The eight picture with you read the future nternet plus six major trends personalized demand, O2O..

Although the word "

" in the moment with the advocacy and the bubble and hot, but there is no doubt that the Internet will become the next leap in human power and no doubt the bridge. Today, we analyze the eight trends in the Internet with the development of the Internet industry, the industry of Internet, industrial finance, personalized demand, O2O, intelligent industry, with the analysis of the six trends.

trend 1: connection and aggregation


trends two: Industrial Internet


advantage three: Industrial Finance


trend four: personalized demand


trend five: O2O will become the main way to service the Internet


trends six: the wisdom of the industrial era


"Internet plus" is not only to connect all of the network or to apply these techniques to various traditional industries. In addition to the ubiquitous network, as well as ubiquitous computing, data, knowledge, and the formation of a new generation of information technology and promote the development of innovation. It is the interaction and evolution of the new generation of information technology and innovation 2, changing the way we work a good life, and to the development of China’s economic and social opportunities.