Millet can not be repeated, but millet marketing can be copied!

note: millet is how successful?. Micro focus media CEO Wang Zhen and the island "reference" monthly reference about his brain in millet mode". In his view, the most important thing is to do a millet user spontaneous dissemination of the product. And this kind of spontaneous communication is based on the producers to maintain their own products on the user relationship.

the relationship between you and the consumer decides success or failure

on the market today, said millet 99% are peripheral, is a phenomenon that you see is the result of others do, you want to use the results to find the reason is very difficult.

millet decided to make a brand from the beginning, it is the biggest difference is to direct attention to consumers, and consumers do a good job. How to understand human nature, watch human do?.

first, to understand the consumer pain points. When the millet began to do MIUI, the first is to collect all the information on the mainstream mobile phones and Android system dissatisfaction, large data analysis, identify common pain points, according to these improvements.

Wang Zhen self-assessment: in order to understand the needs of consumers there is no shortcut, there is only one way, is a real interview with consumers to obtain information.

second, full respect for consumers. Millet first test, millet will be the first 100 MIUI system feedback most fans on the mobile phone name on the startup screen, the influence is huge, he will lead all the people around to help spread, and advertised them as "the one hundred dream sponsor millet mobile phone". What is the direct human nature? That is, if someone says you, you will not recognize him?

, for instance, many of the details in the early millet mobile phone is not too good, but millet will keep the system according to the user’s feedback, the weekly updates, allowing users to feel very respected, and their adoption of recommendations for widespread praise.

Wang Zhen self assessment: previously said the details of the success or failure of the decision, but I think the details can not determine the success or failure, the success or failure of the decision is the relationship between consumers and you. Before the business love to consumers as the enemy, the battle of wits, but this time, you have to let consumers become your partner, they are your friends.

millet no hunger marketing

never used millet hunger marketing, no matter how to explain the Lei, we do not believe that. Hunger marketing is the best way to learn, you do not have to close the door of the warehouse can all go to school, useful?

according to the experience of millet marketing, we summed up a Pyramid model. The highest level of the previous marketing is the straw into gold bars, which is the marketing company’s self hypnosis. But now you are still playing the bars of gold bars change the game is not right, you have to help consumers find the gold bar from among the many straw. Today, the cost of trust is too high, your product has a few cards, won the prize, consumers do not care.

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