How to make the title and content to achieve interaction while maximizing the user’s eye

remember when the mice are looking for a lot of marketing rules, today has become known as the "first principles play a title to attract hits, then there is a good amount of content to improve reading sharing……"

truth who will say, can do so much.

first, the title decided to promote the marketing of the article is so hard

don’t know if you remember the word content has tens of thousands of reading


title is there is a cheap and cost-effective than iPhone good use of the phone?

point in, the content is "no"."

title is "there is no need to take care of the long and beautiful curly hair?"

content is "no"."

title in the life of the husband and wife quarrel, is really the husband’s fault?

click go, "yes."

What is the advantage of this

? By the title to attract large user base! Then read the article after the user amused psychology, let everyone laugh after forwarding a music, characteristics of this kind of title is used between the content and the title of the contrast, arouse the user’s emotions, although not what substantial help, but it is in the interest of life.

how to make the best interaction between the title and content at the same time, and maximize attract users to read?

interrogative and suspense Title

the title most likely to cause the user’s curiosity, initiate a problem for users to generate interest, because the user may follow self speculation, probably because marvel at such questions, probably because of resonance and so on, have the desire to read.

, for example, is there a good and bad enough to eat a lot of meat snacks?

…… 99% of people do not know!

this is a man who let Ma admire.

girl, why don’t I suggest you marry your love life?

easy to cause the user curiosity is most often used in the title, and the best effect of interrogative suspense type and is used in the highest frequency, we grasp the content and the title of the association, need to remember is that we can make good use of their advantages, but absolutely no exaggeration, only to end up the title of the party’s reputation.

hot class title

has been a hot by many operators love to do, from celebrities to hot events, operators are bored with the clever use of.

than previously cited an example of "let Ma admire people", but also by the "Ma" Celebrity Hot effect.

, for example, Bai Yansong: character is your highest degree.


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