What can attract fans

Thursday, sunny.

today is the double chromosphere lottery day, I have bet, 2 yuan, want to buy, with a little luck, figure. Medium or not, insignificant.

small Shuangseqiu can alleviate the pressure of work, feel the happiness.

well, don’t talk back to the topic.

today’s theme is what to attract fans

first, to emphasize that the fans are attracted to, not their own initiative to calais.

usually no thing, I like to add some friends through the QQ group, the Internet is basically the circle, what to do, network marketing, website operations, from the media, micro business, programmers, etc..

as the saying goes, the three must be my teacher. I add them not to let them pay attention to me, I want to learn the value of their transport, so that I can learn more. So, for me, I add them, is not likely to attract them to become my fans, but I, is likely to become their fans.

so when it comes to attracting fans, what do you think about


a lot of people would say the color flow.

through the QQ space, dress up, get some more good-looking beauty photos uploaded to the album, released some of the log is not suitable for young children, and then head up Kawai point, attracted some attention.

this method is very suitable for flow, sell some adult supplies.

actually, this is not to attract fans.

really is in the internal need to attract fans.

so, for the media, what should attract fans?

I feel so.

let others know who you are.

want to attract fans, they must first be true.

we can go to see loose brother, know how to do, there is also the spring of wood, Dongyang, brother of the QQ space, the head is carefully prepared, even comic, but it will give people a sense of trust.

for people from the media, wanted to build a personal brand, to attract fans, the head is very important, through the head, others will know who you are, this is like the website Logo, Logo company, brand, is a sign of.

so, it’s important to have a good avatar.

of course, there is only a head is not enough, but also have their own introduction, their positioning.

for example, the introduction of wood spring teacher is: do a craft people ~ ~

, for example, my position is: SEO+ from the media practitioners.

so be sure to have your own presentation and orientation, or else

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