Easy letter, it is only a baby why some owners to go to hurt it

said WeChat, presumably a lot of people know that there are many people in the use of. WeChat as a chat tool, but also as a marketing platform for many people. Now on WeChat marketing books and online courses are more and more, WeChat is suitable for marketing only those who do WeChat marketing know. However, similar to WeChat’s easy letter in the near future (August 19th) jointly launched by NetEase and telecommunications, easy letter 1 has just launched, there are many webmasters and marketers eyeing the easy letter platform to do marketing. For easy letter marketing, I would like to say, why are they going to do easy marketing now, it is not yet mature how to marketing. Easecredit, it is just a baby, why to kill it?

With the

network, easecredit marketing

easy letter, after the WeChat marketing is another major marketing platform


easy to believe just come out, there are many people think it is another big marketing platform of WeChat marketing, I do not deny this argument, perhaps after a long time, easy letter will like WeChat to become a good marketing platform, but not now. Along with the development of Internet and mobile Internet, network marketing is now a lot of people’s attention, easecredit come out, let the people see the webmaster and part of marketing development, and increase the scope of the platform but easecredit is not yet mature, the webmaster and marketers don’t let a baby bear the enormous pressure. Now please do not use WeChat marketing knowledge and methods used in the above letter, and now the letter is not yet mature, it also needs a good environment to continue to grow.

for the majority of the webmaster, easy letter is now suitable for marketing

easecredit is jointly launched by NetEase and telecommunications in August 19th, the launch date is only ten days time, the newly born easecredit, webmaster friends do you think now do easecredit marketing right? How is it going to marketing? It can withstand so much pressure? Presumably before many webmaster or WeChat is doing marketing, now of course some course books and network marketing about WeChat on the lot. However, easy to believe just born, that is easy to believe a new marketing platform, to share the decisive. If you think so wrong, easy letter marketing is not yet mature, it may not be able to bear such a heavy burden. Yi letter to some of the development of time and space, let it grow well, don’t let easecredit become second fetion.

compared with WeChat marketing platform, easy letter is not competent

has been on the line for many years, WeChat, we now choose it to do marketing platform, perhaps for the majority of webmaster friends. Some time ago, WeChat has released 5 version, WeChat has perfect function compared to many, with the WeChat platform marketing it may have to be able to do it, can also give the majority of marketers or owners bring some harvest. But with similar WeChat features easy to believe just born, is the marketing people pull to do marketing platform, you too quickly, easily Xincai was born, it was just a >

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