Soft Wen is the webmaster must master the means of promotion

as a webmaster, an ordinary grassroots webmaster, we don’t have too much money in the promotion, so we must choose the promotion is a low cost, but the effect is not discounted, the old Xie Wen, after that is likely to be SEO, the webmaster must master the means of promotion.

I asked many webmaster Laoxie, how to write good soft Wen, and have a good effect.

soft writing method, I have sent hundreds of articles on this platform on Admin5, if you are interested in, you can see an article in the past, certainly can learn new things, of course, can also go to Taobao to buy the old Xie writing the "soft," learning key in learning.

here, the old Xie pointed out several main thoughts on several writing soft before:

1, where is my market tipping point?

find your products in the market tipping point is more important than what the teacher, Zhu Zerong arrow thought, way of thinking is very good. Find out a little, and then attack such a point, so as to be more powerful, more influential.

market tipping point can be: the price of the product, the price of the product, the service of the product, the function of the product, etc..

2, how to attract consumer attention?


content in the soft, is a very important part, I see the people will notice, I often teach you how to attack the consumer psychology, how can in their inner shadow fluctuations, it is necessary for us to have to think about the problem, which is the US before writing the must think well.

attack the psychological part of consumers, you are welcome to see my "consumer psychology soft literature", I believe we will be very helpful, here, I will not start to explain.

3, how to interact with consumers

soft is actually a product and customer communication and interaction process, it can be said that if you can shadow the consumer interaction, the quality of your soft is very good. In the process of writing soft Wen, we need to pay attention to the character of our consumer groups and the things they like. Only in this way, it is possible to form a good interaction effect.

4, soft Wen effect how to better reflect?

The effect of soft

is more to the back, will become the process of explosive growth, rather than a few soft can appear very good effect of promotion, and that we are familiar with the SEO SEO is not the same, the ranking is up, just to see the effect. The soft Wen is not, it must be to a certain extent, in order to have a promotion effect.

of course, there are a lot of other factors in the soft Wen, here is not in the description, because I was in a few days ago in the article, has said more clearly.

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