Baidu to combat piracy off the more than 3 thousand’s literature and other beautiful campus belle.

23 morning news, today there are users reaction, Baidu Post Bar paste paste it relates to literature are closed. Baidu aspects of Sina Technology confirmed the news, and explained that in a comprehensive inventory of the contents of the rectification of piracy.


In addition,

, grass and beautiful campus Belle many large Post Bar are also banned.

Baidu did not explain why the expansion of the action, but in May 19th, Baidu App mobile phone platform for alleged infringement reading group platinum writer Chen Dong’s works of "perfect world", the Baidu group to court be legible. The event may be one of the reasons Baidu inventory piracy.

for piracy, Baidu official also released the relevant announcement, the core message is:

to increase efforts to protect the authenticity of the content, to protect the interests of the original author, to build a good ecological content, from now on Baidu Post Bar launched a comprehensive reorganization of the contents of the inventory piracy operations, zero tolerance for pirated content.

up to now, Baidu Post Bar has been temporarily closed on more than 3 thousand Post Bar literary categories, following a comprehensive inventory of the pirated content, to inventory after open to users.

in the future, Baidu post bar will further strengthen cooperation with all copyright platforms, the author, to provide users with more genuine quality content.