Taobao how to quickly break the turning point

what C2C shop inflection point: every shop, especially C2C shop, the development of a certain stage, there will be an inflection point". When the "inflection point" comes, the shop often occurs with daily status differently, for example: after no matter how hard the flow shop, sales will be 1 months or even six months without signs of growth, or rapidly shrink, this proves that your shop has entered the "inflection point" and so on.

how to quickly break the inflection point, the shop has become a serious problem must be considered.

online shop development to today’s price, marketing methods, such as serious transparency, homogenization. Only the development of the conventional Taobao shop has been difficult to meet the needs of the rapid development of our shop. As a shopkeeper, we need to pay attention to the development of the inflection point of the shop, a good grasp of the inflection point, the shop can be rapid development. In a short period of time, quickly seize the market to create a miracle.

a breakthrough in the environment of the inflection point". C2C shop increasingly fierce competition, price transparency, reduced profits, lower profits. Coupled with the limitations of the C2C shop mode of operation, the development of their own degree of freedom is not high. Led to 80% of businesses in addition to the other 20% of the business Taobao. So we should choose other business model as a breakthrough. Such as: the selection, development of a higher degree of freedom, it is easier to build their own brand, to develop their own independent shop customers HiShop develop their own independent shop, of course, we do not want to abandon Taobao shop, but to better, combined with Taobao shop and independent shop advantage. So that we can quickly break the Taobao shop inflection point".

two: break the inflection point of business model. Find your own online business development, business model. Like PPG, red child, all is because a good business model, the rapid rise to fame, of course, for us ordinary businesses and not taking these large capital ratio. Small businesses also have a small business model: such as the use of hishop independent shop system to build the Korean business alliance, with its unique distribution model of rapid development. This shows the importance of a good business model out of the inflection point.

three: of course, we shop must have a relative advantage of goods, if the same product, more than the average market price. In the good model also lost competitiveness, specialty products, has the advantage of supply, is our core competitiveness.

Lunar New Year is approaching, I wish: all Taobao businesses in the new year, the development of faster, more money. Into the inflection point friends can quickly come out. Out of the inflection point, people can go better. People who haven’t gone in.

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