Fu Dekun impression, to Fu Dekun’s message

I’d like to start by describing the background of the letter.

Asian ports (hereinafter referred to as ABC) in March 2007 27 and 28 in the Shenzhen Grand View Hotel held the theme of "07" at the national channel conference, I was in October last year with the IT tea once, impressed, so it has been very want to call him, learning about the operation experience to him. So with the king and his appointment will Shouyi to observe and study, they are also very happy to.

in order to and Fu Dekun (hereinafter referred to as the old character) there is a communication in advance, I advance on the QQ and its agreement on the evening of 25 20:00 everyone to chat, old Fu also promised. So, my partner and company a total of 2 people in the afternoon of 25 went to Shenzhen, the night to visit the ABC company, want to eat dinner, but the old Fu seems busy business domain, so we can’t talk, my feeling is that he seems somewhat stiff and arrogant and I waited for about an hour, and then watch has 9 points, there are some hungry bellies, and every Sunday night 22:00 "dialogue" program is a must see, he did not see any end to the meaning, I and its king Shouyi farewell (when the old is arranged with his character I am a piece of what to eat, but I declined), before leaving, to match the old greeted, he also did not respond to (I do not know what is focused too much or too), so I gave the first put down a word: "if you have empty night Come and sit down at my hotel". Then suddenly I had a feeling, "did I offend each other?". Can think, do not like, oh, him, eat first look at the "dialogue" to say, then, not to leave it, I’m not just rude.

I go back to the hotel after the "dialogue", about 23:30, the first one to call the king said to come, about 15 minutes, the old match with Wang Shouyi and the original in Xiamen scholar apprentice with a total of 3 people go to my room, so we warmly discuss myself to the topic, the main is the marketing and business meeting each other and so on, and then a lot, his straight talk from an honest man, but is not sharp, but also very self recognition of defects (it makes me unexpectedly), the beginning did not I a chance, of course, I mainly is to ask questions, he answered the question. The process is random, probably because of the heat he took off the shoe, a tripod in the room flat on the bench, I almost always put foot on the coffee table, the atmosphere is casual and casual. Until 2 in the morning when we only enjoy apart. The feeling of this evening chat to me is that the old article is better than its language!


second days in the hotel check-in, the ADB meeting responsible person think I don Juan is their invitation channels, so let’s go to the hotel expense settlement last night, and then replaced by their company reimbursement, I know it is not clear to me this small Tang and Song Wang is one that is good at its own expense, so my mouth, promised to say (mainly the scene not explained), actually did not go to the settlement, because I have come to learn and view >

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