Analyze and summarize the problems existing in the marketing process of micro-blog


marketing is an artifact, whether large or small enterprises, many of which are now in the micro-blog marketing, micro-blog as a highly interactive marketing tool, when becoming a marketing way of us, in fact, there are many problems when micro-blog marketing for many small businesses, the observation and analysis of several small businesses in the process and strategy of micro-blog marketing, feel there are many problems, in this paper I and we analyze some of it, and we hope to exchange:

1, it is difficult to meet the customer needs


after all of its small scale, small enterprises, and products is relatively simple, easy to produce satiety psychological customers in the use of the long time, and then to the attention of micro-blog’s content will be reduced, this time for customers seeking novelty has exceeded the function of the product, the emergence of new products quickly due to their concern and purchase, resulting in small business customer apartment layout "fans" loss.

2, product quality and service level is lower than the customer’s expected

is not any one of our own customers, too, in the purchase of products or services are hoping to buy the best quality best, customer is the need for a not reached a judgment for their psychological expectations of their own consumer behavior, for example, you spend 100 dollars to buy a broken fan, then in Psychology will judge this purchase is not up to expectations. Only the experience of high quality service and quality products to make customers feel satisfied, only when the first cooperation allow customers to reach the psychological expectations, then it is easy to continue to cooperate to maintain long-term cooperative relations. But many small businesses, the cost of products is relatively low, mainly focus on the practical aspect, because it is difficult to achieve high quality and inexpensive, and small enterprise funds are limited, there is no way to provide more customer service or value-added service, which will allow customers to have a disappointment, there is no mood to customer in this case, the customer will not continue to cooperate, serious but will complain in micro-blog, so it will have the opposite effect.

3, strong competitors, the company itself is not obvious advantages

small businesses are in a relatively weak position in the competition. Product technology is more dependent on the support of large enterprises, it is difficult to carry out large-scale micro-blog product concept and brand concept of publicity, the ability to use micro-blog marketing limited. In addition, small businesses tend to have no visibility of children, it is difficult to cause widespread concern of other micro-blog users, micro-blog advocacy groups naturally small. Lead to lower security of existing customers. Therefore, it is difficult to maintain long-term cooperative relations.

4, customer relationship rigid, lack of customer care

small enterprises in the management process is more clients as the object of product sales, rather than as a friend of business, product or service at the end of the transaction, the enterprise will automatically end the relationship with customers, and customers no longer maintain.

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