Whether a project financing, the need to assess what factors


venture company how to reasonable valuation? How to upgrade traditional industries to establish entrepreneurial direction? From the perspective of investors, what is the evaluation of a pioneering project? Fix these problems, the probability of successful financing will be greatly improved.

if you know the answers to these questions, then you can roughly calculate the probability of getting the investment. In this article, I want to talk about some simple can give entrepreneurs reference assessment criteria for output entrepreneurial orientation, specific business model from industry research and investment, the logic, the entrepreneur should talk about how to assess whether they can get investment in the entrepreneurial process.

entrepreneurial process, the first point to determine the direction of entrepreneurship, which needs to do the industry’s overall research, and then to build reliable, suitable team.

efficient industry research

how to do industry research, and to ensure a certain degree of efficiency and quality to do research?

first, look at the market space and the size of the industry. For example, the original area of the Internet, most investors are hoping the market capacity can reach 100 billion level scale; and the upgrading of traditional industries in the direction, because most of the existence of a large number of traditional industry overcapacity, the profit rate is generally low, so the market scale will reach more than five thousand larger or even million above the level. It was possible to produce relatively large volume, has continued to appeal to the later stage of investment professionals.

determine the size of the industry at home and abroad to see some of the companies, including listed companies, as well as start-up companies. Pay attention to listed companies may try to help you reduce the trial and error in the business, because some listed companies may in some direction has made some attempt, the result is relatively easy to get to. Internet investment institutions who are more difficult to enter into the listed company, we are more inclined to support the existence of a new company in the outside.

look at the development of China and foreign comparison, especially for traditional industries to upgrade the entrepreneurial project is critical. Why is this


because the C side of the Internet oriented products, for more human nature, the difference is not large at home and abroad. But the basic industries, such as agriculture or some of the upgrading of the manufacturing industry, and foreign Chinese differences may exist 30 years or even 60 years gap, so in the present stage of the Chinese directly with the foreign model is applied to do the project, may be very difficult, because the market maturity is too much.

The development history of Chinese in contrast with foreign

in some of the key nodes for the development of this industry and leveraging who grew up in the company at the time, looking back on the experience of these companies can refer to the current situation of Chinese. If the market space is large enough after the survey, and the industry is still relatively backward, there are many opportunities for improvement, and competition in the hands of no giant >

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