8 people cheat Tmall points cash lawyer said there are loopholes in the rules are not fraud 6 millio

birthday week, Tmall members enjoy double points of privilege, return after buyers still retain a double integral birthday ", this" cut the hand of the party who is familiar with the rules, some clever loopholes, they "become a way of earning money".

in September 20, 2016, due to "false trading in the actual control of the Tmall store, Tmall cheat points gift, after the shop, the use of Tmall integral fraudulent mortgage shopping, integral cash, land, Yan day and other 8 people were in Jiangsu Province, Nantong City Chongchuan District procuratorate prosecution to Nantong District Court that they have been accused of fraud".

Yan day defender, Jiangsu Gao Ren Lu Wei law firm lawyers said surging news, the 8 is the use of Tmall integration rules publicly — buyers can return, while preserving the integral operation of the birthday, neither conceal the fact or fiction, nor will other people’s property for themselves, does not conform to the constitution of crime of fraud the.

can only say that they drilled a loophole in the Tmall integration rules, is allowed under the rules of the transaction." Mr Lu Wei says he will plead guilty.


birthday week double integral, was a loophole in

Tmall integration concept is actually very simple: every completed a deal, Tmall platform will give a certain shopping points. Generally speaking, the integral formulation and delivery ratio by the seller, all Tmall store general rule is 100 points, equivalent to 1 yuan. If the return, shopping points are returned to the mall.

as a promotional tool, in recent years, Tmall mall launched the "birthday gifts, membership in the birthday week (date of birth six days before and the day of the purchase of goods, with double points). The so-called double refers to, in addition to get the same shopping points with the past, the purchase of goods and enjoy the same score points with the birthday.

according to the land’s father Lu Yaxin, birthday package privilege is that if the return, return only shopping points, buyers still have integral birthday. It is this point, let the land, Yan Tian et al. Smell the "money machine", play money "routine".

Lu Wei lawyer said, land, Yan Tian and other people, routines can be divided into two aspects, one is cheating points, the two is to honor the points.

according to the indictment, the "false trading, cheat integral, integral" steps are completed in a closed system, the actual control of the land use, 6 Tmall stores, the 6 stores also play "buyers" and "sellers" role. In these 6 stores, they made a different virtual goods links, each commodity link corresponding to each step in the process of operation: the activation of the birthday privileges, cheat points, points cash.


process is, by activating the birthday privilege, "buy back" land buyers account, et al of birthday and integral; buy another virtual goods in other stores the actual control, integral to >

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