The use of 404 error pages for website promotion strategies

I am also a webmaster, nothing a webmaster, but in the vast Internet, I am also a webmaster, the film is very small webmaster, without me, Chinese webmaster is one less, the earth station is also one less! This is what out of order

said back to the topic, I want to share with you is the error page, I often encounter this problem when looking at others site, is open to a non-existent page, I think this website open, will no longer visit this site, and change to other stations. Cause I won’t open access to a page of the reason is because most of the website, previously included in the search engine page does not exist, we are visiting the page, of course will not open, so that the flow of waste

example: open after prompting HTTP 404 was not found

so that others can easily mistaken for the site can not be opened, it will not go to visit your site, and traffic will become less

, for example, will automatically jump to an error page after opening. 10 seconds to jump to the home page, so keep the traffic

We are often in the

conversion program, the website deleted many of the previous page, but the page is Baidu, GG included a page, wait until you open through the search engine to find these pages will prompt HTTP 404 not found this very good

small suggestions that we can do a little creative error page. Recommend a few to show you

if it is lazy webmaster can be set to automatically jump page, like

open to view the source file

well, it is said that here, I also found a small problem, the owners are selfish, have a good idea is not willing to communicate with others, I am also!

competition is normal, but do not malicious malicious competition!

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