Foot note welcome to willow founder giant cooperation rather than rolling

every time the collapse will let her foot remember the future of Nie bahan: server to support the exponentially growing user demand? Enough to remember how to avoid flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum better survive,


weekly Times reporter Yang Jing from Shanghai


Shanghai Yuyuan Road Donghai Plaza, a visitor center, without travel days, photography APP founder Yang again and again here waiting for the arrival of the brightest reporters and investors. If she is lucky, she can smoke a cigarette in the waiting space, this is her most luxurious relaxation.

enough to remember in February of this year’s hot, willow never thought of things. This phenomenal product logic is very simple: the photos will be converted to the most common, widescreen form, plus lines, can also add English, Japanese and Korean translation, like the film screen in general. After the product line, the number of users from 10000 to Pobai took only 7 days, from the broken million to break 5 million in just 4 days, ranking from Top1000 rapid jump up to free classification list first.

rapid growth, also let the pressure and anxiety as the shadow follows the form. After that, the willow a day left to sleep time compressed to 4 hours, team, product, investment, lectures, interviews……

"because the idea is not worth, mutual copy flooding will only cause more vicious cycle. The giant pincer attack, what I do not have the law of survival, because I do not know how long I can live. Welcome to talk about cooperation with the giants, but not to grind me." Willow said. In the outside world, this product is too easy to be grafted onto other products.

said that the server is not stable enough to remember, as a technology product it is flawed. The team is now a version of a version of the iteration. Because I do not understand technology, I am myself enough to remember the biggest Bug, willow "sad and tired," I don’t want to foot CEO itself, if you can, I want to marry a programmer."

in the crowded entrepreneurial team, willow does not think he is "business hero", but the beginning of the heart and faith still support her to devote enough to remember. She still remember and behind the Shanghai municipal Party committee secretary Han is the photo of self expression, when she lay in the photo caption: I have a dream.


through the center of the glass door to turn left about 5 meters, is the foot of the office. More than and 20 square meters of development space, more than 10 tables, IKEA style decoration, enough to remember the team of more than and 20 people are busy.

footprint 2.1.4 version of the test user was born here, which includes filmmakers, photographers and other professionals. "From the beginning of February this year, is a small minority from such a crowd spread out." Yang recalled.

remember it is like next door neighbours, and grass >