CM announced that it will provide free security scan for.Xxx adult website domain name

Beijing time on June 28th evening news, the domain name registration company ICM Registry today announced that it has reached an agreement with the Internet security company McAfee McAfee, every day will provide security scanning services free of charge for the use of the.Xxx domain name of the adult website.

ICM Registry said that the transaction size of $8 million. ICM Registry later this year will start selling.Xxx domain name. According to the agreement, McAfee will be on the.Xxx domain name website security scan every day, such as SQL injection vulnerability, phishing attacks, or browser vulnerabilities.

users need to install a free McAfee SiteAdvisor plug-in, so that users can access the.Xxx site or download content, you can know whether the site is safe. In addition, the.Xxx site administrator can also be embedded in the user’s shopping cart program into a section of code, if the user to buy the content is safe, it will be marked with SECURE trusted.

if purchased from the McAfee website, SECURE service fee of $360. McAfee said that there are currently 8 sites using their services. Last August, Intel announced a $7 billion 680 million acquisition of McAfee. The ICM Registry plan in December 6th this year, the full sale of.Xxx domain name. (text / Sina Technology)