Event marketing network to make money look at how to operate the marketing master lending treasure

P2P as one of the many platforms, borrow treasure in the last half a month in Financial Street and even the Internet industry caused a fearful winds and dreadful waves. The banner of the loan treasure is to serve the Internet lending platform for lending between acquaintances, it was also said that the loan treasure acquaintance marketing model similar MLM?". This topic is left to the experts to discuss it, in a fierce battle between a large number of Internet users and experts, the network to make money but by the master of the event marketing operations lending treasure. Treasure lending financing in August 12th 2 billion, the 20 is the main course of high liquidity as cash reserves to cope with the P2P platform, in addition, a part of the money was in the pockets of Wangzhuan master. In this war of words has become the biggest beneficiaries of the removal of the loan treasure platform. As a former P2P pull out the wool enthusiast, Zhu Haitao himself did not participate in the operation, lending treasure is of course make friends in the eyes of many fine wool, but I have no energy to operate. Operation does not matter, P2P platform is more important is the insight into the operation of the master lending treasure to make money.


before Zhu Haitao is also a well-known blog to see an article on the loan treasure, mainly about the big brother of the network through the loan treasure hundred thousand dollars a day experience. Zhu Haitao read the whole article, the author’s main content is to explain the operation of the record, a little bit of ingredients to show off. Of course, people can see that the article is not only to show off, with great soft suspicion. That way, whether it is true or false, for many grassroots, it is impossible to learn. Because it is based on a large number of tens of thousands of fans, the ordinary people can not meet the conditions. So, here I analyze the grassroots can also operate the way.

first look at " search; borrowing treasure is really ", some results came out, a little under screening, we can find some traces of Wangzhuan trader. Ranking in the front of the forum, there are posts, see the post. Here I recommend you take a look at "earned 5000 yuan a blog, use the jump operation CPA project practical tutorial"


we come to the analysis, this article reading amount is 9194, not too much. According to the conversion rate of 1%, this article can bring about 10000*1%*20=2000 yuan to the author. It’s a good income, considering that the operator only spent a few minutes posting a post. Of course, this post has two deficiencies, we can transform, improve the conversion rate of 1), the link is not the anchor text form 2), with no horizon jump technique, jump to elaborate the promotion page, or direct borrowing of treasure invitation registration page.



the article has reached an alarming 160 thousand. The article itself is relatively long, there is nothing good, focus >

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