Multinational domain name protection policy tough and never give up.!

recently, D& N domain firm researchers noticed that multinational companies against domain name infringement efforts to gradually increase, and the domain name protection policy a few years ago, a relatively modest (such as negotiation, purchasing) compared to multinational companies now gradually take a relatively strong domain name protection policy, as long as there is a glimmer of hope, never give up, to arbitration the lawsuit way; and as long as the corresponding prior rights (name right and trademark right) have a implicated, not to abandon the prosecution of domain name.

above trend has been confirmed by D& N. Last weekend, in a Shanghai multinational legal reception, some of those who work in multinational companies legal department said, blindly connivance cybersquatters threaten price behavior, it will form a vicious cycle, "in fact, we use our own money, cultivate an erosion of our our industry!" a clothing company legal senior consultant is described before they moderate domain name protection policy.

another luxury Brand Company director believes that the current domain name registration service providers are also from another angle deception of multinational companies, "we always received such a call, they are claiming to be a certain domain name registration services, and ‘friendship reminder’ our domain name is registered," to our interests they ‘help us to protect them." The director is ridicule said he often encounter the situation, "at first, we would like to call our lawyer, then we slowly found, which is in the business of selling their cash!"

the face of fraud from cybersquatters’ behavior and registered the domain name registration services, a compromise is always no limit, pick up the legal weapons to protect the trademark, trade name, domain name is the best way. According to D&, N learned that over the past few years, companies have gradually abandoned the relatively modest policy of domain name protection, which is the most active 3M, Hugo Boss, EPSON and other multinational companies…… (see more)

D& N at parting, joke asked a chemical company legal specialist, "compared with the high fees and the fees for arbitration, spend very little money to buy this domain name, isn’t it more economical domain name protection strategy


"litigation and arbitration is the best attitude, not the best way!" (source:

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