Suning by red children to enter the cross-border electricity supplier increase overseas warehouse st

[Abstract] due to the high cost, the majority of cross-border electricity supplier is still in the stage of no profit. General manager Su Ninghong children’s Pan Min said, Suning currently overseas direct mining can save many intermediate links, future profits can still look forward to.

Tencent technology Sun Hongchao reported on January 22nd

cross-border competition is becoming increasingly fierce, but just approach Suning Appliance is not in their best digital products as the main, but the choice of Su Ninghong led by children’s mother and beauty two categories in this year.

this choice is not surprising, according to the data show that in 2013 China has 18 million people to buy overseas goods through the Internet, the amount of more than 200 billion yuan. In this huge market, maternal and child products to milk and diapers as the representative plays a very important role, but the beauty is one of the important classification.

data on the market for cross-border electricity supplier maternal flourish, in 2014 alone to obtain financing more than 10 maternal in the field of cross-border electricity start-ups, and even some enterprises concentrated in the second half of this year completed two rounds of financing.

The general manager of

company of science and technology Pan Min Su Ninghong children Tencent said: "in 2013 when the red child is not clear thinking in the field of maternal and child, but through the efforts of more than a year now, the Su Ninghong children have created a maternal and child products as the main body of the ecosystem."

independent effect

September 25, 2012,’s acquisition of red child. But at that time more than the red child unrest makes the industry is not optimistic about the acquisition. At the press conference, there are insiders said, from the current situation of the red child’s view, after the acquisition of Suning has no meaning but the burden."

acquisition red children a year later, Su ningyun decided to let the children independent.

May 6, 2014, Su ningyun announced restructuring, red children will be integrated with the original Suning baby Cosmetics division, and the establishment of an independent company operation, and electrical appliances, Suning proprietary 3C became one of the three carriages.

Pan Min Tencent technology, said: red child and Suning is not the integration and integration of the relationship, and now has all the data and information integration."

integration effect is obvious, according to Su Ning released data show that in the first quarter of 2014, Su Ninghong children’s growth performance of only single digits, and several subsequent quarter achieved explosive growth.

Pan Min will be attributed to the rapid development of such Suning group resource sharing: "Su Ninghong children many of the members were transferred from"

layout overseas

cross-border electricity supplier and channel sink is the focus of domestic electricity supplier in 2015.

according to the General Administration of customs data show that 20>

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