can make money with the comments

wants to make a lot of money is not wrong, but we must understand that the accumulation of wealth is actually like a snowball, the process must be experienced from small to large, only the initial advantage of CAI will be snowball snowball, the advantage will become increasingly evident. A lot of people do not have to build the site after the traffic, learning SEO feel confused. The site barely held on for months and eventually gave up. I understand them, there is no traffic on the site can not make money, who can not earn money to live. Big internet. The traffic on the Internet is unlimited, however, these flows only belong to people who understand it". Only understand it, you can get unlimited access to traffic, you can control the flow. read more

Suggestions on how to develop personal website

the birth of a thing will always have two inevitable stages. The first stage is the birth season, many people crazy to rob. The second stage is the harvest season, there are more people to join. Buy is such a bright example. Mr. Ma’s sentence is: today is very cruel, more brutal tomorrow, the day after tomorrow will be very good, but the vast majority of people are dead tomorrow night, but can not see the sun the day after tomorrow, this is the group of people. So, today do not speak about the China group purchase, personal webmaster, through 10 suggestions about how to be your own personal website development, as to what procedures, and key in person, because the Human effort is the decisive factor. read more

Dark horse Yahoo high priced life products!


Yahoo product family has added a new member —–yahoo

(also known as Yahoo life), in December 14, 2007 grand debut!

YAHOO will become a new and efficient city people show themselves and communicate with each other in the new platform, inject fresh vigor to the modern city life, leading the revolution of new urban life! In addition to help solve the difficult problems of living and working life of individual users, YAHOO as well as business partners to provide the most accurate target consumer groups, the most direct product and service platform, marketing effect is the most effective and customer relationship management, multi-level and service. read more

Who will be the king of future advertising model

current online advertising is mainly divided into four types: the CPA, CPS, CPC, CPM in the future is one or more of the four in the period will become the mainstream form of advertising or for the development of other forms of


we first look at the current forms of advertising billing model.

CPA (Cost-per-Action): the cost of advertising in the form of each action, that is, according to the price of each visitor to take action on the Internet advertising pricing model. There is a special definition of user action, including the formation of a transaction, access to a registered user, or click on the network advertising. read more

How do we can achieve energy-saving energy-saving effect of ‘s health network


energy-saving, which is in his chest and hips can store some fat, but not to the degree of obesity. So for those who can not store fat women, the first thing is to allow yourself to absorb more protein, can be appropriate to eat more high protein foods, such as meat, etc.. When you get enough nutrition, we can begin the next step of the energy-saving plan.

the content is for reference only, if you need to solve specific problems (especially in law, medicine and other fields), it is recommended that you consult professionals in related fields. read more