My life sour, sweet, bitter, hot website promotion

graduated! Work! Whether in school or in the company, we will always be what I am looking for me!! Monday is bitter! Friday is hot! The weekend is sweet! I’m a new promotion! Special promotion 88 link platform, a Friday working day there, weekends, this is what I love to do site promotion! Almost a month! Here I will talk about

my website to promote life.

! A new day has begun! We haven’t had enough, Monday again, and began to work! Hey! Every Monday, the state can not be adjusted, always feel very tired! The weekend play is still fresh! Monday is late, but it won’t be late to the company, the first thing is to open the computer, put some promotional tools to open, start my 88 link extension work, because the rest two days, so that the state hasn’t completely come back on Monday for me is bitter! I give my work efficiency scoring 60 points Monday.

is a new day, Tuesday! Have a little bit, but colleagues very quiet! May our industry is mainly dealing with the computer, so the exchange between colleagues a little less, 88 pull promotion platform links began, for me it is sour to me on Tuesday! Scoring 70 points Tuesday work efficiency.

is a new day, Wednesday! Back in half, colleagues are still very quiet! I still do my 88 link platform promotion, attention, in the mood to write comments and reply to micro-blog, etc.. Wednesday is sweet for me! I give my work efficiency scoring 80 points Wednesday.

is a new day, Thursday! Back a half, but colleagues or very quiet! 88 link platform promotion work is still in progress, attention, mood, reply, comment and so on is still such a process, but the change is the working state. Thursday is sweet and sour with spicy for me! I give my work efficiency scoring 90 points Thursday.

is a new day, Friday! Haha.. The state of full back, colleagues finally quiet, we began to discuss where to play, 88 link platform promotion is still carried out, work flow still. Friday is hot for me! I like spicy! I give my work efficiency on Friday 100 points.

Five days

work today, quiet summarize this five days 88 link platform to promote work life, to be startled at my original promotion! Life is to sum up can take sour, sweet, bitter, hot! In different time, the state is not the same, the efficiency is not the same. Website promotion is not easy! Especially the just on the line near the 88 link platform, but since the choice of the industry, it is serious to do! As long as there is no confidence and patience! What to do


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