Nora founder’s wife no one was quick to speak before stand up

[Abstract] Wang Xin and his wife are both from Hunan, and they all graduated from Hunan electric and mechanical school.

Nora’s office has been relegated to an office building in less than 50 square meters of corner

surging news reporter / Yan Pengfei

Nanshan Science and Technology Park, Shenzhen, is a gathering place of science and technology enterprises: Tencent, ZTE, Xinjiang science and technology and other representative companies are stationed in Shenzhen.

there’s a company that was once famous: nora. Now it has been relegated to a less than 50 square meters of office buildings in the corner, and there is no office staff.

"because there is no money, in July last year, our team disbanded, other office locations are rent, I put some things to the above company, is to Wang Xin (micro-blog) kept fast, when he came out, you can see this place, but I don’t know how long it will take." Nora founder, CEO Wang Xin’s wife told surging news (

June 20th, Wang Xin’s wife in Nora’s office to accept an exclusive interview surging news, in her own words, this is the first time she faced the media. Wang Xin’s wife refused to disclose the name, the day she brought two companions, said to ease their tension.

earlier, in June 16th, a "fast Mrs. Wang Xin" micro-blog issued the first micro-blog, micro-blog, Mrs. Wang Xin drying out the photo and Wang Xin, the micro-blog account is about tens of thousands of people in a short period of time; the next day, Mrs. Wang Xin called the "husband" hello? Long micro-blog, in addition to tens of thousands of comment, this long micro-blog is to get more than 14 thousand people a reward; the number of micro-blog fans Mrs. Wang Xin has more than 190 thousand, while Wang Xin’s micro-blog fans but 40 thousand head.

Wang Xin’s wife with memories of nature micro-blog, actually once again in this free video software Nora, and behind the company back into public view: founded in 2007, due to the introduction of our video player supports multiple video formats, and because of the video content can be shared and sought after by users between users, but also to the outside world the question of contributing to pirated content flooding and spread bad information.

April 2014, the Beijing municipal public security departments according to the masses of Nora online dissemination of pornographic information in a case of a criminal investigation, and arrested several suspects, then stop in video on demand and download Nora, Nora technology based on a large number of police officers entered the headquarters in Shenzhen Nora investigation company, server and storage; in June 26th of that year, Shenzhen city market supervision and Management Bureau issued a "book" administrative penalty decision, Nora was fined 260 million due to infringement issues; in August 8th, Wang Xin outside the 110 days in South Korea, was arrested returning.

more than 10 months later, Nora and Wang Xin and other alleged dissemination of pornographic materials will soon be in the case of Haidian District City Court hearing. 5>