Ten home appliance supplier commitment to implement management pay a compensation system

According to Xinhua news agency,

power purchase rights high cost, difficult, has been the problem of consumers Tucao, the future may be gradually improved. Alibaba, Jingdong mall and other 10 enterprises 28, social commitment, operators will earnestly fulfill shouwenzeren, actively implement pay a compensation system, to create a safe and secure online shopping environment for consumers.

in the State Administration for Industry and Commerce forum held on the same day, the Alibaba group, Jingdong mall, shop No. 1, Ctrip, suning.com, vip.com, Amazon, dangdang.com, public comment, the U.S. group net 10 business representatives participated in the discussion, and signed a pledge.

The core of

system is that the operator first asked, consumption operators should fulfill the first responsibility of consumer rights responsibility according to the law, on the basis of the "who is responsible for the sale of goods, who provide service who is responsible" principle, timely in accordance with the acceptance and handling of consumer complaints.

pay a compensation system, which was damaged in the interests of consumers, but the seller delayed or refused to compensate, the online trading platform operators xianhengpeifu. At present, Taobao, suning.com and other electronic business platform has introduced a corresponding Xianhengpeifu measures.

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