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double 11 war is in full swing, the war area gradually announced results. Jingdong data show that only 29 seconds, the amount of a single Jingdong broke the 2010 double day record of 11, followed by 3 minutes and 37 seconds, 15 minutes, 1 hours and 13 minutes, respectively, to break through the 2011 to 2013 double day record.

20 seconds over 100 million, 52 seconds over 1 billion, 6 minutes and 58 seconds over 10 billion…… This is the Alibaba eighth double 11 surrender transcripts……

SF sources, the company increased direct line, enabled SF airlines more than 100 routes of resources, the establishment of regional security mode to fly, more express through 1 routes to complete transport; while increasing more than 6 thousand lines, more than 20 thousand increase of vehicle capacity.

behind this war without smoke has a silent technology supporters, business platform and user efficient connection contact communications giant – Yung iunin communication. Yung iunin communication in a dual 11 during the full launch of the electricity supplier solutions, the registration, verification, payment, customer service, flow, order tracking and other aspects in one, to ensure the stable, efficient operation of the business platform 80%.

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do not let the verification code become user anger point

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Internet products are talking about the ultimate experience, experience and shortcomings of the SMS verification code "standard" link, a drag, but also gave birth to the economic voice verification code. According to the message arrival rate is low, easy to crack problems, Yung iunin communication to see the back of the opportunity, is also the first voice verification code will spread to all major platforms and application scenarios of enterprise. Compared to SMS verification code, voice verification code is much better than the arrival rate, to solve the pain point on the experience, so all of a sudden covering the various electricity supplier industry and the mainstream portal platform. As the music, Jingdong are in the use of SMS + dual voice verification code to ensure the solution. The double 11 verification code has become a Jingdong to the sound of the theater with brother Kay


a single order notification service multiplayer

for the electricity supplier industry, to deliver peak hours, delivery task tension often leads to lack of manpower. At the same time, although many member centralized location delivery, but still need one by one call to inform each user to take orders. If each order is required to contact the customer, the efficiency is low, and in the process of delivery, the final efficiency of the staff often determines the efficiency of the entire platform.

for the hungry companies such as the pain point, Ronglian introduced an automatic voice notification function, for offices, schools and other centralized delivery scene, all the people notice a dial to avoid duplication of work, also avoid the waste caused by the time dial one by one, the members can send more orders – save time in the same time, so as to improve the overall efficiency of the platform, improve the quality of service.

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