Who is who to do with the web site

Xiao Bian today received a phone call, Lotour website promotion cooperation phone. In fact, as soon as the contact travel soon, has been a relatively comprehensive understanding of the tourism website. Prior to this, always thought that Lotour is a similar to the Ctrip companies such as independent website, this cooperation told, this type of cooperative tourism shop.

In fact,

, as the platform of tourism websites in nature like this, not in small, like Taobao, Showtime travel, travel with the way the network that are within the industry ranked the top of the site, and our side is also in the Showtime travel inside a shop, do not spend too much experience to finish, is on the line, but not specialize in this item on our company website, the shop is the auxiliary role for the site, to the chain, flow conversion.

this case involves a question: open shop or web site, which has more advantages, in the end there is a problem what


small series has been in contact with Taobao information Raiders, such as information, although not direct operation, but its understanding is still a certain. Do a lot of shop of the individual or company develops to a certain degree, they want to make a personal website, but found that the site effect is not obvious, traffic to them is too restrictive, mainly in Taobao. But then, as Taobao’s policy change, the "nameless good" "Tmall" of these platforms, furthermore, increased internal competition, Taobao assigned to each store traffic gradually becomes small, and, more often, the biggest problem is that the shop stood in the passive side, can only change with Taobao policy change, Taobao also want to make money, therefore, Taobao’s free policy, I believe that one day will be broken.

said so much, that is to say that a problem, due to the different rights of the site, shop and the site is not the same as the location of the station, the sovereignty of the passive and initiative to a large extent the difference. But we, undeniably, a large online platform, high traffic, many sites are unable to do, like our company open platform: Showtime travel, and this morning call Lotour, can look at the data:


the data view, its advertising promotion, the optimization effect of Baidu, is also accounted for forefront of truth in it, perhaps, a website at the beginning, have experienced a period of time, to reach a certain extent, in the amount of IP relatively, or operation comes some trouble than shop. And its shop customer groups targeted strong, into a single rate is higher, after all, in the tourism platform to find a tourist route, is to travel out of the crowd.

said so, but small two each one has its own merits, and support shop as the site of the auxiliary conditions are, give an advice:


1, that is, as mentioned above