Dry cargo nternet plus age should be how to sell

Analysys founder Mr. Yang Bin in 2013 based on the successful experience of many years of service to Analysys of traditional enterprise Internet, creatively put forward the fundamental approach Internet plus "enterprise is the enterprise to win three battles – sellers, poly powder, build platform. Today, let’s see what sellers on the internet.

"Internet plus" sellers, in which enterprises have different questions. Is not in the Taobao Tmall opened a shop to sell products on the line? Or build their own independent electricity supplier website


of course not. "Internet plus" sellers including online sell, sell, led others to drive and sell derivative.

anyway, the Internet age, learned to "sellers" will seize the market. "Internet plus" era of online sellers, they sell is not enough, "Internet plus" era, not only to sell, but the main thing is to do a full channel distribution.


Three stages of

, the

full channel distribution is divided into three steps (or is divided into three stages) and a new gameplay, we call "3+1" approach.

1 the first step on the Internet to sell their own. Through their own main online platform, or direct online platform to display the brand image, through the sale of new products, to protect consumers.

sell online, many people feel very simple. For example, open a shop on the Internet, or to build a separate B2C mall. Such as a well-known clothing brand is a well-known independent brand official website. It was bright, typical, but failed in the end. It has invested tens of millions, but due to the location and traffic problems and dismal ending. The reason is that the brand did not want to be the Internet should be positioned as a problem.

at the same time, people also see a lot of the Amoy brand, in their own online sellers also sell very well. Such as Liebo, Yin is the Amoy brand Mydo, they have their own independent product system, attracting a number of unique fans, with a good flow of the platform, the goods sell well on the internet.

2 the second step, others sell online. Do distribution, whether traditional channels or electricity supplier channels are very important. In terms of brands, only their flagship store to do retail, is not enough, it can not support the long-term development of the brand. For the retail store, the benign circulation channels in order to form a rapid sales volume shipments and fast payment, can help the integration of upstream enterprise supply chain.

3 third step drive line selling. The rapid spread of the Internet, a wide range of companies can use the line to spread the line under the dealer, or offline stores to better promote products, sales of products.

4 today and a new play, that is, 3+1, the "1", that is, micro business. We all say that 2015 is the first year of micro business, we also said that in 2015 is micro business >

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