Case the company must use the URL .Com end Not always!

One of the biggest problems facing

entrepreneurs, just want a good name for the company, which in addition to service and related content, also have to worry about whether the words will cause Lenovo, is improper, can not read good impressive. But the most important thing is, even if all the hardships of thought of a good name, URL may not use, or want to ".Com" domain name already registered by others to go. What do you do when there is no.Com available?

although some people think that no matter how much money it is best to get ".Com", but sometimes choose ".Io", ".Ly", ".In" and so on can play a creative, stirring out different sparks. The following ten new companies are jumping off the previous "company name +.Com" named logic, registered a very innovative web site, take a look at


1 Listly


Listly is a content marketing tool that helps bloggers and publishers build a list of hits that can be improved. Listly was established in 2011, "" has been registered by others, but they think the commonly used ".Ly" is also good, and finally became "". Co founder Shyam Subramanyan also said: anyway, we also wanted a shorter than the url."


Listly eventually made a "" domain name, but Subramanyan said that they still love relatively short "", which is why even in the URL, finally will be redirected to

2 Loverly


another use of ".Ly" is the New York wedding planning image search engine Founder Kellee Khalil said: "I grew very love" Pygmalion "story, and actress Eliza Doolittle sang" Wouldn T "It Be Loverly" this song?. After combining Loverly with technology, nature becomes "!"

3 Grouper


Grouper was founded in 2011 in New York, is a community service dedicated to beer. Chief operating officer Kristen Badal said that the option to add a "join" in front of the URL is because of the encouragement