Alipay announced the acquisition of Alibaba 5 billion yuan investment group

April 12th, Alipay announced that the Alibaba group will be in the next five years, Alipay will continue to invest 5 billion yuan.

Ali group, said the 5 billion investment is based on China’s e-commerce, the development of the Internet and online consumer market potential full confidence and positive expectations.

Ali Group official said, we want to build a complete set of information for the information age, electricity, coal infrastructure, for China to establish a truly global, first-class payment system."

chief talent officer Ali group, Alipay CEO Peng Lei said, 5 billion yuan investment highlights Alipay electronic payment "utility" infrastructure role of traditional economy in information era. Alipay future will be in the talent, technology, equipment and a series of fields to increase investment, expansion and upgrade, to attract and cultivate a large number of China electronic payment service professionals, to the broader social demand. At the same time, Alipay will continue to optimize the user experience, is more interested in the Internet Co and Internet service companies to provide more quality services for payment of 500 million and even 1 billion of consumers.

Peng Lei also said that the birth of Alipay is to solve the credit problems in the online shopping sellers, then "trust" has been the core of Alipay products and services. On this basis, the investment is to help countries to establish a credit system more perfect, "the integrity of the data with the long-term accumulation of mass for the national economy and the service life of Alipay will be a future goal, it will always be one of Alipay for the service of society responsibility."

"a real first payment infrastructure is the best user experience, everyone can use will use the payment platform, this platform can only meet the new algebra of millions of consumers new ways of consumption demand." Peng Lei said, Ali Group invested 5 billion yuan will help Alipay to further enhance and optimize the whole system, in addition to increase the investment in risk control system, database storage, disaster backup, Alipay will also conduct a comprehensive layout of the mobile payment and other emerging areas of technology, to meet the needs of potential users in the new environment in many aspects.

"whether the development of Taobao or Alipay, Alibaba emphasizes the construction of basic services and integrity are derived from the Ali group on the future of the new commercial civilization’s final judgment." Famous e-commerce experts, vice president of Alibaba Liang Chunxiao said.


group said, with Alipay to e-commerce infrastructure in the direction of development and perfection, Chinese the electronic commerce and the Internet economy will develop more broad, and will have a greater influence in the world economy, China has become an important manifestation of the promotion of comprehensive national power.

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